Maya is coming back theory...

So, the thing is, I never in a million years believed that Maya St. Germaine died. Maybe missing, kidnapped, left under an ultimatum…but not dead; and I’ll tell you why.

Why don’t I believe that she’s dead? Well, remember that website, blog, whatever you want to call it, that Mona gave to Hanna and Aria? Remember the the videos that Maya uploaded onto it? It seemed a bit odd; right? Okay, let me explain. The way she went about the content of the videos, and that tone of voice when she was reading the poems she wrote, whom I’m guessing were for Emily…it was almost like she knew it was coming. Maybe someone was forcing her or telling her to leave, to get out of rosewood (maybe ordering her..) , or maybe she just had a feeling something was gonna happen to her. What I’m saying is, nobody in their right mind knowing that they were gonna die or that something life threatening was gonna happen to them will just sit there like sitting targets…right?

I always believed that Maya was on the A team… Why?

Remember when at the championships sharks party, that took place in Hanna’s house, when Maya out of the blue told Emily that her parents were gonna ship her off because they found an old joint? And when Emily tried to calm her down, and told her that she’d help her persuade her parents for her to stay, she said that it was no use right away? I’m thinking that if it were just her parents she would have gone with Emily’s plan and persuaded them. But that was someone else, someone she might have been scared of, someone she didn’t want to cross; and thought it was just better off to leave and save herself and Emily the trouble.

Another little thing that I think is a gigantic clue. Is it coincidental that Maya was “friends” with Noel Kahn. The same Noel Kahn that helped Ali when she was gone, the same Noel Kahn that broke into Hanna’s house when Ali asked him to…. I think not…


for my gmwbingo card // gmw au: future

feat. farkle & lucas’s son michael, smackle & zay’s son (rafael) and daughter (nevaeh), and riley & maya’s never ending love for each other

Really excited to be posting this! Been working on these little illustrations of some of the most influential female writers over the past few days, and this is the result! I hope you like them, hopefully I’ll be able to post something (arguably) even more exciting soon to do with them, and how they play a role in decorating my new uni room!

Feel free to print these off if you like, cut and stick them wherever, I do not mind at all, they are my gift to you. x