emily rudd


∟Shadowhunters Girls

My FBAWTFT genderswap headcanon.

Felicity Jones as Nancy Scamander.

Diego Luna as Patrick “Trick” Goldstein.

Chris Evans as Queentin Goldstein.

Melissa McCarthy as Janeth Kowalski.

Lena Headey as Persephone Graves

Emily Rudd as Cadence Barebone

Gwendoline Christie as Gallya Grindelwald

Hollan Roden as Thea Scamander

Michael Ealy as Seraphim Picquery

Anne Hathaway as Miss Abernathy.

✿ { repost } under the cut you will find small hq gifs of the ever so lovely emily rudd. there are no repeats but some are fairly similar. please do not post and claim as your own because it took me a while to make every single one of these. like/reblog if using! ps: i will definitely be adding more from recent projects/videos. enjoy !!

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