I’ve officially finished Dishonored 2. I miss this saga already. I loved it so damn much it almost hurts. I still don’t know if I’ll play the death of the Outsider or when I’ll play it, but know I’m a bit…empty. Kinda. The soundtrack, the setting, the relationship between Corvo and Emily…too much to handle.

Dishonored is a way under rated saga that deserves more fame. Am I the only one to believe this?


Emily Kaldwin and her father, Corvo Attano from Dishonored :D Been wanting to do these two for so long since the first game came out but I was hesitant about my skill at the time. I appreciate the high level of detail the developers put into this game and I wanted to do the best fan art to show my gratitude :’D

So here they are! :DDDDD

Prints available on >>>Society6<<<