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Maybe, Possibly, No, Definitely, An Unpopular Opinion

For someone who makes viewers cringe, Paige was certainly spilling some major Truth Tea this evening.

I don’t care if you don’t like her because you don’t want her with Emily because you want Emily with Ali because Paige drowned Emily in a pool and then they started dating and you thought that was fucked when Emily should’ve been with Alison all along…because THIS ISN’T ABOUT SHIPS. It’s about maturity. Which Paige has in spades, while Alison is still playing the victim.

Alison still thinks she rules the world and/or that the world revolves around her. Both of these girls know who they are, and are steadfast in their beliefs. The difference is, Paige literally embodies every facet of a grown up, now. Ali is still playing Kick The Can (or in this case the vulnerable girl who isn’t so vulnerable anymore and instead of being complimented on actual growth she’s chastised for actually GROWING UP wow!)

She’s basically my mouth piece for everything I’ve being saying since Day One. Even Emily “I have no idea what is going on” Fields noticed and called Ali out to the tune of that they “weren’t in homeroom before first period” or something along those lines. And then followed up with “why do you want us to keep proving that we love you?”