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Adventures in Babysitting

Spencer Reid x Reader One Shot

Word Count: 2611

A/N: Spencer Reid with children will be the death of me. Slight, vague-ish Morgan arc spoilers. Tbh, I got carried away with this one haha. Please leave your thoughts, comments, questions, and requests!

Summary: A date gone wrong, an apartment full of hyper little boys, and maybe a couple of snuggles.

The team was spread across the jet in various stages of consciousness. After ending a case in San Diego late the previous night, Hotch set up the team’s flight back home for early the next morning.

You were half-awake, using Reid’s shoulder as a pillow. The young genius was already wide awake, zipping through a thick novel. His steady breathing and rhythmic page turning lulled you into near sleep. You could hear Hotch and Rossi talking about weekend plans and Garcia tapping away at her laptop.

Your eyes cracked open at the heavy sigh from the blonde across from you. JJ had been on the phone earlier and from the disgruntled look on her face, you guessed the call hadn’t gone too well.

“Jayje?” you grumbled, voice thick with sleep. You waved off JJ’s apologies for waking you up, letting out a huge yawn. Spencer flashed you a small grin down as you lifted your head off of his shoulder.

Emily had a knowing smirk on her face when you glanced towards her. She was the only one on the team who knew about your more-than-friendly feelings towards Spencer, all thanks to a night that involved way too much tequila and way too little filtering between your brain and mouth.

“Did something happen?” you asked, using a stretch as an excuse to give Emily a warning nudge to the shin. She shook her head before turning her attention to your dissapointed-looking blonde coworker.

“Will and I had plans for tonight but my usual babysitter cancelled and no one else can cover for her.”

You knew that JJ and Will rarely had any alone time while juggling two young boys, so you knew they deserved at least one night out.

“I can babysit,” you offered. You’ve babysat for JJ before and you loved having the boys over at your apartment.

“Really?” The hope in her eyes told you exactly how much time JJ and Will needed some time to themselves. You nodded. “Y/N, you’re a lifesaver. As much as I love my boys, you have no idea how chaotic the house is. If Will and I could just get a few hours of us time…”

“Oh, us time, huh? I plan on having plenty of us time tonight, too” Emily waggled her eyebrows suggestively, poking JJ in the side. JJ laughed, swatting Prentiss’ playful fingers away.

“Take all the us time you need, Jayje. I don’t have anything planned,” you insisted.

“Actually, you do.” Garcia shuffled over from her seat, plopping her computer into your lap. “Y/N, meet Adrian. More specifically, meet him tonight at 8 for drinks.” Your gaze flicked back and forth from Penelope and the handsome smiling face on the screen in front of you.

“Pen…” you groaned. “What did I say about setting me up?” Penelope had a habit of trying to set you up on dates with ‘spectacular, gorgeous’ people. Keyword being trying. You always turned her down, harboring that small flicker of hope that Spencer might reciprocate your feelings.

“Ohhh, come on Y/N! You always say no. Just this once please, please, please, please, please, pl-”

“Penelope, no. I already promised JJ I’d babysit,” you argued. The technical analyst pouted, but perked up once more as she gestured animatedly towards Spencer.

“Reid can babysit! The boys love their Uncle Spencer! Right, JJ? Reid?”

You glanced over at Spencer, who put his book down in favor of observing the conversation around him. Would he saying anything if you went out on a date?

“Y/N, you should go on that date. I’d be happy to babysit for JJ,” he said, launching into a long speech about all the fun he and his godsons could get up to. You couldn’t help the sinking feeling in your stomach. Here he was, the guy you had been crushing on for the majority of your BAU career, encouraging you to go on a date with someone else. Your chances with him were even lower than you thought.

“Right, Y/N?”

“Huh?” You pulled away from your thoughts to see Penelope’s wide smile.

“I see you’re already hypnotized by those beautiful, green eyes.” She took her laptop back and headed back towards her seat. “I’ll come over later to get your hot self ready for your date with Adrian, lovey,” she called over her shoulder.

Emily flashed you a quick look of concern. You ignored her, pulling your blanket up over your shoulders and turning to face the window.

You weren’t sure what was in store for tonight, but you sure hoped it would help you shake the feeling of sadness for the end of a relationship that never even started.

You sighed into your drink, feeling utterly out of place in a bar full of happy, drunk partiers. Garcia had cleaned you up well, but you’d do anything to trade this tight, black ensemble for your favorite oversized sweater and cozy socks.

Handsome, green-eyed, accountant-who-plays-tennis-on-the-weekends (according to Garcia) Adrian was late. It was 5 minutes to 9 o'clock and he had yet to show up.

You sighed, making the executive decision to leave. Garcia was in for a stern talking-to about this supposed “perfect guy” for you.

When the cab driver asked for your destination, Spencer’s address fell from your lips automatically. You usually found yourself at his apartment on Friday nights for takeout and movies. You were sure he wouldn’t mind help with Henry and Michael, anyways.

Almost an hour alone at the bar gave you a lot of time to think about your feelings for Spencer. You figured that if you were able to keep your feelings to yourself after all this time, it wouldn’t hurt it he never found out. He obviously didn’t have the same feelings and that was okay. Your friendship trumped anything else between the two of you.

The cab dropped you off in front of Spencer’s building. You climbed up the stairs, feeling very overdressed for a usual Friday night with your closest friend. You tugged your dress down uncomfortably before knocking on the door.

As soon as the door opened, you were hit with the overwhelming sounds coming from inside the apartment. A crying baby, a repeated banging noise, loud shrieks of laughter, and strangely enough, wild animal calls.

“Y/N?” Spencer’s eyes did a quick once over, making you feel awfully self-conscious. You pushed those feelings away, observing your friend’s completely disheveled ensemble, hair messier than usual, and what looked like spaghetti sauce on his shirt. The baby in his arms had the same red sauce smeared across his cheek.

“Hi, Spence… um, is that Hank you’re holding?” you asked, confused as to why the smallest Morgan was here.

“Uh, yeah, haha. I received a couple of surprise guests tonight.” He opened the door wider, ushering you in with a jerk of his head. You walked in to take in the scene before you.

“What is going on in here?”

Henry was crawling on all fours around an iPad playing some animal documentary, mimicking the animal noises coming from the screen. He made a very convincing elephant. Baby Michael was rolling around in a pile of pillows, alternating between crying and gnawing on one of his little socks. You did a slight double take at the sight of Jack Hotchner doing a headstand against the wall.

“Hi, Y/N!” he shouted happily. “Look what I can do!” 

It seemed Hank and Spencer weren’t the only ones with spaghetti sauce all over, each boy had red smears on their clothes.

The chaos of the room definitely didn’t match the faint strains of classical music in the background.

“Spencer, why didn’t you tell me you opened a daycare?” you teased, going over to give each of the kiddos a hug hello. You gently tugged the sock out of Michael’s grip and picked him up, bouncing him on your hip to stop his tears.

“Hank came by with Henry and Michael, JJ and Will are on a double date with Morgan and Savannah.” You smiled, glad the two couples had a chance to spend time together. “Then, 30 minutes ago, Jack showed up because Rossi ‘scored’ dates for him and Hotch at some jazz lounge. So I’ve got a full house tonight.” He shrugged as if he had four kids racing around his apartment every night.

“Well, lucky for you, Dr. Reid, I am here to help,” you announced, bumping your hip against his as you made your way to his room. “I’m gonna borrow some clothes, ‘kay?” You closed the door behind you, muffling his response.

“As much as I appreciate your help, what about your date with that accountant guy?”

“How’d you know he was an accountant?” you asked, placing the baby on the bed to search for that shirt you always borrowed when you were over.

“I, uh, asked Garcia earlier. She called to say she couldn’t help babysit tonight and it just, um, came up, I guess.”

You tried not to read into that too much, he was probably just asking as a friend. You opened the door, carefully passing Michael into Spencer’s free arm so you could wash off your makeup in the bathroom.

“Didn’t work out. Stood me up. And now I’m here,” you answered shortly.

After washing your face, you start to run a bath for the two messy babies. “Spence, bring the babies in here for a bath. How’d they get spaghetti sauce on them anyways?”

Spencer laughed, placing Hank and Michael in the shallow water. “Henry was trying out card tricks over dinner and got a bit overzealous in his efforts.”

You couldn’t help but reach up and wipe away a smudge of sauce on Spencer’s cheek. He smiled softly, sending a pleasant fuzzy feeling throughout your body. You quickly turned back towards the boys splashing around in the claw-footed tub to hide the blush on your face.

“Hey, uh, I’m sorry about your date, Y/N.”

You gently rinsed off the giggling babies, sighing deeply. “It’s not your fault he didn’t show up. He just wasn’t the ‘perfect guy’ Garcia told me he was.” Hank and Michael let our twin shrieks of laughter when you ticked their bellies. “Towels?” You unplugged the tub stopper as Spencer picked up Michael to put him into clean clothes.

“C’mere, Hank, Auntie Y/N’s gonna dry you off.” He stretched his chubby brown arms up to you, making you smile. You blew a raspberry on his cheek, pulling his onesie on.

“You deserve better, you know”

You looked at Spencer, with his tousled hair and baby in his arms, eyebrows drawn with concern. Your heart skipped a beat.

“Thank you, Spencer. But I’m okay. It’s not the first time romance hasn’t worked out for me,” you said airily. You hear the older boys calling for you from the living room. “Duty calls.”

“Look what we made, Y/N!” Henry said proudly.

“We can watch movies in it!” Jack was just as excited by his friend.

A mountain of blankets and pillows and cushions were piled up on the living room floor, swamping the two boys lying in it. The opening sequence of Finding Nemo was playing on the TV.

You and Spencer exchanged looks before joining the boys, placing the babies in the middle of your little nest. It was nice, being snuggled up with all of them. You felt Spencer wrap his pinky around yours and didn’t fight the smile that was taking over your face.

This wasn’t exactly how you thought tonight would end, but it sure was better than anything you’d hoped.

You nuzzled into the soft fabric underneath your cheek, slowly waking from a slumber you don’t even recall falling into. The last thing you remember was Dory and Marlin talking to the Australian sharks.

You lifted your head from where it had apparently migrated onto Spencer’s shoulder during your nap. You rested your chin on his shoulder, opening your eyes sleepily.

“Hi,” you mumbled.

Spencer replied with a grumbly hello.

You sat up, jolting to full consciousness at lack of children around you. “Spence, where are the -”

An extremely smug Derek Morgan stood in the middle of Spencer’s living, holding a sleeping Hank. JJ mirrored his position with Michael in her arms, Henry and Jack giggling behind her.

Their smirks grew even wider when Spencer shifted, bringing his head onto your lap and draping his arm across your thighs.

“Reid,” you hissed, shaking his shoulder roughly, “Reid!

“Rise and shine, pretty boy,” Morgan teased.

That got the doctor’s attention.

“M-Morgan! JJ! How did you get in my - What are you - I-” He scrambled off of you. He tried stuttering out explanations, failing to make sense with his babbling.

JJ held up a hand and gave Spencer a silencing look that only a mother could perfect. “I guess you forgot you gave Morgan an extra key. We just wanted to say thank you for watching the kids tonight, Spence. And I’m glad Y/N came over to… help.” Her eyes twinkled knowingly. “We’ll take the boys off your hands now. Jack’s with me, too, so you don’t have to wait up for Hotch.”

She herded Jack and Henry towards the front door, waving cheekily on her way out.

You gave Derek a pointed look that clearly said GET. OUT.

“Have fun, kids,” he winked and strolled out the door after your blonde coworker.

You could only sit in silence, feeling your cheeks heat up at his implications.

You heard the patter of feet rushing back to the apartment.

Henry stuck his blonde head back into the room. “Y/N! Uncle Spencer likes yooooou!” he sang, before rushing off as quickly as he came.

The slam of the door echoed through the silence between you two.

You fell back onto the bed of blankets, reeling from the little boy’s words. Could Spencer really…?

He copied your actions, his arm pressed up against yours.



“You like me?”

“Y-yes. I do like you, Y/N. A lot. I just thought you’d never see me in that way. But please don’t go on anymore dates. Especially with accountants who don’t realize what an amazing girl they’re standing up at the bar.”

With a sudden rush of new found confidence, you swung your leg over Spencer’s torso, hands boxing around his head. His expression morphed into one of surprise, tinged with a hint of desire.

“No more dates with accountants,” you agreed. “Because I like you, too, Dr. Reid. A lot.”

You cut off his reply with an enthusiastic kiss. His wasted no time in responding, hands coming up under your borrowed shirt to rest upon the bare skin of your back. He seemed timid at first, but you were quick to change that.

Your fevered kissing came to a halt at the sound of both of your phones going off. You groaned and pulled away reluctantly, grabbing your phone from where it was sitting on the couch.

“This is Dr. Reid.”

“Y/L/N speaking.” You jerked the phone away from your ear, protecting your hearing from the high pitch squeals coming from the speaker.

Garcia, you mouthed to Spencer, who had an amused look on his face. Prentiss? He nodded in confirmation.

All you could make out was Spencer, picture, snuggling, and Morgan, but you had a pretty good idea what had her all wound up. 

You locked eyes with Spencer, silently agreeing to deal with your nosy friends later.

“Goodbye, Penny.”

No! No! Wait! Y/N, wai-” You hung up the phone and tossed it to the side next to Spencer’s discarded phone.

“So where were we?” Spencer asked cheekily, stroking his fingers against your waist.

“Let me give you a little hint.” You reconnected your lips hungrily.

Yup, you could deal with Garcia and Prentiss later. Much later.

Seriously. Spencer with kids kills me. In a good way. 

Sweet Dreams

Request:  Could you do a oneshot where the reader and Spencer sleep in the same bed, but are like buddies, and not dating. and Spencer has a wet dream about the reader.

Rating: Probs T+ (obviously this is revolving around sex but there isn’t anything really that described?)

Word Count: 1,190

Notes: Hope this is something like what you had in mind anon. Umm…well I kinda ended it before anything happens because I wasn’t sure if that was what you wanted. I just kind of let it write itself. Anyway, a part 2 is/can be in the works if requested! Tell me what you think guys!!

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Sweetest Blackmail- 19

Hi guys! Sorry I didn’t post this week, I didn’t have any wifi and I wasn’t going to use any computers to college because I don’t have that kind of time between classes. But, here we are! With a new chapter! I hope you guys enjoy it, because I am oddly happy with it. Here is the earlier chapters.

            -Later that day I found myself walking into my sister, Emily’s, room. She was sitting on her bed with her laptop in her lap, normally, Emily didn’t live at home, neither did Ben or Annie, but they did when it was one of our birthdays and we would spend the whole weekend together. Ben was due home tonight and Annie was going to be home by Friday, which is tomorrow. The big family dinner was going to be on Saturday night.

            I plopped down on Emily’s bed and sighed, Emily looked at me over the top of her laptop. “Don’t even bother coming to me for help with Y/N, you fucked that up all on your own,” Em said nonchalantly. 

            I sat up and faced her, “I thought family was supposed to be on the same side, no matter the mistakes?”

            Em stared at me, “You’re kidding right? Me and Annie adored Y/N, and you messed that up.”

            “I love her, Emily, I just need you to do one thing and help me get her back.” I explained.

            Emily sighed and shut her laptop, sitting up right and crossing her legs. “You love her, you wanted to cheat on her.”

            “Who the fuck told you that?” I asked.

            “Samuel, language!” Mom scolded as she walked past Emily’s room with a basket of laundry in her arms.

            I ran my fingers through my hair, “She hears everything,”

            Emily smiled slightly, “She’s a mom,” Then she punched my arm, “You love her?”

            “I love her more than anything, Em. Do you still talk to her?” I asked Emily.

            Emily sighed and spoke softly, “She called me the Sunday following what happened,”

            “She did?” I asked. I knew Annie and Emily really liked Y/N, but I didn’t realize that they actually talked outside of Annie and Emily coming home for a couple of days.

            Emily nodded slowly, “She could hardly speak clearly, she couldn’t stop crying and when she finally  got out what happened she got quiet.”

            “Why didn’t you tell me?” I whispered, my heart sinking with the realization that Emily knew a lot more about what Y/N went through that weekend.”

            Emily shrugged, “I promised her that what was said between us would stay between us,”

            I looked down at my bruised knuckles, from hitting the locker earlier, “I need her back, Emily, I regret everything.” I swallowed the lump that formed in my throat and glanced up at Emily while tears made her blurry, “She told me to not fight for her, but I’m not giving up. What me and Y/N had doesn’t just go away in the blink of an eye, I’m not going to let her go.”

            Emily was silent for a minute as she watched me. I wiped the tears away and bit my lip, Emily spoke up, “What do you need me to do?”

            “Get Y/N to show up for Ben’s birthday dinner,” I sighed and looked up at her. “Everyone in this family has a soft spot for Y/N, mom will be happy she comes and we all know Ben has a thing for her.”

            Emily smiled, “I’ll bring Ben for reinforcements,”

            “Thanks, Em, it means a lot.”

            “It’ll take time, Sammy, but Y/N will come back. It’s true what you said, what you and she had doesn’t happen to everyone, but don’t expect it to happen at the party.” Emily explained and I nodded, I was just happy Emily would try and get her to come to Ben’s birthday dinner.”

Y/N’s POV-

            I laughed as my sister and her friend, Tyler, joked with each other. Tyler teasing her about liking the Vancouver Canucks, her lips parted and she glared at him. “They’re so much better than the Blackhawks!”

            “Okay, well anyone is better than the Blackhawks,” Tyler said, shooting me an apologetic smile. “The New York Rangers are better than them!”

            My mouth dropped open, “Hey now! The Rangers suck, badly!”

            “But the Canucks and Tennessee Panthers beat the Blackhawks every damn time!” Your sister said.

            “That’s bullshit and we all know it!” You exclaimed.

            “Actually,” Tyler said and went on to give your sister stats about the Blackhawks and Canucks, you giggled as you watched her face. You quickly excused yourself and walked towards the cashier of the Starbucks, you ordered a drink and used Tyler’s debit card you snatched from him and moved towards the pick-up area.

            “Hey, Y/N!” You heard to your left.

            You glanced to your left and you saw Emily and Ben Wilkinson walking towards you, coming in from the door. Your heart dropped slightly at how much Sam resembled Ben but you smiled anyways, happy to see Emily and Ben. “Hi, how’re you?”

            You went to go hug Emily when Ben pushed her aside, “Let me hug her first, I haven’t seen her in months!”

            You laughed as Ben wrapped his arms around your shoulders, pulling you close to him. Ben was a couple inches taller than Sam, and at the moment it seemed like he towered over you, you had to bend your back slightly, and even then your nose barely even reached his shoulder. You smiled into his sweatshirt and rubbed his back, “Hi, Ben, how’re you?”

            Ben pulled back and smiled at you, “I got to see you, I’m all good now,”

            You blushed and pushed Ben off of you while he laughed and let Emily grab a hold of you, like Ben she wrapped her arms over your shoulders an gave you a squeeze. “How are you, Y/N?” Emily asked quietly.

            You pulled away and gave a smile, “I’m good,”

            “What are you doing tomorrow night?” Ben asked you, out of the blue.

            You narrowed your eyes and tilted your head to the right, “Nothing, why?” You said slowly.

            “It’s my birthday tomorrow, mom and dad are throwing a big dinner for me.” Ben said with a smile, clearly happy to turn 22 years old.

            You smiled, “Well, happy early birthday,”

            “Why don’t you come?” Ben asked with a hopeful smile.

            You began to shake your head but Emily grabbed your drink and placed it in your hand, the coldness causing you to shiver and caused you to find words. “No, I shouldn’t.”

            “Come on, Annie wants to see you and we both know mom’s dying to see you.” Emily explained.

            “I, uh,” You stuttered, Sam would be there, you thought to yourself. He would be there with a new girl and it would ruin me.

            “Aw come on,” Ben pushed. “If it’ll make you feel better, you could be my date.”

            The butterflies didn’t calm down as Ben wiggled his eyebrows at you in a teasing way, instead his wiggling eyebrows and smirk made your butterflies stir even more. “Sam would kill you,” You said lowly, not thinking.

            Emily’s eyes softened and so did Ben’s, you remembered the words you said and you looked down before looking back up. “I can’t come, it wouldn’t be right.”

            Emily wrapped an arm around you and pulled you to her side while pointing a finger at you. “You listen to me, missy, don’t let Sammy hold you back from coming to Benny’s birthday dinner. We all really miss you,” Emily spoke, sounding like a mother.

            “Does Sam miss me?” You whispered.

            “More than you realize, Y/N,” Ben whispered back, shoving his hands in his pockets.

            “Please come, Y/N,” Emily pleaded.

            “This isn’t some scheme, is it?” You asked. “Sam isn’t behind this, is he?”

            Ben’s eyes widened, “So I can’t ask a really pretty girl, that my little brother just so happens to love, to my birthday dinner?”

            Emily punched his arm, “Too much, dumbass,”

            Ben rolled his eyes and stared at you, “Will you please come?”

Meeting My Best Friend

I’ve been sitting here just staring at the screen for a good 20 minutes trying to figure out where to start with this and I guess the easiest thing to do is to just start writing. So here it goes.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday was night one of Taylor’s Kansas City shows and it was also the night that torturedloves and I had b-stage pit. We got up early because I had to run something up to work and then we were going to get ready to go. I had butterflies in my stomach all morning because at this point, I still hadn’t heard anything about meeting Taylor. I was trying as best I could to not get my hopes up but I couldn’t help but wonder if Taylor had forgotten about me or no longer liked me. 

Anyways, we get back home probably around nine and we just sit around for a little bit on our phones, I’m silently freaking out and trying not to be upset. Then I decided to check twitter to see if anything fun is going on there and I open it up and it opens right up to a DM from Taylor Nation. I throw my phone on the floor and freak out because I didn’t even see a notification pop up. It’s just a message asking if I was going to the show that night. I couldn’t even bring myself to reply so I had to have Huntlea reply to it for me. Then, not even a minute later my phone starts ringing, it’s a Tennessee number, so automatically I know what it is. 

I answer the phone and simply say “hello” and the person on the other line goes, “Heeeey Beks!” And I’m just like “Hiiiii,” it was Sierra from Taylor Nation. She was like “I’m sure you know why I’m calling,” and I was just like, “well kinda,” and she said, “Taylor wants to meet you,” and I start crying right there. Everything that I had ever wanted was actually becoming a reality and I couldn’t believe it. She gave me a few details and asked who I was going to be going with and I told her Huntlea, and she was super excited about that but since she knew Huntlea had already met Taylor she just put me down for the meet and greet. Sierra told me that this was the one she had been waiting for all tour and I basically died then. Sierra is seriously the sweetest. She tells me to have fun and that was that. After I hung up I full on broke down into sobs because I couldn’t believe I was actually going to meet Taylor. (Huntlea got my phone call with Sierra on video and it’s more embarrassing than my package video).

A few minutes later I finally compose myself and call my Mom who starts crying so I start crying again and everyone is just crying and emotional. Then I call my dad and he’s just like “awesome,” he’s a dork. Eventually Huntlea and I get ready and I panic because I don’t know if I look cute enough to meet Taylor, I had to go buy shoes because I didn’t have any that would look good with my outfit. 

Finally, we leave to head down to the Sprint Center and the whole way down there I have butterflies in my stomach and all these different scenarios going through my mind. We get down there and we pick up our tickets but my meet & greet pass wasn’t at will call yet. We walk around and find Emily thosegeorgiastarstoshame, Maya drinkingmaplelattes, Maddie youwerelookingattay, and Kenzie tayslaysinscreamingcolor who are on the other side of the Sprint Center and I just yell “I hate you guys, I have to go all the way back to the other side.” and they’re like “huh” and then realize and we all hugged and it was wonderful and emotional. Huntlea and I joined them all in line and we were first and it was great.

So anyways, it’s like 2 and doors don’t open til 6 so we all just hang out and talk for a few hours. Around 4 I go back to will call to see if my meet and greet pass was there and it finally was! I get it and I go sit down because I’m like….HOW IS THIS REAL?!? It took me a couple minutes to manage to open it and when I did I started crying…again, are you surprised? After I compose myself again we decided to go find something to eat because my stomach was growling and I didn’t want it growling when I met Taylor. So I go get some food to go then we start heading back to the Sprint Center and Huntlea and I see Kevin. 

We decided to go say hi and he was with some other girl with short hair who was taking pictures for the website so we all took a picture (there were some other people around so they just got a big group one). Then Kevin wanted to touch the camera Taylor sent to Huntlea, because it’s not like he works with her or anything lol, and he took our picture on that as well. The other girls that were around let and Huntlea, Kevin, the other girl and I all started walking the same direction and we were talking about Taylor sending packages and I was like “yeah, I was the one she sent the money too, I’m Bekah,” and he was like “OH MY GOD!! I knew your face looked familiar but I couldn’t place it. There’s an email going around about you, so everyone knows your here.” And then he kinda showed me the email and it had a picture of me in it and I think a picture of what she sent, I’m not really sure. And then he and the other girl were like, “you’re famous!” I was just like “lol no I’m not.” and the girl was like “you were on buzzfeed, you’re famous,” and Kevin said something like “you’re famous with these people,” and I was just like “It’s so weird!!” and then Kevin was like, “oh my god, you sound just like her.” Being told you sound just like Taylor is a huge honor, let me tell you. I’m pretty sure my face turned really red at that point because I was like :O Wow okay, thanks, Kev. I don’t remember what was said after that but we all parted ways and Huntlea and I made our way back to everyone in line. 

We get back and sit down and I eat my chicken strips, it was casual, like nothing big was about to happen or anything. It was like 5 at this point so we still had an hour. I was getting more and more nervous by the second because I was still just like in shock, I couldn’t believe it was happening. 

The doors ended up opening like 15-20 minutes late and I was panicking because I was suppose to meet for the meet and greet at 6:15 and it was passed that. Finally the doors open and we rush inside and I run down to where I was suppose to meet, there were some people already in line there but not too many. I get there and show the guy my pass and he asked my name so I told him and he goes “Ah, Rebekah, we’ve been waiting for you.” And they put the wrist band on me and now I was like lksjdflkjsdflksjd okay. The guy moves me to the very front of the line in front of everyone and again I was like ;sljdflksdj THIS IS CRAZY. 

We ended up waiting in line for like an hour and the whole time I felt like I was going to puke because I was so nervous because I had no idea how long I was going to be waiting. 

FINALLY the guy comes up and he’s like “ready??” And I’m just like “YES!” And he takes us all back to Loft and takes me up to where a curtain was. In front of the curtain was Erica and she was like “is it just you?” And I’m like, “yeah, the person I came with already met Taylor so they just put me down,” and she was like “you’re Bekah, right?” and I was like yep. Then she handed me the little card and went behind the curtain for like a minute then came back out and held the curtain open for me to walk through. 


I walked through the curtain and Taylor immediately goes “BUDDY!” and I was in complete shock, I was honestly not sure what to even do but she hugged me so tight and I said hi all awkwardly. As we hugged she was like “you look so beautiful!” and I died because like TAYLOR SWIFT JUST CALLED ME BEAUTIFUL. WHAT?!? Then she told me how happy she was that I was there and again said I was beautiful. AGAIN WHAT?? I was like “I can’t believe this is happening, thank you.” And I was trying so hard not to cry. She hugged me again and she was like “you fit so perfectly!” and I was like, “I know!” Then she was like “you’re the sweetest, your video made my mom and I cry and we were like “I LOVE HER!”” and I was like,”really??” and then she was just like “yes!” so I was like “I love you!” She told me again she was so happy I was there and I was like, “Me too! I actually came with Huntlea!” Taylor smiled and was like, “give her the biggest hug for me!” So I said I will, and I did. I’m pretty sure I was being super weird this whole time but it’s fine. Then Taylor was like, “we should take a picture!” and I was like, “yes, before I start crying.” And she laughed and was like, “aww, you’re doing really well!!” and I was like, “thanks but I already cried like five times today,” and she laughed again and we hugged and took the picture. I was so scared that I looked so dumb in the picture but I don’t think I did! She called me beautiful like five times during the whole like 2 minutes we were together and I’m just like ????? TAYLOR FREAKING MODEL SWIFT THINKS IM BEAUTIFUL. And then I think she asked me where I was sitting and I was like “I’m in b-stage put with Huntlea, Emily, and Maya.” And she was like “I’ll see you guys out there then, I’m down there a lot!” I just nodded and then was like, “well maybe, they’re already out there right in front so I don’t know if I’ll make my way out there.” She laughed a little and was like, “just have Huntlea elbow your way through people, you’ll get there.” And she did this cute little elbowing motion and it was great so I was like, “okay Taylor.” and laughed. Finally we hugged again and I was like “I love you so much!” And she was like “I love you too, I’ll see you out there.” and then I had to leave. The guy handed me the autographed picture and I walked out of the room to get my stuff, I think I was shaking the whole way out. 

After I walked out of the little hallways and back toward the arena I broke down and started crying. I gave the lady in pit my ticket and they gave me my wristband and everything and then I literally like stumbled over everyone and gave Huntlea the biggest hug. I’m pretty sure everyone around us thought something was wrong and the security guard thought he was going to have to call a medic or something but then everyone was just like, “SHE JUST MET TAYLOR!” and everyone around us was like, “ohhhhh,”. Then I told Huntlea I was suppose to give her the biggest hug for Taylor and I hugged her and we were both sobbing. 

Then like 20 minutes after that maybe, Vance came on and he was great. Then Taylor came on and I died. She looked at me a few times, and pointed at me. Each time I started crying because I was like HOW IS THIS EVEN HAPPENING RIGHT NOW?!? As the night ended there was more hugging and more crying and it was the best night ever. 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

NIGHT TWO. I still couldn’t believe Monday was real, I honestly felt like I was just living some crazy dream at this point. 

Huntlea ended up buying us b-stage pit tickets for this night and we gave the other two the radio station gave me to Maya. We had to meet up we a shady scalper guy and everything but it all worked out and it was fine. We got down there at like 12 or something and Huntlea, tenerifeseas, and I were first in line. We watched Pitch Perfect 2 while we waited and bought some merch and just sat around. 

Doors opened on time this time and Huntlea and I ran towards pit, we got front and center. It was amazing. While we were waiting, we were with detectiveswiftand I was just causal checking tumblr before Vance came on and I saw a notification that Taylor liked out Meet & Greet picture and I died and everyone thought I was crazy but it’s fine. 

Eventually Taylor comes on and during Blank Space I THINK she saw Huntlea and I because she looked like right at us and her eyes got really wide like, “OMG HI GUYS” and it was great. She waved and smiled at us all a couple times throughout the night and it was great. Then, during Enchanted/Wildest Dream we saw Andrea in the sound booth so we went back to see if we could take a picture with her. I go up to her and I was like “hi I’m Bekah, I met Taylor last night,” and she was like, “oh my gosh, yes, Hi!!” and gave me the biggest hug. Then she told me exactly what Taylor had told me the night before, that my video had made them both cry and I started crying again and gave her another hug. I told her how much what Taylor did for me meant and that I felt like last night I didn’t say it enough so she said she would tell her for me and I was like “thank you! I just don’t know how I’ll ever be able to thank her enough,” and she told me that just by being there and supporting her was thanks enough. I asked her how she was doing and then we took a picture and said goodbye. Then I was just crying even more during Enchanted bc like..how can you not!??

So yeah…basically Monday and Tuesday were the best two nights of my life and I am forever grateful for them. I still feel like I’m living in a dream and it’s the best dream I’ve ever had. I am so thankful for everything that has happened and I will cherish these days forever. They will be the days I look back on and remember when I’m having a bad day. 

I love you Taylor, thank you. <3