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Breathless (Reid x Reader)

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Title: Breathless

Pairing:  Spencer Reid x Reader

Request: Do one where Spencer is in love with the Reader

Triggers/Warnings: None J

Words: 811

My first one! Thanks for the request!


It was late. You sat there typing away on your laptop. This report felt like it was sucking the life out of you. You had been at it for hours and the rest of the team had already packed up and left.

“Go home and get some rest Y/N,” Hotch tiredly staggered down the stairs.

You snickered as he yawned and he stared at you with a stern expression.

“I mean it,” he grumbled.

“Yeah, yeah.  I’m almost done,” you waved him off and spun back around to your desk. Unfortunately, you had said the exact same thing to Morgan when he left.

Thirty minutes had passed by since Hotch left and the only thing lighting up the office was your stunningly bright screen.  Typing up the last sentence, you remembered this case as it passed through your mind. The unsub was a woman hairdresser who would choose a customer, stalk them, and eventually slit their throats. She actually attempted to run when the SWAT Team surrounded her, crazy bitch.

Someone cleared their throat behind you and you jumped out of your seat, the thoughts of the case washed from your mind instantly. You whirled around scanning the office for the culprit until your eyes landed on him.

Spencer Reid. He was standing there with his messenger bag wrapped around him, his shaggy hair was draping over his head and even though it was dark, the computer screen allowed you to see his droopy eyes.

“Oh…sorry Y/N,” he stammered. “I didn’t know anyone else was here.” He shoved his hands in his pockets, looking sheepish.

You shrugged, “Surprise!” you smirked.

Spencer gave a small smile, peeking at you through his bangs. He eyes darted down to the floor and he shuffled his feet.

“You okay?” you questioned. You felt nervous, Spencer was possibly the sweetest guy in the world and he meant everything to you. The first time you laid eyes on him, you practically fell head over heels for him. You hung on his every word, every fact, and every smile. And now here he was; tired and alone.

He nodded and slowly approached you, hands still buried in his pockets. “I heard you’re still working on that report,” he jerked his head towards your laptop.

You plopped back down in your chair, feeling useless. Throwing back your head, you groaned and covered your face.

“I only just finished and I’m exhausted, Spence.” You were the only one on the team who called Spencer by his first name. He never seemed to mind and always looked puzzled when you called him Reid.

He didn’t say anything; he just walked closer and leaned against your desk, facing you.

You looked up into his doughy, brown eyes for what seemed like an eternity before he reached down and brushed your cheek with his hand.

You felt your heart begin to race.

He bit his lip. “Did you know it takes less than four minutes to decide whether or not you have feelings for someone,” He then chuckled. “It only took me about two.”

“Wha-what are you-“ you struggled to stammer out the words before he slowly leaned down and pressed his lips to yours.

It felt like your heart had just exploded. Your eyes fluttered shut as you passionately kissed him back.

He pulled away, “I’m sorry Y/N, I-I just…um,” He stuttered. With a giggle, you pounced out of your chair and threw your arms around his neck and pulled him into an intense kiss. His tongue collided with yours as his hand rested below your ear and his thumb caressed your cheek. His lips were soft and he was so gentle and cute. His hands got tangled in your hair and then they slowly moved down your body until he was rolling his hips into yours. You let out a soft moan, but Spencer silenced you by once again crashing his lips into yours. There was no space between you two and you were sure he could hear your heartbeat. You ran your fingers down his spine and inhaled sharply. He began nuzzling your neck with delicate kisses, causing you to giggle due to you being ticklish.

He stopped and looked up at you before grinning, “Stop it.”

You cocked your head in confusion, “What?”

“You’re so adorable,” he sighed, wrapping his arms around your waist. He then, surprisingly, lifted you up onto your desk and placed himself in-between your legs.

You squealed with a smile, never feeling so happy.

“Y/N, I love you,” he spoke so clearly as if he had practiced saying it a hundred times. Before letting you respond, he then kissed you again, but this time much softer and sweeter. You never wanted to pull away.

L U C I U S and N A R C I S S A

He’s more myself than I am.

          Whatever our souls are made of,

    his and mine are the same.”

                           -Emily Brontë


Written for prenup-queen 

Prompt:  your fever lasts over 48 hours, you’re covered in cold sweat and still.. you’re afraid of doctors. derek makes you go, but won’t leave your side for even a minute.

Trigger warning: Hospitals and needles 

A/N: This is the first prompt I’ve written for someone. Please be kind.


You toss off the covers as you lay in bed in a puddle of your own sweat. As soon as you throw off the covers, you are immediately cold again. Your boyfriend of a year stirs beside you on the other side of the bed.

“(Y/N), are you alright?” Derek Morgan asks you groggily.

“I’m blazing hot and freezing cold. I just can’t get comfortable,” you say with tears beginning to leak from your eyes.

“That’s it,” he says throwing the covers off himself and sitting up, “We’re going to the hospital. You’ve been running a fever for 48 hours now.”

“Derek, please, don’t make me go,” you sob, “You know I’m terrified of doctors, needles, and basically everything that hospitals involve.”

Derek pulls you into his lap and begins stroking your (H/L) (H/C) hair saying, “I know, baby, I know. You’re sick though and have been for two days.”

“Derek,” you plead knowing you are losing the battle.

“No, (Y/N). We’re going I’ll be right there beside you the entire time. I won’t leave you alone,” he says trying to comfort you.

Derek crosses the room and rummages through the closet looking for a pair of jeans and a shirt. Even with your fever making you delirious, you can’t help but enjoy the view that is your boyfriend, Derek Morgan, in nothing but his boxers. As he pulls on his clothes, you try to stand up from the bed. Immediately, you become dizzy and nearly fall to the floor. Derek catches you seconds before your head can collide with the bedside table.

“Are you alright, (Y/N)?” he says sitting you back down on the bed.

“J-j-just dizzy,” you stutter.

He grabs his keys and says, “We’re leaving.

That being said, Derek scoops you up in his arms where you nestle your head into his neck. He carefully carries you out the front door of the apartment down to his car.

*time skip*

You had fallen back asleep in the car and woke up on a bed surrounded by curtains in the emergency room.

“Derek!” you cry out as the fear begins to wash over you.

“Baby, I’m right here,” he says taking your hand and stroking your cheek, “You slept through the worst of it. They’ve drawn blood and sent it back to the lab.”

Tears still begin to spill from your eyes as your fear takes over.

The doctor reenters the room as says, “Glad to see you’re awake. Your body has been trying to fight off an infection. That’s why you’ve been running a fever for so long. We just need to run an IV with antibiotics for a while, and you’ll be just fine.”

The doctor turns to leave as a nurse enters with the IV to run antibiotics.

Derek immediately moves closer to your side gently touching your chin to draw you attention away from the needles. You look at him with tears in your eyes.

“I’m right here, baby. Just focus on me,” he says placing a kiss on your forehead.

Closer (Reid x Reader)

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Title: Closer

Pairing: Reid x Reader

Request: I was wondering if you could make me a Reid x reader smut where Reid is shy out in public about PDA but dominant in the bedroom?

Triggers/Warnings: Explicit Language, Rough Sex

Words: 1,138

A/N: Sure thing hunbuns! Keep those requests coming! Xoxo My first Reid x Reader imagine was pretty successful, so I really hope you enjoy this one too!




You lingered in the elevator, practically hopping up and down, waiting to jump out. You weren’t sure why you were so hyper. You just couldn’t wait to lock eyes with him again. His curly hair perfectly framed his strong jaw line. The feel of his sweet, soft lips. The way he smiled.

You were so lost in thought, daydreaming of your boyfriend Spencer Reid that you were extremely startled when the elevator chimed and the two locking metals doors began to rip apart.

You skipped out and made your way towards the two glass doors, peering in. A broad smile formed on your lips as you yanked the handle of the doors.

With a flip of your hair, you coolly walked across the bustling office, the sharp ring of the phones making you feel a little on edge. Just before he was within your reach, someone jumped in front of you.

“Ah, ah, ah. Sorry babygirl, pretty boy is all mine,” Derek Morgan kidded with you.

You rolled your eyes with a smirk and playfully pushed him aside. Spencer was in the middle of a conversation with Hotch, who for once was kind of smiling. You couldn’t really tell with him.

You didn’t want to interrupt, but Hotch soon abruptly walked away in a hurry, judging by the piercing noise echoing through his office, you could guess his phone was ringing. Perfect timing!

You flounced towards your boyfriend, quickly pressing a kiss to his cheek.

“Hey Spence!” you chirped. He look stunned and kind of shy.

“Y/N hey,” he wrapped his arms around you and gently placed a kiss on your forehead. A chuckle from behind you caused him to pull away.

“PDA Reid, PDA!” Derek threw his hands up as if in surrender. Spencer scowled and gripping your arm, not harshly, he pulled you away to the small kitchen.

“Uh- you want some coffee?” he stammered. You pressed your lips together, thinking how adorable he is when he’s shy.

“No thanks babe,” you replied. “Hey…do you want me to go?”

He swiveled towards you, looking almost upset. “No no, Y/N. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I just …get nervous when the team is around and you’re here. I don’t want them to make you…well feel weird and then want to leave. I mean statistics show that when one partner feels - “

You shut him up by cupping his face in your hands and kissing him lightly before pulling away and grinning. He blushed and wrapped his arms around your waist and pulling you closer.

“You’ll pay for that later,” he whispered seductively in your ear. A chill ran throughout your whole body and your muscles went limp. You tried to play it off by slyly responding; “Okay what you’ll spank me?” you winked.

He cocked his head with a devilish smirk and shrugged his shoulders and you held in a gasp and when sneakily pinched your butt.

When you left Quantico later on, you were immensely turned on and could barely wait for Spencer to arrive at your place.


A knock at the door made you jump. You gave your hair one last brush and pulled your T-Shirt back over your head, feeling satisfied with the sexy black lace bra you chose.

Approaching the door, you felt nervous, but confused. You pulled the door open until he was perfectly in picture.

You snickered, “Hey since when do you knock?”

Spencer pulled his messenger bag off his shoulders and threw it somewhere on the floor in your apartment before practically throwing himself onto you.

“Shut up beautiful,” he said breathlessly before his lips collided with yours.

He kicked the door shut and spun you around and pressed you up against it, beginning to tear off your clothes.  He wasted no time in ripping your shirt off your torso and stopping when his eyes landed on your bra.

He raised his eyebrows and that same devilish smile from before appeared, “Damn.” He spoke only before once again locking his lips with yours. His tongue swirled around in your mouth and you were too distracted by the intense makeout session you two were engaged in to notice he had not only taken off your pants, but his own.

You disconnected the kiss and yanked off his shirt as he scooped you up in his arms and hurried into your bedroom, not bothering to shut the door.

He laid you down on the bed; Spencer was dominant, but extremely gentle.

You could feel his buldge rubbing up against your thigh as you continued to kiss him. He grinded into you, starting slow and then speeding up, rolling his hips into yours roughly.

“Oh-oh Spencer please,” you begged him. You wanted him. To feel him inside of you. For him to control you and take you over.

He nibbled on your neck, dressing it in soft kisses and small marks of affection. After what seemed like eternity, his boxers finally hit the floor.

A rush of energy surged through your body. It hurt, having all of him inside of you, thrusting deeper and deeper. A small gasp escaped your lips, causing Spencer to kiss you again, as if telling you to be quiet. He just was too nice to say it.

With each push, you felt like you were going to explode. “Sp-Spence, I’m gonna cu-“ you attempted to speak, but you couldn’t make out the words. He didn’t answer, he just kissed you again and continued fucking you.

You then couldn’t help it and moaned out with pleasure. Your body was full of him and he was all you wanted and needed.

He pulled out and then pulled you on top of him. “Ride me,” he demanded.

You licked your lips, his dominance turning you on even more. You began to bounce up and down on his hard member, groaning each time, your juices making his cock slick. You picked up the pace, riding him faster and faster.

“Fuck Y/N,” Spencer screamed. You felt warmth flow out from your pussy as you released onto his dick. He followed by releasing inside of you, feeling the cum pour into you.

You rolled off him and laid down next to him.

“I’m hungry,” you started laughing. “I’m making pizza, you in?” you reached down and picked up his shirt, buttoning it up.

He got up as well and came up behind you. He wrapped his arms around your waist and kissed your cheek.

“I love you more than anything Y/N.”

Those words made you the happiest girl in the world and they always would.

After all the shit that was said about the BYG trope, I just want the showrunners to ask Emily Andras how to write the good representation we deserve and I just want her to answer something like

Surprise (Reid x Reader Imagine)

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Title: Surprise (Reid x Reader)

Request:  Hello :) Can you do a imagine where reader & spencer are married, and reader finds out she’s pregnant? thank you :)

Pairing: Reid x Reader

Triggers/Warnings: None

Words: 473

A/N: Hey lovecakes! Sorry I’m so behind! Now that Thanksgiving break is over, I’m back at school, but I’ll always make time for you guys! This is a short one, just sort of like an imagine. It’s not great, but I thought it was cute! I also wrote in a different perspective, just this once. Love you babes! xoxo




My heart felt like it jumped out of my chest and started dancing around my room. I could barely breathe. My lungs felt like they had been incinerated. But I was smiling. My whole future flashed in front of my eyes. A new family. A new lifestyle.

The test was positive.

I was pregnant.

I reached over to my nightstand to grab my cell and call Spence, but I then decided I wanted this to be in person. I wrapped my arms around my knees, cradling myself as I began to cry tears of joy. I had always wanted this, a chance to be a mother. To create something so beautiful and call it mine.

 It felt like I had been sitting on my bed for ages. My toes were wiggling in anticipation. My ears perked up when I finally heard the front door swing open.

 “Y/N, I’m home,” Spencer Reid’s voice cheerfully chimed throughout the house.

Spencer. The best thing that had ever happened to me. He was the perfect husband; loving, cute, sexy, and smart. Basically, everything I had ever wanted in a man.

I practically broke the bedroom door down as I busted through and raced down the hallway. My eyes lit up when I saw him. He looked fairly tired, but happy to be safe and sound. I leaped into his arms and wrapped my legs around his waist, not even waiting for him to take off his bag. Burying my face in his neck, I started sobbing again. Spencer gripped my legs and held me up.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” He seemed scared of what I might say. I jumped down and cupped his face, staring deeply into his fawn brown eyes.

“Spencer,” I said softly, waiting for him to catch on. He stood there with a puzzled expression still on his face until his frown dropped and his eyebrows rose.

“OH MY GOD,” he screamed. He scooped me up and twirled me around in circles for God knows how long. The tears streaming down his face made my neck damp as he kissed me over and over again.

“I love you Y/N,” he spoke so lovingly that I couldn’t help but start crying again.

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect moment.

A Turn Around (Hotch x Reader)

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Title: A Turn Around

Request:  Oh boy I need some Hotch fluff in my life, if you’re up for it. I would be so happy if you were able to somehow work in that the reader is chubby and short, and Hotch thinks she’s so gorgeous. Anyway, if you have time/desire to write! Thanks!

Pairing:  Hotch x Reader

Triggers/Warnings: Explicit Language, Fluff, Reader Feeling Sad

Words: 941

A/N: Don’t we all need some Hotch fluff!? Love this request darling! I’ll always always make time for you! Thanks for requesting! Xoxo Keep em’ coming!



You heavily sighed as you pulled your blue blouse over your torso, staring viciously at your body. You pressed your lips together in a tight frown, noticing that your shirt was too tight for your stomach. Rolling your eyes, you yanked it off and threw it on the floor, grabbing a loose t-shirt from your closet and fitting it to your waist.

You headed into your bathroom and began brushing all the knots from your bed head, standing on your tippy toes to see the mirror. Your hair rested neatly on your shoulders after clawing through it with the hairbrush and you were finally satisfied with your appearance.

Grabbing your keys, you started for the front door, but paused, taking one last look at the cute blouse you had angrily tossed on the floor. Biting your lip, you spun on your heel and walked out the door, feeling more self-conscious by the minute.


You felt like hell. The whole office was bustling with people, running back and forth. The tacking of the keyboards on the computers was piercing your brain. Not being able to take it anymore, you sprung up from your chair and raced out of the bullpen. Derek Morgan and Spencer Reid looked up from their reports only to see you running away and exchanged confused expressions.

You eventually found yourself opening the door to Penelope Garcia’s room of technical wonders. The perky blonde sat at her desk, happily typing away, obviously in a good mood.

She swiveled around in her hair, meeting your eyes and forming a wide grin on her cherry red lips.

“Hey sugar,” she spoke cheerily. “What’s up? Come sit!” She waved you over and pulled an extra chair over for you to sit next to her.

Plopping down, your rubbed your eyes in exhaustion and groaned.

“Boss man Hotchner getting up your rear?” Penelope questioned, wiggling her eyebrows. You tossed your eyes to the ceiling.

Leave it to Garcia to tease you about your crush on your boss, Aaron Hotchner, when you were already feeling down in the dumps.

“Already feeling ugly enough,” you mumbled. “Don’t need to remind me about Hotch and my lack of a chance with him.”

Penelope pretended to fall out of her chair in shock. “Honeybear, UGLY!? REALLY? You’re so gorgeous; when you came in here it was like the sun shone inside this one room.” She said waving her arms around dramatically.

You chuckled, “Yes ugly. I could barely fit in my fucking shirt today!” You felt grateful that no one but her was around to hear you swear.

Garcia scoffed,” Oh who gives a damn!? I mean no one is as beautifully fabulous as me of course, but hey! That’s not the point!”

Her attempts to make you laugh were working. Penelope could always make you feel better. Her office room was quiet, but her personality sure was loud and you loved every bit of it.

A knocking then startled the two of you, causing Garcia to leap to her feet and scurry towards the door.

As she opened it, you saw Hotch standing there, his eyebrows curved and his lips in a straight line.

“Garcia, JJ would like to see you now please,” he spoke firmly.

She nodded furiously and escaped the room, leaving you and Hotch.

He watched Penelope leave and then turned his attention to you, stepping inside and closing the door. His facial expression almost instantly changed when he laid eyes on you; his eyes softening and his lips releasing themselves from their constant pushing.

The silence seemed to last for an eternity. You didn’t know what to say and couldn’t find any words. He finally broke the stillness.

“Y/N, why would you say those things about yourself,” he said quietly, tracing his finger over Penelope’s desk, and stepping closer to you.

You gulped, did he hear the WHOLE conversation between you two? Even the part where you said you didn’t have a future with him?

“I- I don’t know. I just felt really terrible and I……don’t know,” you blurted.

You stood up from the chair, displaying your body, showing him your faults. Hotch only shook his head and stepped towards you again.

“Garcia’s right. You are gorgeous. And you are wrong,” he stated.

You cocked your head nervously, “Wrong about what?”

Hotch took another step and his face was now inches away from yours. “Wrong about not having a chance with me. I like you Y/N, I really do,” he said softly.

Before you answer, his lips collided with yours and he pulled you into his strong arms. The small sweet kiss became more passionate as you melted into him, letting him take control of you. His hand traveled from your waist down to your butt. You wrapped your arms around his neck as he squeezed your ass, causing you to smirk. His tongue swirled around inside your mouth and you could feel yourself becoming more and more turned on.

He then pulled away and stared into your eyes. “Scratch that,” he smiled. “I’m in love with you.”

Forgive Me (Morgan x Reader)

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Title: Forgive Me

Pairing: Derek Morgan x Reader

Request: Derek Morgan x READER they get into a fight and she cries because he said something hurtful and they make up with smut or fluff?

Triggers/Warnings: Smut

Words: 996

A/N:  Really glad someone requested a Derek one! Thank you so much for the requests! Keep em’ coming babes xoxo


Derek had been shuffling around the office all day, seeming in distress. He continued to mope at his desk, typing away at his computer. His eyes were glassy and blank, staring straight forward.

You noticed this and were immediately filled with concern. You had always kind of had a thing for Derek. His pet names for you, the way he smiled, his laugh, and, well, everything. He knew just how to make you feel like the only girl in the world. Sometimes, when you looked at him, everyone else disappeared and all you would see is him.

You stood up and walked towards JJ’s office, as she was the only female agent in your view. JJ was on the phone, smiling, while holding a picture of her beautiful baby Henry. You knocked twice on her open door, alerting her that you there. She glanced up and grinned at you, obviously in a good mood.

“I’ll see you tonight, okay. Okay. I love you too, Will,” she spoke calmly, with that same genuine smile plastered across her face. She hung up the phone, placing it back in its holder and focused on you.

“Hey Y/N,” JJ said bubbly. “What’s up?”

“Hey J, I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything,” you said feeling a tad guilty.

JJ gave out a small giggle, “Oh no! I meant to get off the phone soon before Hotch came in, yelling at me.”

You chuckled in agreement before refocusing. “Hey is everything okay with Derek?” You tried to sound casual.

JJ cocked her head in confusion before peering out into the bullpen. “I dunno,” she replied. “Ask him!” she said perkily. She sprang up and moved towards the door. “I need more coffee!”

You smirked, it seemed like she had a little too much.

Biting down on your lower lip, you slowly make the trek to Derek’s desk. JJ was now out of sight, probably chatting up anyone who was by the coffee machine.

“Um, hey Der- uh Morgan,” you stammered, trying to sound professional, “everything okay?”

Derek didn’t even look up, his head resting in his right palm as his left hand continued to type.

“Yep Y/N.” he responded with no emotion.

“Are you sure? I mean if it’s something I can…” you tried to speak once again, but he cut you off.

“Why you all up in my business? Something you want? No? Then just get outta here.” He snapped, finally meeting your eyes. It was almost like there were flames in his pupils.

You bit down hard on your tongue, fighting back tears. Turning on your heel, you spun away and hurried towards the bathroom.

Flinging open the door, you sighed with relief to find it isolated. Your back slid down the closed door, until you plopped down onto the floor. You began to bury your quiet sobs into your jacket, tears soaking your sleeves.

A loud knocking boomed against the outside. You jumped up, confused as to why someone was knocking.  You wiped away the tears and straightened out your clothes. You quickly combed your fingers through your hair before cautiously opening the bathroom door.


He stood there, looking like a lost puppy. He swerved his head looking around for anyone around before pushing past you and locking the door shut.

“Derek, this is a WOMEN’S bathroom,” you growled, crossing your arms.

“Y/N,” he stepped towards you. “I don’t know why I acted like that, I’m just…I don’t know tired? Stressed, too. Hotch has been on my ass a lot lately.” He confessed.

You uncrossed your folded arms and stared back at him.

“I’m sorry babygirl,” he sighed, reaching over to you and tucking a lock of your hair behind your ear.

You gave a small smile. “It’s okay,” You said softly.

He stepped towards you again until there was practically no space between you.

“No. It’s not,” he answered.

Without giving you a chance to even think about what to say back, Derek cupped your face with both of his hands and softly pressed his lips against yours. You stood there frozen in shock, but couldn’t help yourself. You melted into to the kiss, wrapping your arms around his neck. It started off soft and sweet, but once you let Derek know you felt the same, he went deeper.

He licked your bottom lip, begging for entrance and you opened your mouth wider, gasping as his tongue slid in. His tongue collided with yours as he then pushed you up against the bathroom door, running his hands down your waist. He then gave you no warning, pushing his hand into your pants and began rubbing your core.

You let out a soft moan, but were silenced by Derek’s lips crashing into yours. You could feel him getting hard as his bulge pressed into your inner thigh. He slowly slipped two fingers into your pussy, pushing in and out rapidly. You groaned in pleasure and he smirked as his lips traveled down to your neck. He sucked harshly on your skin, leaving his mark on you.

You started to unzip his pants, feeling a rush of excitement flood through you, as he continued fingering you.

There was a huge BANG BANG BANG against the wooden door and you and Derek froze.

“HEY WHY IS THIS THING LOCKED,” Garcia’s voice sounded through.

Locking eyes, you and Derek quietly began snickering to yourselves.

He leaned over and bit your right earlobe hungrily.

“We’ll finish this later baby,” he whispered seductively.

You felt a chill run through your spine as you nodded in agreement, feeling even more excitement as your heart raced.                                                                                                        


*The meal had been lovely and a trip to the cinema even better, both of us spending more time kissing and cuddling than watching the film. We decided to walk back from the cinema and as we climb the steps, I can hear Lucky barking and I look at you* That’s weird for her, come on.*I unlock the door and the flickering of a lamp catches my attention* Emily, stay there!


Hurry up, Lucky. It’s freezing out here. *i jam my hands into my pockets and tuck my chin into the collar of my coat, impatiently waiting for Lucky to do her business and then we can leave. Finally, she’s ready to go and the walk back to the house heats me up slightly as I open the door, letting lucky off her leash and running off. Chuckling, I walk in to a reaction I didn’t expect.* Em?

Admitting There's A problem

*For the last week I grew more and more worried about Em and she didn’t seem to be effected by recent events. While I slept on the sofa downstairs, you stayed upstairs with Lucky and I was at least a little happy you weren’t alone. But every day you seemed to put on this brave face, that what happened didn’t really happen and I was running out of options on how to help you. I suggested therapy and counselling, but you brushed it off and I knew you would come to terms with it in your own time, I just hoped it didn’t destroy you when it happened.*


*I’m up early, like I have been since the attack and I’m making a light breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast for you, more than worried about you returning to work. I carry the tray upstairs and I set the tray on the bedside unit as I gently shake your shoulder* Babe, I’ve made you breakfast.