emily x amanda


Several things,

•Jennifer and Deacon
•Cole and Cassie trying to keep the Witness being their son a secret??
•We already knew this but– Christopher Lloyd!!!!!
•Agent Gale!!!
•Cole and Cassie can’t agree on what to do about the Witness
•Jones is going to be mad as hell when she finds out
•Where is Ramse?
•Massive. Fire. Fight.


 «Remember that day… I ran into you and Sammy in the park? Suddenly, I felt like everything was gonna be okay. You’ve always made me feel s a f e, Jack. I know things got complicated since then with Aiden and Amanda. But I never stopped feeling that way when I was around you. I guess I’m just scared. This whole mess isn’t over yet, and I don’t know how it’s gonna e n d

«Neither do I. But I know that I won’t let it end without   t h i s .»