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Today is (was) a Monday.

So, I thought I’d use this properly as a Blog.

A small collection of activities and thoughts about today, Monday. The main vibe of today was about finally releasing a song that we’ve been sitting on for a while. It’s a thing for a charity set up by a friend and it’s really important to him for multiple reasons. “Charity” single make me slightly uncomfortable, not sure why. However it’s not really a charity single, just a good cover of a tune that we collaborated on with some good friends that hopefully people will enjoy and then take a moment to read up on the efforts of the charity: Runnway. Should be out late August!

Monday is also email day. I have a terrible habit of getting on top of emails and plans outwith office hours, generally meaning that i have to wait until today to get a response. 

However, we finally got ahold of the posters for our Liquid Rooms and Garage headlines. So we stuck it up on Facebook and all the other social media places. Finally with some new Promos courtesy of the very talented Emily Wylde. 

We are very excited for this show. We’ve played the Liquid Rooms twice before. Once was our first “proper” support slot with Feeder in 2010 when we were still Energy! It was the show that really started the ball rolling and we probably wouldn’t be at the stage we are without that show.  That was also for The Edinburgh festival, this is going to be our Third year in a row playing the Edinburgh Festival (last time was supporting Panic! at the Disco at the HMV Picturehouse in 2011)  and this time as a headline act which boggles the mind really. The other time was with Idlewild and it is pretty self explanatory as to why that was a special show.

We’ve always been dead lucky in Edinburgh as people always moan about it’s lack of a music scene. So thanks Edinburgh and buy some tickets for the Liquid Rooms…. 

The supports for this show are People, Places, Maps and Academy Strangers. The way the supports were chosen for the show is pretty weird. Normally a political choice or due to a favour or just that we really love a band (Pronto Mama, Midnight Lion etc). But this time we were recommended People, Places, Maps by a guy pretty important in the Scottish music scene. We have been aware of them and Greg and Ross are friends with one of the members so it seemed like a great shout. But academy Strangers were chosen by sending an email asking! Which, from my experience when we were starting out and emailing everyone I could, hardly ever happens. I listened to their tunes, liked their cited Influences and it happened. We are very excited to see the bands and play the shows and have and amazing night out after.

So if you’re in the area come along! Ticket links on our Facebook and Ticketmaster.

So thats my chat for the day over, apologies for any and all typos and spelling mistakes.