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Dex’s reputation as a handyman spreads around Samwell’s campus pretty quickly.

It starts at the Haus, obviously, where he fixes up Betsy as best as he can, until he can’t fix her anymore. By then, the entire hockey team has figured out that Dex is pretty good with tools. When he’s working for dibs, he helps Lardo with her art projects, until he realizes Lardo herself knows how to use all these power tools and she doesn’t need his help with construction as much as she needs help lifting and moving heavy things. He replaces the showerhead in Shitty and Jack’s bathroom, fixes the screen in the back door, and repairs the railing on the porch. Nursey starts calling him “Mr. Fix-It” and he only pretends to hate it the first few times.

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Three Times Blaine Proposes and the One Time He Means It

Pairing: Kurt/Blaine (Klaine)
Rating/Length: PG / ~4100
Summary: It doesn’t matter where they are, or who they are, Kurt and Blaine will always find each other.

AN: So this is my attempt at writing in this structure.  Hopefully it’s not too confusing what’s going on.

(AO3 link) (S&C)

The First Time

I do my thing and you do your thing

They meet – somehow – on the street.  It’s not quite a meeting, but rather an impossible series of encounters.  More than eight million people crammed into 469 square miles and Kurt still manages to run into him time and time again.

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Nurseydex, please?- I saw a prompt somewhere (I wish I remembered where) -they get annoyed by the cheesy, overly romantic couple (chowder+farmer?), but end up becoming the super annoying and romantic couple.

yeah i’ve seen a few of those posts - maybe you’re thinking of this one? i feel like there’s another one, too, though. this isn’t exactly what you asked for, but I hope you like it anyway!


Whenever Bitty texts the group chat about freshly baked pie, a small mob of people descends on the Haus. Nursey and Dex manage to cram themselves into chairs at the kitchen table where Chowder, Farmer, Whiskey, and Tango were already sitting, eating still-warm blueberry crumble. 

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Give Me My Name - Dalton!Klaine drabble

Title: Give Me My Name
Pairing: Klaine (Dalton!Klaine)
Rating/Length: PG; ~400 words
Summary: Rainy day cuddles

“Say it again.”  Blaine blushes when he says it.

“Why?”  A cold nose brushes along his jaw, effortlessly intimate.

“Because,” Blaine shifts, and he shivers when Kurt shifts smoothly with him.  The standard issue beds are a tight fit for one growing boy, and much too small for two.  It lends itself to closeness though – to tangled limbs and twisted sheets.  “I like to hear it.  Your voice is – I like your voice.”

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Though he might not say any of this to anyone, there are a lot of things Nursey likes about Dex. The brilliant shade of his hair. The way he never backs down from a fight. The jutting lines of his collarbone. His ability to constantly challenge Nursey. The way he looks in snapbacks. Nursey’s list goes on and on, but what Nursey likes about him the most are his hands, and what he can do with them. 

One morning before practice, Nursey watches Dex taping up his stick. He’s mesmerized by the methodical movement of Dex’s hands, a slow circular motion of constant tension as he winds the tape. Nursey knows he’s staring and absolutely doesn’t care, can’t bring himself to look away until Dex finishes, slapping his stick against the floor. 

Abruptly, Nursey realizes he’s going to be late - he’s only half changed, skates still unlaced as everyone else is ready to walk out to the ice. Still, he lets himself watch Dex slide his hands into his gloves, watches him flex his fingers beneath the padding. “Dude, hurry the fuck up,” Dex says, flicking Nursey’s shoulder as he walks past on his way out to the ice. Nursey is so late Hall and Murray make him stay after practice to skate suicides. He can’t even really be mad about it.

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Oops? - Anderbros drabble

Paring: Anderbros
Rating: PG (for mild swearing)
Summary:  Cooper says a bad word in front of bb Blainers.

(Now with an achingly adorable drawing of Coop, Oop, and Blaine by Katie.)

Cooper slams the front door shut and doesn’t care that the force of it knocks a few pictures on the wall askew.  He kicks off his boots, dumps his school bag on the floor, throws his jacket on top, and leaves the whole sodden mess in a desultory heap in the foyer.  When he gets home that evening, Father will probably yell at him to clean up his mess.  But until then, Cooper doesn’t care.  He lost the lead in Romeo and Juliet to Tommy Can’t-Act-For-Shit Rodgers and then he had to walk home in an absolute downpour.

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Just a little brain vomit I had after reading Captive Prince. What if 9 year old Laurent and 19 year old Auguste had met 14 year old Damianos before the war?


“You’re very good.”

“Thank you.”

“For a barbarian.”

Laurent knew what his brother’s voice sounded like when he was angry, and when he was not. He could imagine nothing but a smile gracing Auguste’s lips as he spoke mischief to the Akielon prince, and his suspicions were confirmed as he rounded the corner into the small courtyard where Auguste and Damianos stood, swords held by their sides.

“Ah, Laurent,” Auguste grinned. “Here to cheer your brother to victory?”

Damianos turned his head, dark hair sweeping his shoulder, and smirked at Laurent. All Laurent could do, all he had done since the bronze-skinned Akielon had first graced his presence here at Marlas, was blush and hide his face against the cool stone of the fortress wall. Damianos was tall, and handsome, and so strong, and had been more courteous than Laurent had been expecting, given his father’s general disdain of the Akielon people. And he and Auguste had been thick as thieves since the first time they’d laid eyes on each other, which only proved to Laurent that Damianos was worthy of his affections, just like his beautiful, brave brother.

“He is here to congratulate the winner,” Damianos said in heavily accented Veretian. “Which, of course, will be me.”

With a wink in Laurent’s direction, Damianos turned and brought his sword up once more. He and Auguste dealt blow after blow with the wooden blades, until Damianos was finally brought to his knees by Auguste’s precise strikes. Auguste held his dull blade to Damianos’ throat.

“Will you yield?” Auguste asked, chin held high, one corner of his lip curled in betrayal of his demeanor.


“Spare him, brother!” Laurent cried, hands fisted into the long, loose sleeves of his navy tunic. “He fought honorably.”

“He did. But many of our enemies will. Should we spare them all?”

Laurent looked from his brother to Damianos, noting the smiles on both their faces.

“It isn’t fair,” he said.

“What if he had bested me? Would you still wish to spare him?”

“I— I don’t know. Perhaps.”

“You would save the life of the man who had just slain your brother?” Laurent knew Auguste was only teasing him, but he couldn’t keep his eyes from wandering shyly to the Akielon prince who knelt at his brother’s feet.

“Perhaps,” he continued, “if both causes were equally just. After all, you would have slain him and thought it for the best.”

Auguste chuckled, and Damianos flashed white teeth.

“You have a gentle heart, Laurent,” Auguste noted. “It is just as well I am firstborn. We can’t have the threat of peace looming over our heads. How would we ever survive your rule?”

Damianos stood, heedless of the wooden blade at his neck, and turned to Laurent.

“I’d weather it gladly,” he rumbled, one large hand rising to ruffle Laurent’s pale hair. “If only we could all be so lucky to have someone as kind as you in our lives.”

Affogato: The Epilogue (Crema verse)

Title: Affogato: The Epilogue
Pairing: Klaine AU
Rating: PG 13 for language and implied sexual situations. The overall rating is now upped to NC-17 for smut (in Dirty Chai)

Summary: Kurt’s just landed a job at Vogue as Carrie Bradshaw’s assistant.  One morning he meets Blaine at the Starbucks in Times Square, and the shy, adorable barista catches his eye right away.  This is the story of how they change each other’s lives.

Previous installmentsCon Panna, DoppioAmericanoShot In the DarkRistretto, MacchiatoCorrettoBreveUndertowPeppermint MochaDirty ChaiIrish Coffee Part 1Irish Coffee Part 2, Cappuccino

So this is it, in a way.  Thanks to everyone who’s read and left me comments about it.  I’ve read them all and appreciate every one of them.

There is now also a Crema Masterpost.

Find the whole fic on AO3.

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Nurseydex prompt: One of them wakes up one morning and is able to read the other's mind. Have fun!

this is such a great prompt anon thank you so much wow hope you enjoy!

Dex woke up with a headache. It wasn’t anything terrible, just a slight pressure between his temples. He didn’t really think anything of it as he got out of bed and dragged himself down to Faber for morning skate. When he walked into the building, past the few students around the front desk, there was a buzzing in his head like a hive of bees. Dex ignored it and kept walking, back into the locker room.

The buzzing intensified, a loud chatter in his head that he realized was voices. Dozens of them, all talking over one another, impossible to distinguish. He shook his head, trying to clear it with no success.

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Postscript - CrissColfer fic

Title: Postscript
Length/Rating: ~2100 / G
Summary: Darren picks up a habit of leaving Chris little notes.

(AO3 link)

It starts with a neon pink Post-It on the fridge early one morning.  The first note is nothing special, just a simple:

drank the last of your milk, sorry.
xo D

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(Less Than) Practical Magic - MizEmily - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Stiles feels a moment of elation that Derek knows his name. One moment of pure, unadulterated bliss. And then Derek is grasping his arm and dragging him away from the other partygoers into the cool, quiet kitchen of the Mahealani home. He has no idea what’s going on, but from the scowl on Derek’s face and the near-crushing grip around his bicep, he gathers it’s not going to end with them making out against the fridge.

Or: the one where Stiles is a stage magician who uses actual magic, and Derek is a secret werewolf who thinks Stiles has been sent to kill him.

anonymous asked:

“don’t you dare walk away.” nurseydex, please???

@nurseydexweek day 2: mutual pining

Derek should be flattered, really, by the number of people who tried to ask him out. Freshman year, he was flattered by it - he let it get to his head, a little bit, let himself build a reputation that followed him around now like a shadow. Here he was a year and a half later, turning people down right and left because he couldn’t get over a stupid crush.

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