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MASS EFFECT → The reporters

I need to believe this isn’t the end. I need to believe that you’re going to destroy the Reapers and I’m going to film it as it happens. And when the fight is over, and my signal goes out on tightbeam, people are going to come together from all over the galaxy. They’re going to watch from their couches, and they’ll celebrate. And one day, they’ll laugh again.

at some point during the war, maybe as early as mars or maybe as late as thessia, shepard starts a habit of drinking a single glass of whiskey every night before bed. it’s a bit of a ritual, and edi’s been instructed to lock the door to shepard’s cabin so it can’t be interrupted.

because shepard’s not drinking alone.

every night they invite one of their fallen friends to drink with them. kaidan or ashley. pressly. the ones who didn’t survive the suicide mission. the ones who lost their lives earlier, on akuze or torfan or even mindoir. the ones who’ve given their lives, quietly or not so quietly – thane, legion, emily wong and kal'reegar, the ones who deserve monuments and who will receive only a place on an already-long list of names.

so every night, shepard holds up the glass of whiskey in a silent toast, and drinks with the shadow of a friend.


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As you can see, I made an Emily Wong replacer for Diana Allers, because let’s face it, Allers is the WORST.  It’s not perfect (and there’s nothing I can do about Allers’ annoying voice) but I don’t know if I feel like working on it more - if anyone has interest in downloading it, please reblog or let me know, then I will continue working on it and release a perfect version (fix her face texture more, maybe put her in a more suitable outfit …)

Corporal Emilie Gauthier-Wong, Voltigeurs, aims her rifle while on the front line of an ambush during Exercise SILVER ARROW at Adazi Military Training Area in Kadaga, Latvia on September 25, 2015 during Operation REASSURANCE.

Photo: Corporal Nathan Moulton, Land Task Force Imagery, OP REASSURANCE
Le caporal Emilie Gauthier-Wong, membre des Voltigeurs, pointe son fusil sur la ligne de front d’une embuscade dans le cadre de l’exercice SILVER ARROW, dans la zone d’entraînement militaire d’Adazi, à Kadaga, en Lettonie, le 25 septembre 2015, au cours de l’opération REASSURANCE.

Photo : Caporal Nathan Moulton, Service d’imagerie de la Force opérationnelle terrestre, Op REASSURANCE

s e v e n  d e v i l s | a cryptid story about angels, demons, other manners of beasties that go bump in the night – and the few unlucky enough to cross paths with them by stephanie rabig

dominick esparza (tyler posey) is the steve irwin of a world where monsters are as natural and unavoidable as bad weather – he truly believes the slavering thing under your bed is just misunderstood, and as worthy of scientific interest as a rare bird. but his boundless enthusiasm is somewhat tempered when he makes a bad call that costs several people their lives.

danielle belasco (amber heard) comes from a long line of people who bag and tag said slavering beasties, and is none too happy to be saddled with a budding supernaturalist.

alexandra yeun (elodie yung) has lived for so long with a dead person’s voice inside her head that she rarely sees the present, living world around her. her baby sister emily (ellen wong) will do anything to get her big sister back – even invite something horrifying into their home.

father samuel rowland (peter eggers) tried to exorcise alexandra’s demons, only for the ceremony to go terribly wrong. now he refuses to abandon the tormented young woman.

travers (idris elba) is a graverobber with taste. he’s as likely to tell you the personal history of a corpse as he is to try and hawk you the rings plucked from its fingers.

william hayward (bruce campbell) was once a hunter like belasco, but has since retired, settled down, and opened a sanctuary for the less unsavory monsters in need of a home.

and tabloid journalist hinata kanai (rinko kikuchi) used to write very tongue-in-cheek stories about bigfoot spies and alien love-children – until she came face-to-face with something with too many teeth and very, very sharp claws. now that she knows there are such creatures in the world, she’s determined to get the full story.