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And josh? what about him? we haven’t recovered his body. the wendigo. what? it’s the only thing that makes sense. the wendigo took him down into the mines.

A Day in the Life of Dan, Phil, and Emily // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: family fluff, domestic fluff. Parent!phan

Words: 3.2k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: slight swearing

Summary: YouTube Notification: AmazingPhil just uploaded a video: “A Day in the Life of Dan, Phil, and Emily!”

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Taking Baby Steps: Month 2 // A Phan Multi-Shot

Genre: parent!phan, domestic fluff, fluff, slight angst

Words: 4.4k (this chapter)

Relationship status: married

Warnings: none

Summary: Being parents to a newborn baby isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. There are so many things they don’t quite understand, and there’s a lot they need to learn on this journey. But at least they’re doing it together. / AKA the wild ride of Dan and Phil’s first year as parents.

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That Night

They lay in perfect and serene silence, each fast asleep before Emily woke up with a jolt. 

Was it… was it all a dream? She opened her phone and was momentarily blinded by the light, from next to her Alison grumbled in her sleep. Emily opened the front camera and took a flash photo of her neck. Okay… it was covered in hickeys. She put her phone down- so not a dream then. Emily began to settle back in bed- even began to spoon her girlfriendwife, mother of her child er they’d work on that- before she jolted up again. Alison told her she loved her!







This was nightmare scenario! The worst thing to ever happen ever! It was the shock! She had forgotten! What a stupid mistake! 

“Alison!” Emily whisper-yelled, the blonde grumbled again. “Alison wake up! It’s an emergency!” Instantly Alison woke up in terror. 

“What- what is it? Is it AD again?” She looked around and looked at Emily smiling at her. “What’s going on Em?”

“I love you too,” Emily said and Alison closed her eyes.

“I’m going back to sleep,” she muttered. “Love you,” she grumbled before curling into her favorite person and falling back into her deep sleep.

“Death” (Part 2).


Anonymous: Could you do a Emilyxdaughter reader fic the team has to tell the reader that Emily is ‘dead’ & the reader is devastated by the news&tries to go into the operating room to see her mum but hotch & Morgan hold her back from entering the room & she cries into Hotch’s arms & the reader has been staying in a orphanage as no one in the team can look after her & during it takes a village the team tell her Emily is alive & that she faked her death & the reader hugs Emily & tells her that she missed her

@lovedannixoxo: Hey! It’s me again 😂 I just saw your last ask that you posted, the one where the reader is emily daughter and she ‘dies’. I realy like the storyline but I wondered after you wrote that one whether you could do an alternate ending type thingy. Where the reader stays with Rossi for the 7 months and when she finds out that Emily is alive, she freaks out and gets angry. Lots of arguing and stuff. Thank you!!!❤

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*Fast-forward seven months to when Y/N lives with David NOT FINDING OUT YET THO*

David slipped through the door, exhaling lowly as he slipped his shoes off, the dark shadows beneath his eyes emphasising his latest stressful case. However, his eyebrows furrowed when he heard the muffled sound of Emily and Y/N laughing. He hesitantly followed the noise, attention captured but when he reached the living room door his deep eyes softened, an uncontrollable sigh escaping his lips.

“Hey, kid.” David uttered, sadness laced within his voice at the sight of the teenage girl cuddled into a blanket, watching old videos of her and her mother. Her sobs were muffled through subtle giggles as she watched Emily being goofy for the camera.

“Hi.” Y/N whispered, not taking her brightening eyes off of the TV screen. Wordlessly, David took a seat next to her, chuckling softly at the dark-haired woman on the screen.

“Everything okay, flower?” David questioned, his little nickname making Y/N glance over at him, a small smile playing at her lips. She parted her lips to speak but David quickly interjected, holding his finger up to stop her.

“Don’t lie to me.” Y/N giggled slightly before pausing the TV and reaching for the college letter in front of her, regarding her working experience.

“None of the local police stations will take me on for work experience, I’ve emailed pretty much all of them.” Y/N groaned, wiping away the tears from her face before handing David the letter. He glanced up at her, observing her tear-stained face briefly.

“I thought you wanted to end up at the BAU?” David asked, settling the papers down on his lap as Y/N nodded in response, “Then why don’t you do your work experience there?” Y/N furrowed her eyebrows, groaning slightly.

“Yeah, because the FBI are going to take me on for work experience. I have no chance, especially when police stations won’t take me.” She complained, throwing her head back dramatically causing David to chuckle, shaking his head humorously.

“Excuse me,” David uttered amusingly, glancing around as if there were ten other people in the dimly lit room, “I’m David Rossi, close friends with unit chief Aaron Hotchner. It’s nice to meet you.” Y/N giggled at him, swatting his arm playfully before leaning her head on his shoulder, inspecting Emily’s joyful face on the paused TV screen.

“What’s his email address?” Y/N murmured, her eyes fluttering shut when David wrapped his arm around her shoulder comfortingly.

“Nope, flower, consider it done.” Y/N lifted her head from his shoulder, eyes wide with excitement. Unexpectedly, she wrapped her arms around his torso, smiling widely as she rested her head on his shoulder.

“Thank you so much.” David grinned, wrapping his arms around her shoulders until she pulled away slightly, the smile on her face refusing to leave. Her eyes flickered between him and the TV screen until she noticed the shadows circling his warm eyes.

“Tough case?” Y/N questioned, raising the TV remote in her hands when he nodded at her, “You don’t have to, but we could carry on watching these? They kind of help…a lot.” Her voice drifted slightly at the last words, making David take the remote from her and press ‘play’.

He observed her as life erupted from her eyes when Emily’s comforting voice flowed through the room, sadness interlaced in his gaze as the familiar voice pierced his ears but her daughters progress urged to small grin slowly growing on his face as she rested her head on his shoulder once again.

A/N: lmao guess who is “dead” when she gets there


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  • Emily: *does Lui's makeup*
  • Nogla: *tries his best not to laugh*
  • Nogla: It looks so bad from this angle!
  • Nogla & Emily: *die of laughter*
  • Lui: *Is unamused*
  • ----------------------------------
  • Nogla: *regains composure*
  • Nogla: Alright, give us a flutter of the e-
  • Nogla: *starts laughing halfway through 'eyes'*
  • Lui: *flutters eyes while staring into a mirror*
  • Lui: *smiles but sincerely wants to kill himself*
  • Nogla: Th-that's no-
  • Nogla: *dies of laughter*
  • Nogla: O-ok-okay, lo-look a-at the c-camera
  • Emily: *is pretty much dieing in the background*
  • Lui: *death glares into the camera lens*
  • Nogla: Okay, okay, so far so good.
  • Nogla: *tries to regain composure*
  • Nogla: Keep up the good work! ;P
  • ---------------------------------
  • Nogla: You feelin' gooood?~
  • Lui: *starts bobbing his head*
  • Nogla: Yeah, work that girl! Work that..
  • Nogla: *tries not to die of laughter*
  • Lui: *continues to smile like an idiot silently*
  • Nogla: You look good~
  • Lui: *raises one eyebrow up and down*
  • Nogla: Oh damn!
  • Nogla: *dies of laughter*
  • Emily: *also dies*
  • Nogla: Damn-
  • Nogla: Fucking Kyla Jenners is e-envy right now
  • -------------------------------
  • Nogla: Here we go
  • Emily: *giggles*
  • Nogla: Lui Calibre Makeup Face Reveal. Here we go!
  • Nogla: *pans camera up*
  • Nogla: Yeah..
  • Nogla: *giggles*
  • Nogla: Tssoo cute!~
  • Emily: *breaks down into a laughing fit*
  • Emily: "So cute"?
  • Nogla: *dies along with her*
  • Lui: *Looks up and winks at Nogla causing both to wheeze which makes him smile and look away*
  • ------------------------------
  • Lui: *shows Nogla some Pokémon on his phone*
  • Nogla: Oh my gawd der so cute!
  • Nogla: Not as cute as you doh~
  • Nogla: *pans camera up*
  • Lui: *smiles like an idiot while scrolling through phone*
  • ------------------------------
  • Nogla: Gives us a look! Go onnnnn~
  • Lui: *trys to make a seductive face*
  • Nogla: *wheezes*
  • Nogla: That's my thumbnail!
  • Emily: *looks up and sees what's going on*
  • Emily: *laughs*
  • Nogla: *laughs so hard he drops the camera*
  • ------------------------------
  • - Pax Prime 2015, Lui Calibre Make Up Reveal & Dance Challenge! (Daithi De Nogla (via YouTube))
  • ((Requested by @GrandHighblood001))
The old tower's haunted
Emily Kaldwin & Corvo Attano
The old tower's haunted

Cooorvo, wake uuuup. You were making funny faces while you were sleeping. I decided to nap here in your room while Callista was taking her bath. She told me if there’s ever trouble I should always run here.

[Emily, you should head back to your own room. I’ll be here.]

I like it up here. The old tower’s haunted. I’ve even seen the ghost once! He had weird black eyes. Aw, alright. I’ll go.