emily weigert

Please read!

So this is the light of my life right here, Cinnamon. He’s had a lot of medical issues over the past couple of years and while he WAS getting better, it looks like his problems have returned. He’s got some issues with his insides so he’s having trouble eating and using the bathroom without medicine and possible surgery. All of this has cost me a LOT of money and I’m literally down to coins because of this.

I hate using pity stories to ask for money, but it has become a serious problem for both living and taking care of my cat and I’m seriously afraid that we’re going to have to put him down before I go back to school if I can’t get him the help he needs.

Until school starts, I’m still very much open for commissions and EVERY CENT HELPS! I can work with any amount of money offered and it would really mean the world to me. If you’re not interested in commissioning me, it would also help a lot if you could pass this along! Both me and my smelly cat would greatly appreciate it.

(Sorry the quality is so low, might try to remedy in the future) One of the three submissions I put into the Otakon Art Show! Because I’m down the rabbit hole into Monthly Girls these days.

This is the only illustration that didn’t get bid on so if anyone is interested in purchasing the original, let me know!

Side note: Sorry for the reposting, tumblr was being weird and kept eating my tags so I’m fighting the system


Hey guys! I’m having a show in Beverly with eight other rad artists and I’m going to be selling prints at tomorrow’s reception! Along with some of the plants from my series I did, these are what I’m going to have on sale.

The reception goes from 5 - 8 and it’s being held at the 301 Gallery; 301 Cabot St, Beverly MA 01915.

If you’re not able to make it, feel free to message me if you’re interested in purchasing any. They’ll all be going for probably $15 a piece minus the gardening illustrations which I’m planning to sell for $25 since they come as a pair.

Also, the art on the postcard for the show at the top of this post is credit of Lisa Martinez!