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Ahhh, hello! Ive never talked to you, but i really love stardew valley too! Im in my second year and I've decided to romance Emily. She decided to dance with me @ the Flower Dance and now its the day after and! In the mail! Perrie tells me about the bouquet, Emily sent me the letter for her 8 heart event, and Demetrius (my closest friend in game) sent me an amethyst, one of Emily's favorite gifts!! It feels like Perrie and Demetri are playing as my wingmen and I'm so excited about this!!

THIS … IS THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST i am 100% in favour of top wingmen pierre and demetrius ……. demetri getting all emotional about his best friend’s blossoming relationship …. pierre delighted that the farmer is really finding a home in the community ……………….

Stardew Valley gets SNAPCHAT

one day the farmer is on their phone, taking a photo of themselves, while Mayor Lewis walks by. He asks what they are doing, and they explain snapchat to him. They assure him that the other young adults in the valley most likely have it, or have heard of it, at least. “Hey, Sam!” they call out, to the blonde skateboarding past. “You know snapchat, yeah?”

He doesn’t. It has been years since anyone in the town had lived in the city, and the app had only come out since the residents of the valley had left. No one in the town has snapchat, and the Farmer takes it upon themselves to fix this!

                                           -events that follow-

-blurry photos of bugs and shit charging towards the farmer captioned “dudes bout to get fucked up”. harvey wonders out loud to them if maybe the reason they get hurt so often is because the spend the time in which it takes for an attacker to hit them taking photos instead of dodging

-shane sending sad drunk messages and the farmer immediately replying with photos of chickens to make him happy again. 

-jas or vince going “CAN I PLAY ON YOUR PHONE” and abusing all the filters and taking a shit ton of videos and being adorable

-haley doesn’t have snapchat (she hates the idea of any photo she took TIME and EFFORT into taking being deleted) but if u add Alex be ready to be bombarded with her random ass selfies that she sends to everyone whenever she steals his phone (which is a lot)

-harvey has been slightly conditioned to FEAR the snapchat ringer because 9/10 times its someone doing something dangerous/something he told them explicitly not to

 -sebby is such an emo kid. Uses the black and white filter,, but is also slightly androgynous and LOVES all the makeup filters

-sam is such A FUCKING MEME it’s all just close up pictures of his face or other people without them realizing or some shit

-penny is the gal who takes SO MANY PICTURES OF HER FEET!!

-em’s snapchat is poppin. Vibrant as all hell, a new theme every 24 hours, rainbow af, great photography. STREAK MASTER. The only one in town who had snapchat before the farmer showed it to them and has SO MANY FRIENDS. At least 100 days or more with everyone on her list, 200 with her best friends (including sandy)

-abby is PRANK MASTER. She only has snapchat so that she can 1 record all the times she fucking OWNS her two best friends and 2 so she can get back at sam for those close up photos DIRECTLY

-once alex found out what streaks were, he became determined to have a higher streak than em.

-alex asked abby first to help him, they got to 40 before abby accidentally sent alex a nude and the only thing he knew about how to respond was “NEVER SEND DICPICS” (some advice from farmer)

-next up was sam, but the two only got to 10 days until sam sent the SAME FUCKING NUDE PHOTO with the caption “r u seeing this shit sebby?”. alex blocked him

-next was penny, and the two got to 60, but penny missed a few days because she had a sleepover at the library with Jas and Vincent to teach them about stars

-maru found out and gave alex a program Seb had made that counted every day for your streaks no matter whether you or the other person was active. She proceeded to explain how nothing on the internet was actually real and that the boundaries and laws we think exist online can be completely nullified by literally anyone with enough of a brain to google search how to do it. Online the only reason every mere user doesnt declare themselves god is because they dont want to be aware of how little that title means in a world where the pentagon was hacked into by a 13 year old for a game of truth or dare

-alex deleted his snapchat

-haley now takes her selfies on the farmers phone so EVERYONE in the town gets to see her try EVERY new filter EVERY day

-one day alex wakes up with his phone in his room again ?? even tho he threw it out

 -when he turns it on and unlocks it it immediatly crashes and wont change from a photo saying “maru is love maru is life” (sebby, abby, sam, and maru laugh in the distance)(sibling bond time is fun time)(alex is scared of cellphones now)(and shrek memes) 

-(leah and elliot dont have cellphones :( elliot probably got rid of his when he moved to the city and leah CLEARLy only has the cord phone her ex calls her on, meaning she probably switched numbers to avoid him)

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I would love love love any happy rid bits you want to share about anyone in this universe because this day is sad and terrible. (No pressure though. I totally understand if you too feel the need to avoid the Internet today)

I feel you, anon. I feel you. So. 

Here are some happy thoughts:

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What a perfect word to describe who we are. As artists and as an earnest little publishing operation — I think you have to have some misguided, naive sense of belief in yourself to succeed. Maybe?

And what is success? Money? Or just being able, somehow, through hard work to be able to keep doing what you love?

Well, we certainly don’t have money. All the same we’ve been very fortunate. We work hard — every day, all of our energy, all of our time, and whatever little amount of money we do have — it all gets subsumed by this vehicle.

I am tired. I am emotional. I am drained.

But I love it. I love the artists we work with — I love them so fucking much. They give me purpose. To rise everyday, to work hard every night. To continue whatever it is I am doing with this life. To learn from them, to laugh with them. To just be.

And that’s a kind of success. For me, I just want to keep doing this with them forever and ever. I hope I am able to do so.

Unfortunately and unsurprisingly, for us to continue that type of success, we need a minimum amount of capital. For the time being, that means having our current Kickstarter reach its goal. We have 2 days… and we need your help.

What are our Collections?

To keep our label running, we’ve moved to offering small seasonal, finely curated book bundles. We offer these at a deep discount and include a lot of extras. We call these bundles Collections.

Yes, our Collections are a way to raise funds, to keep the lights on — but they are also a way for us to highlight the authors we love. Alone, their works could be lost in the sea of releases coming and going. But by placing them in our collections, sometimes alongside authors with a larger following, they’re in a tiny peer group giving them higher visibility, and allowing for new audiences to discover them together.

So even if we get to a point of greater stability, we will continue to run our collections. The reason being is that raising capital alone is not the point of our collections. The other piece is raising awareness of not only our authors, their titles, but also of this industry — to show the necessity of this vibrant creative community and the works coming out of it to the larger world.

What does the future hold?

I’d like to take a second to pull back the curtain — to show you what we have coming down the pike for with our next couple of collections. Please keep in mind that some of these covers are not final.

Fall Collection ‘16
Altcomics Magazine #4, Perfect Hair by Tommi Parrish, Secure Connect by Carta Monir, Sprawling Heart by Sab Meynert, and a new mini by Vincent Stall

Winter Collection ‘16
Altcomics Magazine #5, Extended Play by Jake Terrell, Mirror Mirror 2 edited by Julia Gfrörer & Sean T. Collins, Sound of Snow Falling by Maggie Umber, Yours by Sarah Ferrick

Spring Collection '17
Altcomics Magazine #6, Architecture of an Atom by Juliacks, Life in the Fun Zone by Leif Goldberg, Retreat by Jaakko Pallasvuo, and a new mini by Brie Moreno

As you can see, we have a very exciting slate lined up. And there is so much more we have planned. But to make it there, we first need to succeed with our current collection. If you value the type of work we are doing, the authors we publish, we need your help — please show your support by becoming a backer and talking about the work we are doing on social media.

Thank you!

All our love, everything we got

— Raighne and everyone at 2dcloud ❤