It’s legit getting to the point I’ll be totally fine with Emily killing all her enemies rn. Like this is just ridiculous right now. Like she’s not even being blamed for things she actually did. She took down terrorists, why is she being blamed for being a bad person. In real life she’d be hailed as a hero.

I swear if Charlotte returns to help put Emily in jail, imma be pissed. 
Like Charlotte, she saved you from a possible murder charge and she was the only one to push you to get help when no one else gave a shit. Daniel just plain out left you and never even went to check on you after you tried to kill yourself and Victoria just used you to gain David’s trust to hurt Emily. Like girl if you turn on her you’ll be in a world of pain girl. 

And then again, let’s talk about how the promo says ‘before the finale’ and not ‘season finale’…I’m still assuming this is it. This is the end and I’m not ready. On the other hand, Amanda saying ‘that bitch set me up’ was one of the best things. And I hope for the love of god that Jack will stay in The Hamptons to help her and they’ll finally be together, even if it’s only for two episodes.