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Ten Favorite Female Characters

I saw @bouncyirwin do this and I was like I wanna do one too! So here we go.

Ten Favorite Female Characters

- Haruno Sakura from Naruto

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- Christina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy

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- Brenda Lee Johnson from The Closer

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Toph from Avatar The Last Airbender

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Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice

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Dr. Emily Grey (Purple) from Red vs Blue

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Elizabeth Swan from Pirates of the Caribbean

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Lt. Ravit Bivas from The Last Ship

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Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada

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Jaylah from Star Trek: Beyond

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Em em I feel a lil better about the album because WHAT IF THE WHOLE THING IS SATIRE LIKE RFI IS THRU THE LENS OF HER REP AS A MAN HUNTER LWYMMD IS VICTIM GORGEOUS IS CHEATER and then maybe the last song on the album will be her own perspective as opposed to what's said about her? A CONCEPT ALBUM HIP HOP ARTISTS DO IT ALL THE TIME

a concept album you say. a theory worth some consideration. i would approve of a ts concept album 💯💯💯

emily’s 1000th unpopular opinion night

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I just saw that you're doing unpopular opinions again so I might just say what I can't say public but I just feel like rep won't be as great as everyone says? I might just be biased because red is highkey my fav album but out of all the three songs she released there is nothing that is really catching my eye? gorgeous is cute and catchy and all that but nothing special, atleast in my opinion. I just feel like I'll listen to rep once or twice and then never again because it's just not my thing.

I’m low key agreeing with you anon. I was just going back and reading about the Promo singles for the 1989 era, which were Welcome to New York and This Love (edit: OOTW too) , neither of which were my favourite songs. I’m still holding out hope that when the album comes out it isnt going to be more of the same, that we’ve heard so far with the first 3 singles, hopefully

emily’s 1000th unpopular opinion night


“Because I know how important they are for so many people and just making sure that there’s this really nice balance of things you guys haven’t seen before. I don’t know, I’m always like, “they’re gonna get bored with this” but I know you’re probably not. But I put a lot of pressure on myself to keep getting those scenes right.“ (x)

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Man the SSer posting about how excited he was that he knew who the song was about but we never will has pissed me off. That was so uncalled for. Loving the fact that this era there's even bigger divide between the noticed fans and the ignored. I think Taylor and her team are kidding themselves when they say this era is all about the fans because it's so not

I think the dude realised his mistake right after he tweeted it, but he had to have known that screenshots last a lifetime. It was a super shitty thing of him to say, and he should have known better. He’s giving a bad name to the people that have been to Secret Sessions because 99.5% of them are honest to god the loveliest people you will ever meet. 

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I respect people who make bold choices, who take themselves out of their comfort zone, who challenge themselves in the roles they choose, whether that’s Vivien Leigh or Emily Blunt. I don’t have an icon. I’m Natalie Dormer, and I can’t have anyone else’s career besides Natalie Dormer’s. I learned to leave the green-eyed monster behind way back in my 20s because it’s destructive. Just do as you mean to be done by, and you can’t go too wrong. That might sound a bit wanky and bit romantic, but it’s not about being fluffy. I’m a realist.


my girls!!

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not an UO just something I've been randomly thinking abt for months - am I the only one who remember that Tay once briefly dated Garrett Hedlund (during speak now era, after Jake, in April 2011 probably)? When I first saw the pap pix of her watching Billy Lynn, I immediately thought of Garrett...I thought they were still friends or something and she went to support a friend's film...

I literally just had to google this because I had ZERO recollection of this happening. You’re riiiiiiight though they did go out for dinner [idk if that means dating or not but lmao I didnt even know this dude existed until 5 minutes ago]. 

BICCCH OMG, so this Garrett Hedlund character and Joe Alwyn were both in this Billy Lynn’s Long Half Time Walk (at the intersection of Sunset and Vine NO LESS). I wonder if Garrett introduced them or if she already knew Joe at that point.


emily’s 1000th unpopular opinion night

psa: the todd & farah ship name is tarah, okay? 😊

alright, so the reason eddie hates being called ‘eds’ or ‘eddie spaghetti’ or any other nickname is because his dad used to call him that. now that mr. kaspbrak is gone, eddie just represses any part of him because he knows there’s no more “ed’s! come down here, it’s dinner time!” or “eddie spaghetti, lemme show you something” and these names are just a reminder of his dad and it hits him so hard each time he hears it…but he wouldn’t tell anyone that. but one day he confesses it all to richie through tear filled eyes and ends up sobbing to him over a nickname, but richie just hugs him and vows him that he will never bring it up again and apologizes profusely. and while richie is smoothing eddies hair and eddie is still crying, eddie just looks at him and shakes his head and begs him to still call him those names as much as he tells him not to

august 21st aka fanfic writers appreciation day.

i saw this post going around and i’ve decided to make a post to a) recommend you some great stories and amazing writers, b) give some sort of feedback. i don’t really have that much time to read anymore, so this won’t be that long. as soon as i get more time, i’ll start reading again :) the list is in no specific order, i was going through my “following” list and through my fic recs blog.

@noona-la-la-la  — i recommend literally everything noona ever wrote. i love her style and her plots and the fact that she always manages to exceed my expectations. she’s one of those writers whose stories aren’t just about the smut, which i love. of course, the amazing smut is just a bonus. my favorite story of hers is either unexpected or conditioned (which is also one of my fave tae stories ever. e v e r.) and her vmin threesome the group project is amazing! i’m so far up her ass it’s not even funny, but i seriously love everything about her blog and her writing.

@ellieljade  — amazing plots! a m a z i n g. and the dirty talk! the smut scenes are just too good, and mr.min is my favorite yoongi series. i love the plot, i love the fact that the characters aren’t labeled as good or bad, there’s a lot of grey areas and you never know what to expect. if you want to cry, read her this is how you lose her series and come bitch about it with me. and did i mention sub namjoon? because damn, watch me is amazing.

@avveh — some of the best dirty talk and pwp ever. i enjoy reading her stories from the first one she posted, which is reveries. i don’t even watch the show it’s based on, but i love the series. emily can really suck you into the plot, regardless of the smut. of course, you know me, my favorite is jealousy games because jungkook AND jimin. you know.

@xhixtape — i could go on about lila forever. the flow in her stories is amazing, i love the slow build ups in some stories, and i love the smut in all of them. she’s a huge inspiration for me and her work has inspired a lot of mine, i think i might be her biggest fan. read everything! my favorites are kitten’s got his tongue, good mornings, and vibrations. vibrations, man!!!

@tayegi — lu is one of the OGs of bts fanfics, so i’m sure you’re all already reading her stories. i lover her ocs, i love that they know how to speak for themselves and that they know what they want and aren’t afraid to go for it. my favorites are fuck, marry, kill (because JIMIN), the golden boy because T A E, and friendship goals because TAEGI.

@kimtrain — okay, one good purr had me hooked ! i loved the slow burn and tae′s character and everything about it, from the plot to her style. that’s also one of my favorite tae stories ever.  also, the wings of a devil? b o m b. she has a huge masterlist and i need to read all of her stories.

@floralseokjin — blessed is the day i found out about jordan’s blog. i love everything she writes, i don’t care what member the stories are about because they’re that good. i love her style because it makes me get into the story so much that i can’t stop reading. the first story i read was salt and shadow and i still love it. her jin stories are the best out there and i love reading them. show me might be my fave. also, playing with fire is bomb.

@gukvory —  can you feel it, sugar? is a masterpiece. actually, everything on this masterlist is a masterpiece. i love her writing style, i love the flow, i love the feeling i get when reading her stories. just read everything of hers, you won’t regret it.

@kittae — eva writes for other groups as well! i’ve only read most of her bts stories, and my faves are v-card because it’s the right amount of everything, and favourites and servants is so good! there’s still so many stories on her masterlist to read and i can’t wait to read more. 

@dailydoseofdia — i’m gonna recommend carousel because it’s one of the stories i’ve been meaning to read, but just didn’t have enough time for, even though everyone is praising it. i’ve read dia’s fics and they’re amazing, so i don’t doubt that carousel is just as great. lick was amazing and it’s the first thing i’ve read on her blog.

@chinnychimchim — ah. ah! one of my favorite writers. i seriously love everything she posts, i don’t ever check who the story is about. my favorite has to be reset. it’s such a good story and i haven’t read anything similar, so i love it. cognitive dissonance is also a must read. just read the entire masterist while you’re at it, it’s worth it.

@kstopping  — who doesn’t want a good mmf threesome with vmon? that’s exactly what cinnamon sugar is and i LOVE IT. also tags that crack me up every time.

@jungkookfortunekookies  — for those who don’t read smut, there’s a ton of popular stories on her masterlist, including jungkook roommate series which is so fun and easy to read!

@jeylovestoblog — i’ve heard jey writes amazing reader/girl/member threesomes, so i need to check them out, and i recommend you do the same. she updates often, so i’m sure you’ll find something for yourself.

@rapmonluv — all i’ve read so far is nightcall and it’s enough for me to know i’ll love everything else.

@jingukz — sarah’s stories are amazing and you know that i prefer smut, but her stories are that good. she doesn’t need smut to pull you in, but when it’s there, it’s great. bliss among sinners is probably my fave, but the first one i’ve read is cry me a river and i’m still not over it.

@emboyz — i still need to go through her masterlist, but i’ve read good catch and it’s great!

@pjxmin — i don’t get how everyone’s not talking about her writing. caught in a lie is amazing, proposals is such a good story, her writing is amazing and her stories are fun and they just pull you in. amazing writer!

@cosykims — merlot murders (the crimson killer, kisses of carmine) is the most underrated series i’ve ever read. it has everything and i can’t praise it enough, seriously. you need to read it!

@jiminniemouse — i think i’ve read everything of hers and there wasn’t a single story i didn’t like. i love her style, i love her plots, i just love everything about her writing. purple jewels is so well written and interesting, i can’t get enough. seriously, i recommend everything.

@wonhopes — amanda’s writing is amazing. i think you’ve all read not so honest, but i think my favorite might be cat got your tongue because TAEEEE.

@mindfullofcrazy — i absolutely loved give me love!!!

@hobibliophile — i think i’ve read everything on her masterlist and i loved it! my favorites are take a break (jihope threesome ftw), blue blooded (prince jin!!!), and don’t care about the presents (namjoon being a cutie).

@kainks — i love her writing style! my favorites are new guy and triplicity because damn, hoseok and yoongi threesome? i’m in. orange tulips is on my to read list, i’ve heard great things about it.

@versigny — if you haven’t read miss dial, i don’t know what you’re doing. read it. now. i love it!

@baeseoul  — protege is probably my favorite jungkook series ever. it’s so well written, i love the plot, i love the characters and their flaws, i just love everything about the story. destruction of a muse is on my to read list. just great writing in general, one of my favorite writers.

@protectaetae — i love her writing style! one night snap pt 1 and 2 saved me.

@taehyung-the-baehyung  — closer is amazing and so is the suit and tie series! amazing :)

@jheartseok — i still haven’t read nude, not flowers and i suck because i’ve heard it’s an amazing story. i need to read everything of hers.

@roseok — just read everything. amazing writing.

@drquinzelharleeni’m not a kid is a great series. there’s so much more i have to read from her masterlist, but i like her writing style!

there are a lot of writers who i still need to check out and i’m looking forward to it. i’m sorry if i’ve forgotten someone! if i’ve ever given you a compliment about your writing, i truly meant it. i hope i’ve included everyone. if you go check out these writers, please don’t ask them about updates :)