emily the doll

18 Hours….. ‘Beauty and the Police’ featuring Waverly as Belle, Nicole as the Police (officer), Wynonna as Plumette, Doc as Lumiere, Dolls as Cogsworth, BernieBarretti as the dog and Queen Emily Andras as the Unicorn!

Can you imagine what it’ll be like when season 2 of Wynonna Earp finally airs! all the new interviews, podcasts and live tweets from the awesome cast, new fan fictions, fan arts and GIFS!! I, for one can’t wait for June 9th. BRING.IT.ON!


“Doll, would you be so kind as to prepare a special greeting for our roving friend, The Agent? Excellent. Then I appoint you to lead the negotiations with Heaven’s number one. There’s a lapdog in the stables tonight. So go, go & talk his head off.”

Why was this show important to me?

2 weeks 3 days or 17 days to go until the season premiere of Wynonna Earp. This has been a long time coming, but we are almost there. Who else is as excited as I am? I bet there is a lot of Earpers out there that are just as excited as me.

For me, I cannot truly express how much I love and missed this show. This show has badass women and men, a strong bond between sisters, and a same sex relationship I can relate to. This show has helped me become more of myself. This show helped me open up to my older sister and come out to her. Watching Waverly finding herself and her sexuality helped me accept myself. This show helped stregthen the bond I have with my sister, just like Waverly and Wynonna. This show showed me that women can be just as badass as any man out there. Women are not always the damsel in distress, they can be the heroes for once. This show showed that when you have a writer/showrunner that is compassion, respectful, funny, down to earth, and warm hearted you know you have a winning show. Lastly, this show helped me make friends from around the world. Fellow Earpers who are so supportive and so compassionate torwards each other. I have never encountered a fandom where everyone is welcomed and the fans are just so awesome.

Wynonna Earp was a godsend for me and probably for others. I would like to hear from others of how Wynonna Earp had an impact on your life?


“Female empowerment is a thing I’ve gone after in all my films. They all have strong female representation. It’s about time Wonder Woman was represented correctly.” - Zack Snyder


My favourite thing Is Emily stepping up to the plate and tearing into Aria for abandoning Alison..Have you ever noticed the only time Emily has gotten that riled up and yells is when it concerns Ali ? she almost cut off Spencer’s existence for ruining her meeting with Ali
Then she almost made Aria shrink a few more sizes for abandoning Ali and she almost made Hanna have to go resort to her comfort foods after she tore into her because Hanna made a comment about Ali and Emily holding hands when they were watching the news..