emily tay


It’s a little cheesy and uplifting (at least the commercial is) but I still really wanna see it. I mean come on, it’s got queers, it’s got Asians, it’s got basketball, it’s got twenty-somethings making horrible decisions about the future of their careers. This is basically my life here. Minus the whole thinking soldiers are hot thing. That’s like ugh whatever.


♛ P R I N C E S S  - N E S S A 

“Everyone underestimates her.”

I FINALLY got to cosplay this gorgeous princess. This is only like my fourth cosplay ever but it was so much fun!! Nessa belongs to @zenwisterias / @nessaandoliver I hope I did her justice Tay ♡ Click for bigger and hq versions!

Below I've made a list 10 ways to figure out if you're a lesbian

1. Emily Kinney

2.Tay Jardine

3. Lauren Cohan  

4. Jenna Mcdougall


5.Anna Kendrick

6. Kristen Stewart

7. Emma Watson

8. Lights Bokan

9. Adrianna Lima

10. Gigi Hadid

You’re welcome.