emily tay


♛ P R I N C E S S  - N E S S A 

“Everyone underestimates her.”

I FINALLY got to cosplay this gorgeous princess. This is only like my fourth cosplay ever but it was so much fun!! Nessa belongs to @zenwisterias / @nessaandoliver I hope I did her justice Tay ♡ Click for bigger and hq versions!

MY BABIES taylorswift haileesteinfeld


It’s a little cheesy and uplifting (at least the commercial is) but I still really wanna see it. I mean come on, it’s got queers, it’s got Asians, it’s got basketball, it’s got twenty-somethings making horrible decisions about the future of their careers. This is basically my life here. Minus the whole thinking soldiers are hot thing. That’s like ugh whatever.