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HERE’S SOME GOOD ONES  (BIG shout out to @nochuie who has been my jungkook stan fairy godmother and who sent me many of these photos)


ALSO - under the cut - low quality jungkook selfies and airport fashion appreciation

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how did you guys attatch the dots on your Ladybug cosplay? I thought about doing hot glue but honestly not sure how to go about doing that since it will stretch ;w; thank you!


Something i said loong time ago..

But I wish they would make one last episode accept the finale with all the endings woth A, uber A, AD and show us who was doing what exactly. Like bottle spinning when it pointed on aria and somebody turn it for spencer. There were two ppl there. And then we actually can see who it was in the same exact scene. Who was drinkijg vodka soda with a straw, who was wearing alison mask and emily mask. Even scenes how toby entering this small cafe/restaurant while called pretty eyes. But as A not when spencer was waiting for him. I dont care anymore about Wren coloring this picture, i dont care aboutany other shady things. Just please show us who and when was doing what you already showed us wothout an answer!
Anyone with me on this??

My Burning PLL Questions

I’m gonna list out all the questions I want answered - or answered better (more completely than they have been already) in the finale or by the story the finale tells us. There’s so much we’ll likely never get answers for, but I’m gonna list ‘em anyways. This is largely for me…but eh I’ll share it anyways. If we’re lucky, I’ll be able to answer them during the finale…or by simply remembering the answer - It’s likely I’ve forgotten some answers by now anyways.

I’ll add to this over the next day or so - right up until the finale. I hope that I don’t have to add more after =/

I think anything left unanswered - or seemingly unanswered - I’ll try and answer. A whole rewatch will probably be needed after TuesdAy anyways….

These are in no particular order, but it does seem to start out with the older questions first. This isn’t a comprehensive list - just the stuff I want to know or haven’t pieced together on my own. Feel free to send me more!

1. When Mona was A…was she truly the only A? Or was there always a “Big A” kicking around?

2. Why did Jenna seem to know Alison before even moving to Rosewood? She knew who she was in the costume shop…and at the memorial or whatever, Jenna said that “her whole life” she thought she knew Alison. That always seemed odd to me.

3. Who killed Garret Reynolds?
I feel like it was probably Wilden. Then Melissa and Jason were meant to dispose of the body on the train - not knowing Aria was in there too. That’s why Jason had the hip wound.

4. Garret said medical records don’t lie…which records did he refer to? Was it to do with Melissa not being pregnant? Alison not being dead? Jenna not being blind? Spencer being adopted? We’ve never had a clear answer on this so we don’t really know how much Garret knew.

5. Was it actually Cece (Charles?) that drugged Emily at the start of the third season? This has never been revealed.

6. While Emily was drugged, she was found by Jenna and Noel. We get a hint later that they had some connection to Cece that night as well (the game of truth in Noel’s place). We found out this season that Noel and Jenna were working with Charlotte….so what were they up to that night? Was it actually them that drugged Emily and they weren’t so “lucky” finding Emily that night?

7. There was a short scene where Mona in her black hoodie was tailing Byron from his office at Hollis..but we never find out why she’s tailing him.

8. The whole Beach Hottie vs. Board Shorts debate needs to be settled. I’m still convinced it’s two different people. There’s several reasons, but mostly how Alison reacted to each of them. She was afraid of one but intrigued by the other.
Was Wilden Hottie while Board Shorts is Ezra (Ezra being all but confirmed) ? There’s some hints to Wilden for sure - and he would definitely be enough to scare Alison if she thought she was pregnant. It would have been statutory rape…And I know it wasn’t real, but we do see Wilden in bed with Ali (it’s Dunhill in a mask..but hey, symbolism!).

9. Who did Alison fear had gotten her pregnant. I’m inclined to believe both Ian and Ezra that they never slept together, so who was she sleeping with? According to Mona, Alison wasn’t pregnant in the end, but she was damn sure she was…
I’m putting my money on Wilden.

10. Once upon a time, when we were super suspicious of Jason, he was hiding someone in his house. We never found out who that was.
I almost wonder, now, if it was Mary Drake? But who else could it be?

11. Around that time, they showed a dog sniffing around the house and A petting the dog. That was never explained either. Neither was the bloody tissues that Jason had…

12. We saw A rifle through a bag and pull out a bottle of pills that belonged to  Maya,..but we never found out why? Especially since, according to the writers and all, Maya had NOTHING to do with A and was already dead at this point?

13. I’m still not convinced the story we were told about Maya’s death is true…but I suppose we’ll have to live with it. Bah.

14. What the hell did the NAT club have to do with anything? Was it just a really intricate red herring? Really? I find that hard to believe…

15. It seems clear that the Hastings/DiLaurentis feud is about more than just Jason, so what started it all?

16. Also, why did Mary seem the Hastings as someone who also needed to be punished?

17. Who is the father of the Emison baby? This I assume we actually will find out.
Wren? Please don’t be Charles…

18. Why the hell was Sarah Harvey working for Charlotte?

19. Why was Sydney involved with this all?

20. Mona, in the woods at a picnic table, met up with Jenna and Sydney…and someone else. Who?

21. Did Mary really have more than two children? It seems that she did, based on lines delivered earlier in the season (Dr. Cochrane), but why wouldn’t she share that with Spencer now?

22. Why would Archer Dunhill shack up with Alison BEFORE Charlotte was killed…if we’re supposed to believe that his motive to torture Alison was because of Charlotte’s death? That doesn’t add up at all.
Unless shacking up with Alison was the only way to get Charlotte back in on the family business?

23. Why would Archer Dunhill pretend to be Dr. Elliot Rollins in the first place? Something about getting close to Charlotte…so are we to assume that he knew her before this?
I actually think this is exactly what happened. He knew her before she was discovered as A.

24. It is said that Cece taught Alison how to be..well…Alison (the Queen B we knew). But then Charlotte says that she was doing her best Ali impression - and evidently Alison was like that before Cece taught her..soo…what?

25. How could Cece have pretended to be Alison to be admitted to Radley IF SHE WAS ALREADY IN RADLEY!? We see in a flashback that Jessica was enraged by this little game…but if Cece (Charlotte) was a patient already, how could that have worked out?

26. This is super out of order here but…why was Alison crying when she left her house and went to the Hastings while Jason had a party (The scene where she goes “your family has the worst apples”)

27. Just…everything ever concerning Wren. I have questions upon questions. Why go after the 16 year old sister? Why continue to go after her? Why always show up with Spencer is upset? Why did his name have quotes around it on the police murder board? Why did Mona stop trusting him? Who did he call to “take care of their end?” Why colour that jacket in red? Why get a visitor pass for Cece Drake when she was a patient still? Why lie and say Melissa convinced him to let her in? What was he and Spencer arguing about in the airport? The questions are RELENTLESS.

28. Alison wanted masks made of her for her friends…A has them but the four girls don’t. What happened there?

29. Who was wearing the Emily mask?

30. So Jenna was scared of Cece Drake (as told by Shana) but totally okay working for/with her?

31. Who attacked Alison in “The First Halloween” !? It supposedly wasn’t Noel.
I have a feeling this may have been Lucas? Maybe he was encouraged by his friend Charles to protect himself like Arcturus would. The comment of “Bitch” later may have been trying to spook her further?

32. The night Ali disappeared has had the timeline messed up a couple of times with different tellings of where Cece was during it. If the story we were told by Charlotte is to be believed, then she showed up at the end of the night and hit Alison by mistake…but before it was mentioned that she was speaking with Melissa Hastings. Jason’s eyes can’t be trusted, but who did he see Melissa talking to? Was it just Alison after all? Or maybe she was arguing with Bethany?

33. What was up with that meeting Melissa had with a hoodie in the backyard? Spencer read her lips as saying “do it” or something?

34. Why make Lesli Stone so suspicious? All the fake glasses and shit…

35. Why did the people at the Kahn party remember Cece? Noel’s brother knew her well apparently…but how? She was in Radley all that time and somehow I doubt she escaped that often?

36. Which reminds me. Cece said that Mona knew how to help her escape Radley. Mona says that she made a deal with the devil and she gave her ways in and out of Radley. Which is true?

37. Was it Charlotte that tried to kill Jenna in the DiLaurentis house?

38. Was Sarah Harvey a prisoner in the Dollhouse all those years and THEN signed up to help Charlotte? Otherwise, how had she been hiding for so long?

39. Early on we were told that A was a man and a woman with dark hair that wanted to hurt Alison? What? Was that actually Mona and Lucas? Still confused about that clue.

40. What did Maya want to show Emily the night she was killed? They found a note but that’s all that was mentioned of it…

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Hello you are an amazing writer can you do a prompt where A very pregnant Ali gets hurt? She's pregnant with their son? I know u like the baby to be a boy please? 🙏🏽 ily ❣️

thank you so much!! lol this is so long i don’t even know how but i hope you like it!! thank you for the prompt, and ily too anon xx

It felt so good, to be with Hanna again. The pair of them used to be so close, but ever since the argument surrounding the board game and Ali taking her turn, it had been a while since they had spent any alone time. But, still, that didn’t stop her mind from jumping to Ali every 5 minutes. It was a struggle to get her out the house that evening, and Emily had only conceded by Ali’s constant reassurances that she would be completely fine with Jason, and it was actually a good opportunity for them to catch up.

“Em are you still with us? Your eyes keep wandering off” Hanna interrupted her thought process as she took another sip of her cocktail, her lips pursed.

“Uh, yeah. Yeah-sorry. I just-”

“Can’t stop thinking about Alison?” Hanna finished for her with a smirk. Emily felt the blush rise to her cheek

“Sorry” she muttered “this is the first time I’ve left her since-”

“Since you got together” Hanna continued for her “don’t worry. I get it.” Emily frowned, wondering  how Hanna knew the ends to all her sentences. “you guys have a lot of missed time to catch on up, either way” she added, making Emily laugh in agreement.

“You always knew, didn’t you?” She asked seriously, looking down at her drink because she felt a little embarrassed. Hanna frowned, and slowly nodded her head.

“Yeah, I would’ve had to have been blind not to know” She said matter-of-factly, taking a huge gulp of her drink.
“When?” Emily pressed her for more reassurance “when did you know?” Hanna sighed deeply before she answered.

“I knew you were in love with her the day of her memorial” She told her “I had never seen you more crushed” She bit the inside of her cheek before she continued “I don’t know about Ali. Sometimes a part of me thinks she was always in love with you, ever since that night in New York- you remember it?”  

“How could I forget?” Emily muttered, laughing in spite of herself.

“You guys were stuck to each other like glue. And, I don’t know, she had this look in her eye whenever she was with you. Like she was willing to risk everything to keep you safe” Emily cleared her throat with embarrassment. “and then the night of Dunhill” she spoke more softly this time “when she looked at you like-like you made it easier for her to breathe. That’s when I knew for sure” Emily smiled, only in hind sight could she understand what Hanna meant. Shaking her head, she realised she was completely monopolizing the conversation.

“Sorry, I don’t want to be the girl that sits and talks about her girlfriend all night” Hanna chuckled “how is everything at the Rivers’ house?”

“Amazing!” Hanna exclaimed “I officially changed my name yesterday. Hanna Rivers has a certain ring to-” But she was cut off by the blaring of Emily’s phone. Digging around in her bag, she saw the name Jason and her heart dropped to her stomach, thinking back to a moment just before she left  the house that night.

Call me if you need anything’ She told her (future) brother in law.

No’ Ali cut her off ‘he will only call if there is an emergency. Go and have fun!’

Hanna could see the blood rush from Emily’s face, leaving her pale against the bright lights of The Radley. She reached over and placed a hand on Emily’s thigh as she pressed down on the green button.

“Jase?” She answered hurriedly “is she okay?” Hanna could hear the panic drenching her voice and her heart hammered in anticipation.
“I don’t know, Em, she went to sleep and now I can’t wake her up and she’s burning up. Get home, I’ve called the ambulance” Emily could barely move. Her whole body had gone into lock down. So Hanna took it upon herself to drag the girl through the lobby, and shoving her into a cab outside.

“The hospital, please. Quickly” She shoved a $50 in the drivers direction and he sped through the curved streets of Rosewood, around the back allies, until they reached the ER. “Go” Hanna pushed her out the car “I’ll call the girls and be in in a minute” Emily ran in through the doors and practically threw herself at the desk. Had it really only been half an hour since Jason had called?

“Ali-Alison Dilaurentis. Where is she?” She demanded of the receptionist.

“Are you family?” She asked. The woman was grey-haired, a pair of circular glasses almost falling off her nose they were so far down, her hair in a tight bun that lifted the wrinkles off her face.

“I’m her girlfriend. She’s carrying my child. She’s 8 months pregnant, where is she?” The woman’s- Dawn’s- eyes bulged in horror.

“Girlfriend?” She repeated, actively not looking at any records or information.

“Girlfriend” Emily said strongly “love of my life. Soulmate. Mother of my child and any future child we may have. Take your pick. Now tell me where the god-damn she is or I will sue you. Not this hospital. I will sue you” Emily didn’t know she could be so aggressive as she heard her own voice echo in her ears. Dawn took a moment to shuffle through some papers.

“She isn’t here” She decided after a minute “if you take a seat I will inform you when she is” Emily banged her fist against the desk, kicking her feet up with anxiety as she reached into her pocket to call Jason again. But as she started dialling, the doors flung open and her heart broke in two as Ali came wheeling in on a gurney, her face covered by an oxygen mask.

“Emily” she heard her name whispered and she ran across the room.

“Sorry, sweetheart, Emily isn’t here right now” One of the Paramedics said in a soothing tone.

“I am, hi, I’m here” she said loudly, holding her hand out and taking Ali’s as she was rolled through the corridors of the hospital “it’s okay, baby, I’m here” She muttered, a tear streaming down her face as she bent down to kiss her. Eventually they pulled up to an empty spot, and the attached a bunch of cables and needles into Ali that caused her face to crumple into one of pain.
“Emily” she repeated it again. It seemed to be the only word she was capable of saying.

“How far along is she?” One of the paramedics asked her, ticking off a set of questions on his clipboard.

“8-8 months” Emily’s voice broke as she spoke “and 12 days” He nodded, and wrote something down. “What’s going on?” He cleared his throat, adjusting a button on one of the monitors she was attached too.

“That’s what we are trying to figure out” he said “she’s stable”

“And the baby?” Emily pushed “is he okay?” The paramedic hesitated before answering.

“We’re working on it” was all he said. Emily’s eyes cemented shut as the paradmedic walked away, leaving the clipboard hooked at the end of the bed for the doctor to come and read. Ali’s eyes were still shut, and the only sound she made were soft breaths, occasionally muttering Emily’s name. Emily pulled up a chair and sat next to her, taking her hand and tracing soft circles over her skin.

“You’re gonna be okay” She assured herself “you’re gonna be okay” For a while she just sat, watching as Ali’s chest slowly rose up and down, until eventually Hanna, Spencer and Aria appeared behind her. She felt Hanna’s hand on her shoulder as Spencer walked around the bed, her mouth dropping open as she saw the state Ali was in.
“Where’s Jason?” Aria broke the silence that had stretched on. Emily just shrugged.

“He went to try and get hold of their dad, but-” Her voice trailed off, and everyone knew where it was going.

“Mrs Dilaurentis?” An older man appeared, his hand outstretched.

“Uh, Miss. Fields” she said as a knee jerk reaction. Shaking her head, she laughed it off “Emily. I’m just Emily”

“Well, Emily, your girlfriend is going to be just fine. It’s normal during late term pregnancy to feel slight dizziness, because of the extra amount of work her heart is doing to get blood around the body.”

“It isn’t just slight dizziness” Emily said a little bluntly, forgetting about manors “her brother couldn’t wake her up, she hasn’t woken up since I’ve been sat here for the last two hours”

“Emily, calm down” Aria tried to soothe her by placing another hand on her shoulder, but she nudged it off.

“No! I’m not going to calm down until you tell me what you’re doing to wake her up” She demanded, turning back to face Ali whose eyes were still sealed shut “come on, baby, please wake up” she whispered, pulling her hand to her lips and kissing each of her fingers delicately. “I’m never gonna leave you again, I promise. Just please wake up”

“She’s in a state of shock, Emily, that’s all” The doctor reassured her, but she didn’t move from her position “the oxygen is supporting her breathing, but she’s going to be absolutely fine. She’s just gone into herself for a little while” Emily gulped, forcing herself to look him in the eye.

“And Finn?” She begged “our son, is he okay?” The doctor nodded.

“We are monitoring him, but no issues have presented themselves” He said confidently “we’ll keep her in over night”
“I’m not leaving her” she said quietly.

“That’s fine” The doctor said softly “I’ll be back later to see her progress” And he wandered off with a bewildered expression on his face.

“I don’t understand” Emily admitted, turning to Spencer “explain. Please”

“She’s just become overwhelmed” Spencer assured her “she’s exhausted and frightened, so her body shut down. But she’s going to be fine, Emily. I promise”

“Frightened?” Emily repeated, her voice breaking “frightened of what?” Spencer’s mouth opened, then closed just as suddenly as she realised she had no answer to Emily’s question. “We’re doing so good, Ali” she said, uncaring of her audience “okay? And I know-I know that this is gonna be hard but it’s gonna be fine. We’re doing it together, okay? There’s nothing to be scared of. We have each other” Ali’s breath hitched slightly at her words, but still her eyes remained closed “hey, remember when you first came home” she began, her voice trembling “and-and I stayed over because neither of us wanted to be alone. That night, in your bed, I’ve carried that night with me every single day since then, baby” her voice was breaking, and a tear fell down her cheek. Hanna cleared her throat, moving away from the scene for fear of intrusion “the way you kissed me that night it was like nothing else in the whole world. I had never felt more at home” Spencer even moved away at this point, dropping Ali’s hand and joining Aria on the other side of the room “and then when we kissed again after so long, the night you told me you were having a baby” she continued, her eyes brimming “all I wanted to do was tell you how much I loved you, Ali” A tear fell down her cheek and landed on Ali’s hand, she quickly moved it away “so you have nothing to be scared of. I’m gonna look after you and you’re gonna look after me, and everything is going to be okay” She was rambling now, and Hanna let her fall onto her shoulder, trying to hold back her own tears. Aria broke the silence.

“Coffee?” She asked the room. Spencer nodded her head.

“Yeah” she said “I think we might be here a while” And they were there a while. But Emily made it through the night, with a lot of coffee, watching as Ali slowly but surely came back to her again. Vowing to herself and the others that Alison would never, as long as she lived, be left alone again.

I preoder Dishonored 2 today 😍😍😍 ( the Collectors Edition 😊) The first game was very awesome and i hope the second game is it too 😊😊 and i hope i see the Outsider again 😍
Edit made by me 😊

Another Avery is Spencer twin theory and I will die… 

So many things without an answer and now AVERY or BETHANY are like the most imortant people in the show…

Remember when Spencer had supervisor? Then Jason showed up and told her he was on rehab. Guy who was looking after Spencer told her this place was closed down. Why Jason lied?

Why Jason was sneaking to this weird house with this old guy there who scared Hanna and Emily when they were looking for him?

Remember Varjac? What was that about?

Don’t even let me start about Maya..

Remember Alison coded dairies? Was there an explanation from here I missed??

I watched a yt video of our girls putting together this board on where it was who they kissed. And Ali put there ‘beach hottie’. When it was said who it was exactly?

And what about Board Shorts? Was it really Ezra??

Who killed Ian? Ali pushed him off bell tower, but she said she saw him getting out. And then there was somebody hiding in Jason house

Was it Wilden who killed Gareth?

And who exactly put Aria in a box on a halloween train? (Mona said it was melissa and wilden, but where are out proofs?)

Who was Wren calling when he said ‘we have a problem. Take care of yours I’ll take care of mine?’

Why Noel was at the dollhouse? Helping Alison, Helping A, oh Noel Noel.. I’m not surprised you’re dead

Remember when Spencer had dirt in her bed and then bones in her wedding dress? Was it Jessica or Mary in her room back then in the dark??

Cece once said that Jenna is afraid of melissa. Why?

What was going on with NAT videos that everybody wanted them so badly?

Who was wearing Emily mask with sign ‘guilty’?

Who was red coat? But honestly?

What was Shower Harver real deal?

Who took ‘alison’ body the night Emily got wasted?

What happened to this body?

Who was living under DiLaurentis house?

Why Sara Harvey were wearing exact same clothes like Bethany, Cece and Ali back to That night?

Why almost every single Jenna lover ending up dead? Noel, Gareth, Shana..

What happened to Eddie Lamb?

Alison was buried alive by her own mother and then she trusted mona to run away? She told Aria she knows who A is, what was that about?

Who knocked out Toby back in the Woods?

Who start a fire in a Cabin with girls still in it?

Why Ali hated Paige so badly?

Why Ali was calling Lucas ‘hermie’ back in high school?

and much more…