emily makes shit

not to start this discourse but literally every single person in the house has said or done problematic shit none of them are perfect except for ika and sindy. lets not crucify one (1) person when they all aren’t shit except for these two

Wait a minute. I just realized something.

Against all odds, Emily was persistant in saying Toby was good, and she was right.

Against all odds, Emily was persistant in saying Paige was
good, and she was right.

And now she’s persistant in saying Alison is good, even though people are expressing their distrust….

….Hopefully third time’s the charm, and she’s wrong.

honestly i’ve spent the past hour wondering wtf would happen if the cm team could meet their actors. LIke… Emily Prentiss meets Paget brewster, they both probably drink too much, they also probably make out a lot. Kirsten meets Garcia and they get on like a house on fire & there are kittens. Reid meets Matthew and it’s just a great big explosion of quirky weirdness and factoids and halloween dissertations. 

Hotch meets TG and wonders why the fuck his counterpart has a thing for taking photos of feet. 


Some favourite Christine backstage selfies: 

1. and 2. Anna O'Byrne, West End. 
3. Olivia Brereton, West End. 
4. Samantha Hill, Broadway. 
5. Grace Morgan, restaged US tour. 
6. Teresia Bokor, Copenhagen. 
7. Claire Lyon, World Tour. 
8. Emilie Lynn, World Tour. 
9. Claire Lyon, World Tour.