emily lum


Millenium Senshi with my moony lady’s!!
Photo by Lionel Lum

Mercury- Emily Skrodzki

Mars- Camille Sheri

Jupiter-Elizabeth Lepisto

Venus- Rebecca Hawk

Neptune- Michelle Ramsay

Uranus- Carrie Wink

Pluto- Kellie Wagner

Saturn- Darlene Starshadow

everyone did a lovely job. ^_^ it was so much fun.
sailor moon was one first anime i like as a kid beside dragon ball z, vampire hunter D and any thing i could get my hands on. doing a full sailor moon after 12 year. sailor moon was first anime series i ever cosplayed from. it was at katuscon as will funny how this things work out. katuscon 8 i cosplay sailor mercury and 12 year later at KAtuscon i cosplayed sailor Uranus. I’m very lucky to cosplay with all this lovely lady who are very sweet and great friends.- winkonthings