Conviction (ABC) “Their Mission” Promo


New Conviction promo! We hear Tess speak!!!

Hello all my lovely Beth fans;

Long time, no see. Nice you’re (still) here my old and new friends! 

I totally understand why some of you are like super upset about the flashback clips in the new trailer.Cause no Bethy:( 

  1. Glenn thinks of Maggie 
  2.  Carl thinks about his Dad 
  3. Daryl about Carol, Judith (&Carl) 
  4. Maggie about Glenn 
  5. Sasha about Abraham 
  6. Michonne about Rick and Carl 
  7. Abraham about Rosita and Sasha 
  8. Rosita about Tara and ?Glenn?(I guess it was him) 
  9. Eugene about his development and Abraham 
  10. Aaron about Daryl 
  11. And finally Rick about Judith Carl and Michonne 

 Do you see the pattern? All the people they think of are alive. 

 It’s not just about who they love(d) or who made an impact on their lives, no, it’s about who they want to keep living for. On the verge of being slaughtered, they realize that there are people they want to have more time with. 

 Don’t try and tell me that Lori wasn’t important to Carl or Rick. Don’t tell me Andrea wasn’t important to Michonne. Or Hershel to Maggie and Glenn. Tyreese and Bob to Sasha. I could go on. 

 Beth is important to Daryl, Maggie and the rest of TF. And they haven’t forgotten about her, but they don’t have to keep living for her. As sad as that sounds. But one thing is for sure. They’ll always remember how sweet, loving and strong she was… and so will we, right?