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Meeting a new person
  • Me, to myself: ok be chill don't let them know how obsessive and weird you are
  • Me: hi did you know that the crew behind Disney's latest original film, "Moana", did years of research in various Polynesian islands in order to ensure they accurately depicted the culture of the region? Instead of focusing on one island they chose to mix several legends and different versions of ancient stories to create a new perspective that still honored th—

Unfinished Business | Thorns FC turn the page on 2016 as they ready for 2017

REASONS TO SEE MOANA *no spoilers*

-badass heroine
-heroine is also hard working and determined
-she gets crap done son
-no love interest!! Not even implied!
-POC characters galore!!
-realistic names of characters!
-characters with all different body types!
-baby moana!! Is so cute!
-the music! It’s fantastic!
-seriously the music!!!
-depicts a beautiful culture with beautiful stories!
-the depiction of said culture is accurate due to years of research!
-it’s funny!
-Dwayne “the rock” Johnson!
-Chris Jackson and Philippa Soo have singing parts!
-Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the music and sings!
-the HAIR animation!!
-the WATER animation!!
-heihei the chicken!
-pua the pig!
-etc etc etc


Thorns FC bond at the Oregon Coast | Part I


Thorns FC bond at the Oregon Coast | Part II

pietro feels

creeping up again. send me your filthiest smuttiest requests for him or even aaron. i really do want to write more celebrity smut. for right now its just marvel actors and actresses

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