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Comic dub of an Overwatch fancomic by @macdobleve - featuring the voices of @lightgetsout as McCree, and @mikeveedub as Junkrat! Headcanon that Junkrat has a surprisingly sophisticated palate when it comes to wines and likes a good shiraz now and again? Sure, why not?

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Overwatch kid - It AU back again with @juliebeldingstuff


A simple but effective weapon for his darl’. JunkT’s daughter always carries a lighter, for sure.

She comes home late that night, looking a little scruffier than usual, lights up shoes really dirty, and when the junker asks about it she casually explains everything. Roadhog doesn’t believe her, dismissing it as a child’s imagination, but her dad does. So she doesn’t really care what the hog thinks. But she’s proud of beating Pennywise.

Pharamercy’s kid comes homes around dinner, scuffed up of course. Angela and Fareeha see the nailbat as their kid sits down to eat with them.

“Why did you do that to your bat?”

“Is everything okay!?”

The kid turns their cap around with a satsifyied grin and explain the whole situation as they dig in. The clown. The feeding off fear. Defeating said clown with the power of friendship and the nailbat.

The moms don’t know whether to really believe their kid or not. The way they explain it feels so real, but really an evil clown??!! As long as their kid is safe and sound, that’s all they want.

The small knife was a gift from father Genji for protection.

They race home and tell Genji and Zenyatta everything, and how scared they were but that they stayed strong and won! Both men are so so amazed and actually fully believe their kid as they describe the evil ass clown.

“There are many things existing in this world, some are peaceful and some…are malicious. But you held firm with the help of your friends and won!” Father Zenyatta says.

“We are so proud! You faced your fears with the will of a true hero.” Father Genji adds.

Their kiddo has got a skateboard, fastest of the group, and some sick beats. The one who was able to keep the whole group together when IT was super close to tearing them apart. Learning from their dad, they can kind of heal but not like the adults yet. Use that goddamn skateboard to beat that clown down tbh.

Lúcio is so worried while Hana is so proud as their kid talks all about IT and how they helped killed it! The kid describes how it felt to be apart of team to save the world, just like their mom and dad!

They bring the flashlights and and anything sharp they can find at him. Mom Emily is firm around weapons at home. Genyatta’s kid felt the same way so they stick together in the back of the group.

Once the kid returns home, later than they’re suppose to, Emily and Lena are kissing all over them and asking what happened? Why do they look like they got into a fight?

It’s okay! The kiddo explains everything but they get the feeling that their moms don’t really really believe them, but that okay because they saved the world in a way.

McHanzo’s kid is up front, next to Pharamercy’s kid as the group of kids trudges through the house and sewers. Their bow is ready and a clip on their hip, most ready for this kind of attack thanks to their parents tbh.

Rather calmly, their kid returns and places down their weapons.

“Uh…long day, kiddo?” McCree asks with a raised brow upon seeing the bow and flashes.

At the dinner table they explain what happened. Hanzo and Jesse are so proud?? They reacted like an Overwatch hero and kind of saved the world! But it’s hard to picture a clown so evil. It’s actually cute how act just like their dads do after a hard mission, scarfing down food and ready for a long sleep.

Pennybitch, I love it. But I like to imagine that their dragon is smaller and weaker cause their so young. So it’s not immediately a killling hit, just to add a challenge to the kids.

Thanks for sending them in!! I loved reading every bit of it!!