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Maybe a fic where widowmaker is a popular cheerleader and tracer is a band geek, and WM doesn't realize she's gay for tracer quite yet. Would love it too if tracer already has her time powers and uses them a lot to cause trouble.

Words: 5400

Songs used: I can’t help falling in love by Elvis Presley. Love is strange by Mickey and Sylvia and Girls/Girls/Boys by Panic! at the disco.

‘Their she is’ Lena sighed dreamily as she watched the field. What was she watching exactly?  The purple haired goddess that was Amelie Lacroix. The most popular girl in all of overwatch high.  Lena had had a crush on her ever since she had laid eyes on her, but in all honesty, Lena knew she didn’t have a chance. Amelie was a goddess that had every guy at her feet, and Lena was a time-warping, unpopular, trouble-making band freak. She could fantasize though.  

“Hey oxton, these are closed practices. What do you think you’re doing here?” Lena snapped out of dream land and glanced over to her side. There stood the football coach. Knowing she was in deep trouble, she quickly stood up.

“Well, as you can see I was just leaving~” She grabbed her case and turned heel, blinking across the bleachers, a blue streak folllowing her path.

“OXTON!”  She recalled, appearing in front of the coach. He was startled by her sudden appearance, and was currently fuming at the brit’s actions.

 "What do you need, love?“ Lena giggled, trying to infuriate the coach.

“Well for one, what are you doing at a closed practice? And second, you are not allowed to use-”  He was interrupted by a sudden kick to his knees, causing him to fall.

“What, not allowed to use time to my advantage~” Lena quickly ran, knowing she was in even more trouble than before. But it was worth it,  considering the fact that being a trouble maker was easier than trying to explain herself. Especially to him. He would never understand.

  Amelie was honestly bored out of her mind. Their was no point to practicing, since she had gotten the formation down. But, one thing caught her eye. The brown-haired Brit herself, Lena Oxton. She wasn’t quite sure why she was here, but it didn’t really bother her. In all honesty, Amelie could care less. After all, she was just another annoyance at this god forsaken school. Amelie continued with practice as normal, until something distracted her. It was Lena, but she was stirring up trouble with the coach. That was a one way street to detention. Amelie watched, intrigued by what was going on. She continued to observe, chuckling at Lena’s actions. She felt worried, not wanting Lena to get in trouble. Wait? Why did she care all of a sudden?

Lena warped around another corner, finally loosing coach. He was fast, but not fast enough. She sighed, tired for the sudden exertion of energy. She looked at her watch, seeing that class was about to start. Lena groaned, not wanting sit through another day of boring class. Then again, she did get to see Amelie, and that was a plus. Lena quickly realized she had forgotten her bag, mentally cursing as she snuck back to the football field. She already knew she was probably banned now, so she had to be careful. She thought she was in the clear, so she began to make a mad dash towards were she had sat. However, in this mad dash to her spot, she smashed into someone. Both Lena and the person she had knocked into fell onto the ground. Lena quickly stood up and dusted herself off.

“S-sorry love. I’m in a ru-” her eyes widened. ‘Oh no.’ She thought.  "O-oh I- I s-s-so-r-ry I- um hahhahaha.“ Lena nervously laughed, mentally screaming. The person she ran into (literally and figuratively) was Amelie. She stuck her hand out, only to get a cold glare in return. Amelie pushed herself off of the ground, and picked up…. Lena’s bag?

“Here.” Amelie muttered, shoving the bag in Lena’s arms. “You forgot it in your mad dash away from the coach.”

“Oh-oh w-wow l-love t-thank -y-you.” Lena stuttered. Amelie rolled her eyes and pushed past Lena. She stood in awe, surprised about what had just happened. Amelie had saw her? Lena shoved the thought aside, realizing she had been wasting time standing around. She hastily dashed across the campus, not wanting to be late for class. One thing still bugged her though. Why had Amelie gotten her bag for her? Lena didn’t think Amelie even knew she existed a few minutes ago.  

Amelie pushed past Lena, quickening her pace. Her face was completely red, and Amelie didn’t know why. She had never been this flustered, even when random guys would come up to her and practically propose in the middle of the hallway. So why? Why did Lena make her feel this way? She stopped and shook her head, trying to regain focus. ‘Just ignore it. You are just flustered from practice!…..  Maybe….’ Amelie thought. She shoved the thought aside and continued to walk towards the entrance of the school.  Amelie tried to distract herself from the nagging question in the back of her mind, but to no avail. She stopped and sat under a tree, struggling to recollect her thoughts. She couldn’t possibly be…. be gay, could she? No, no, that’s not possible, she was with Gerard. But if she was, then it would explain a lot…. “No!” Amelie clutched her bag and looked at the sky. ‘It… No I…’ Amelie stood up, not wanting to stew in her thoughts. She trudged up the steps of Overwatch High, just wanting to get the day over with.

It had been a few days since the encounter with Amelie, and it was the only thing she had thought about. That calculus test she had to pass? Who cares! That essay that was due for English! Pish Posh! The biology lab that was worth 50% of her grade! No matter! The Amelie Lacroix noticed her, even to the point of getting her bag for her! It was all she had been talking about, too. Lena first told Lucio, then Hana. She also mentioned it to her grandma, who was super happy for her.  Lena had been on cloud nine all week, nothing could bring her mood down.  Except when she saw him.  Gabriel Reyes, the head of the football team and playboy of the school. Their he was, pushing an upset looking Emily against a locker.

“Come on, she doesn’t have to know~” Gabriel pushed himself closer to her.

 "No-no, I-I-“ Emily tried to push him off of her, but to no avail.

 Lena was infuriated.  Even if Emily was her ex, she wasn’t about to let her be violated. Especially by that asshole.

“HEY!” Lena screamed,  running towards the two. She shoved Gabriel off of Emily, embracing her in her arms. “Get away from her.” Lena growled. Emily looked at her with grateful eyes, nearly crying from fear.

“Peh, this doesn’t concern you Oxton.” Gabriel tried to pull Emily away from Lena, only causing Lena’s grip to tighten.

“Get away creep!” Lena punched him in the face, picking Emily up in the process. She began to blink away, unaware of the jealous eyes that followed.

Amelie had been thinking about Lena, trying to figure out why she made her so flustered. It had bothered her so much, and people were beginning to take notice to her unusual distracted nature.

“Hey miha, is something bothering you?” A curious Sombra asked while twirling a fry around. Amelie didn’t respond; still staring into space. “Uh miha?” Sombra poked her with a fry, finally getting her attention. “Finally, it looked like you were about to float off into space with all the day dreaming you were doing. So, whats up?” Amelie looked at her for a moment before replying.

“Nothing.” She stated coldly as she went back to staring at the hallway. Sombra glanced over to were Amelie was staring, not seeing anything of interest. “I’m going to go get a drink.” Amelie stood up from the lunch table, receiving several odd looks.

“What you have a drink right-! Here?” Sombra watched as Amelie walked off, not sure what was going on. “That was weird.” Sombra shrugged and ate the rest of her fries.

Amelie walked down the hallway, spotting Gabriel and Emily. 'That’s odd… I figured he’d be with Jack.’ Amelie was going to talk to Gabe until she noticed Lena rushing towards the pair. She quickly hid behind a trash can, really not wanting to be spotted by the hyperactive brit. Amelie peeked over the trash can, watching Lena confront Gabriel.  Her eyes widened in shock when she pulled Emily away from Gabriel and punched him. Lena seemed so… Protective of Emily. She felt jealousy fill with in her, oh how she wished to be held and protected by Lena like that. What happened next sent her into a jealous rage. Emily pecked Lena’s cheek. PECKED LENA’S CHEEK! Amelie stood up and ran to the closest bathroom, rage radiating off of her. She stormed into the bathroom, slamming the door shut.  Were they dating? Did Emily like Lena? Did Lena like Emily? Amelie felt awful. She closed her eyes in sadness, then quickly opened them.  "Wait… Why do I care?“ Amelie looked at herself in the mirror. "After all… People who are gay are… Bad people, right?” Amelie placed her hand against the mirror. She thought of her father, thinking of all the homophobic things he had said. How he…. Disowned her own brother for being gay. “I couldn’t be…. No, its no possible.  I’m not gay… I’m with Gerard after all! Right?” Amelie sighed as she pulled her phone out. She saw that Sombra had texted her, asking her what was wrong, and that lunch was over. Amelie ignored the texts and slipped the phone back in her pocket. She took one last look in the mirror before leaving. “I can’ t be gay, right?”

It had been a few weeks since the encounter with Lena, and Amelie was going insane. Questions kept circling inside her mind, doubting herself and who she loved.  She was trying to come to terms with how she felt, but she couldn’t. 'I can’t like another girl… right?’ This was the most common question she thought. It plagued her, this feeling of uncertainty. She could feel herself going mental, and people were beginning to take notice.

“Hey Amelie, is something going on? You seem very distracted lately.” Ms. Amari asked. Amelie looked down, not sure how to respond. Ms. Amari took notice to this, placing a firm but gentle hand on her shoulder. “Going through some boy troubles~?” Ms. Amari teased. She took notice to Amelie’s slight grimace when she said this, realization hitting her like a ton of bricks. “Ahh, I see. So, you are like my dearest Fareeha, are you not?” Ms. Amari walked around her desk and hugged Amelie. “You are gay, aren’t you?” Amelie’s eyes widened in shock.

“W-what?! How could you accuse me of something so, so-!”

“True? Look Amelie, I have been through this with Fareeha. The feeling of uncertainty. Doubting how you truly feel. Just remember, darling, that you’re heart will decide. And that the heart is never wrong.” Ms. Amari patted the girls head. “Now, you best be on your way. Here’s a pass. Don’t be late to your next class! Ms. Amari left with that, and watching as Amelie looked uncertain of herself.

'The heart will decide?’ Amelie thought. 'Yes but… Will my heart win this grueling battle with my mind?’ Amelie shook her head and walked outside of the classroom, noticing their were still quite a few students in the halls. 'I better hurry.’ Amelie thought. Then she was stopped by someone. 'Great I jinxed myself.’

"Ah, Ms. Lacroix, I eh, haf ta ask ya something.” Amelie was shocked. McCree? Why the hell was McCree talking to her?

“What do you want?” Her voice dripped with venom. Amelie wanted to get this disturbance done and over with. And she didn’t want to attract any attention.

“I… I would be honored if you would go on a date with me.” McCree bent down on one knee and held up a box of chocolates. Now I everyone in the hallway was watching, much to her dismay.

“Oh  mon dieu.” She muttered. She looked around, seeing everyone was watching with curious eyes. McCree was looking up at her, hope in his eyes. “No….” she stated. “But I will take the chocolates.” She snatched the chocolates out of his hands and sauntered off. 'Ugh, can’t I walk in these hallways without being stopped?’ She growled. In her blind annoyance Amelie slammed into someone. “How about you watch were you are going?” Amelie opened her eyes,and again to her dismay, their was the hyper-active Brit herself.

“Hehe. Ever get that feeling of de ja vu?” Lena said as she pulled Amelie off the ground. Amelie felt her face flush; and she looked to the side to try to cover it up. (To no avail.) “Hey love, are you okay? You face is all red.” Lena placed her hand on Amelie’s forehead. Amelie swatted her hand away, feeling her face turn into a cherry.

“I am fine, cherie.” Amelie sputtered out. 'oh why do you make me feel the way?’ Amelie stared at the chocolates that McCree had given her. She didn’t want them. So…. she couldn’t let them go to waste, right? “Here, take these.” She shoved the chocolates in her arms. 'Oh no why did I do that?!’ Amelie thought. She watched as Lena’s smile grew, and her face was probably as red as Santa’s arse by now.

“Aww wow! Thanks love!” Lena smiled. Amelie was staring at her, and she wasn’t sure how to respond. Suddenly, Amelie turned around and ran. “Uh Amelie! Your next class is this way!” Lena yelled. She watched as Amelie ignored her and rounded the corner. She stood unsure of what to do. Lena looked down at the chocolate she in her hands, nearly exploding from excitement. She quickly pulled her phone out of her pocket and smashed the keys.

“Hey dude what’s up?”

“You’re not going to believe me, but AMELIE JUST GAVE ME CHOCOLATES!” Lena danced around, unaware of the curious eyes that watched her.

“Aww  no way! That’s awesome Lena!”

“Yeah, I can t beleive it!” Lena smiled happily. The last couple of weeks had been the best of Lena’s life.

“Hey uh, aren’t you supposed to be in class?” Lena broke out of her day dream seeing Ms. Amari.

“Uh heh well um….” 'crap’ Lena thought. Her eyes darted around, trying to find a place to blink too. Unfortunately, she had found herself in a Bermuda Triangle.

“Well?” Ms. Amari sauntered over to her. Ana glanced own at the chocolates, raising an eyebrow. “Where did you get those?” She asked.

“Fr-from Amelie.” Lena replied shyly, crimson dusting her cheeks. “I-Its why I’m late to class.”

Dread began to fill Ms. Amari.  'Oh no!’ She groaned. “Of all of the girls she could have fell in love with….” Ms. Amari muttered.

“What was that love?” Lena asked.

“I-Its nothing. Just get to class.” She face palmed. This was either going to end horribly or happily. She was hoping for the latter.

Amelie quickly pushed past Lena, trying to get rid of the increasing embarrassment she was feeling. 'Why did I do that!?’ Amelie screamed at herself. 'Now she thinks I’m weird or creepy or somethig!’ Amelie felt very stupid at the moment; she wanted to crawl into a hole and die. Amelie shook her head. 'No. No I don’t care if she thinks I’m weird or creepy or whatever. Her opinion doesn’t matter. Her opinion doesn’t matter.’ At this point, Amelie could not tell if she was lying to herself or not. She just wanted these weird feelings to go away. 'Ok.’ Amelie thought; trying to regain her composure. 'Just focus on school and cheerleading. That’s all that matters.’ Amelie continued to walk, not realizing she was going in the opposite way of her next class. 'Alright, so I need to get to biology.’ Amelie looked around, relizing she was not anywhere near the biology room. 'Oh my god.’ Amelie wanted to smack herself. She ran in he opposite direction. 'Ugh!’ Amelie was now more embarrassed than before. (If that was even possible.) Amelie quickly glimpsed around corners, making sure no late straddlers or teachers remained in the hall. Seeing no one, she quickly sprinted across the school, trying to make it to the front of the school undetected. Amelie wanted to calm down, and stewing in a hot science room was not what she wanted to do. Luckily, she made it out of the school without much fuss, but she knew Sombra was going to ask even more questions. Amelie sighed, knowing her dad was going to kill her for skipping class. But hey, she had this pass. She could say she was uh, doing an errand of some sort. Amelie walked, trying to find somewhere that was quiet. She decided to go to the Football field, thinking that no one else would be there; since p.e. was in the afternoon. She crosse the courtyard, making her way to the bleachers. She forgot how quiet it was when class was in session. Amelie sighed, knowing that if she was caught, even with the pass, she would probably get in trouble. But at the moment, she didn’t really care.  Well, that was until it started to rain. 'Great. When I said cool down this was not what I meant.’  Amelie grumbled, quickening her pace to the bleachers. Fortunately she made it to cover before it started to pour. She closed her eyes, glad to be alone. Or so she thought.

“Heh, fancy I’d find you here love!”

Amelie opened her eyes, startled by the unexpected voice. She looked around, seeing no one. 'Oh now I’m going crazy!?’

“Uh love, over here.”  Amelie’s eyes darted towards the voice, seeing no one again. 'Oh my god!’ Amelie sighed, exasperated.  'I really am going crazy.’ Amelie sat down. “Amelie. Over. Here.” Amelie’s eyes darted over to were the voice came from, finally seeing someone. Lena. “Heh, you finally found me. Took you long enough.” Lena smiled and sat down by Amelie. “So what are you doing out here?” Lena asked.

“I could ask the same thing to you.” Amelie retorted, crossing her arms. At the moment, she wasn’t really looking for any social interaction.

“I always skip this class period.” Lena stared off into the distance with solemn eyes. “The teacher hates me.” She looked sad, and Amelie couldn’t handle her looking so upset.

“Why?” Amelie asked. 'How could someone hate Lena?’ She thought.

“I’m gay.” Lena responded nonchalantly.

“W-what does that have to do with anything?” Amelie was out off by her response.

“He hates me because I’m gay.” Lena clarified. “He’s a bigot.” She sighed. “It’s sad that even now, people can’t accept the fact the gay people exist.” Amelie was shocked. That’s why he hated Lena? Because she was gay? Lena turned to look at Amelie, seeing her discomfort. “I said something wrong?”

“H-huh?” Amelie said. “W-well it’s just that… Um.”

“Do you think it’s justified that he hate me?”

“H-huh, n-no! W-well I mean.. Lena sighed sadly.

"Don’t worry, I’m used to it. It happens a lot when I tell people who don’t already know.” Lena sighed. She stood up, not wanting to be in his awkward situation anymore.

“W-wait n-no that’s not it!” Amelie stood up, trying to explain what she was feeling. Lena wasn’t having any of it though.

“It’s fine. I understand.” Lena turned and gave a sad smile. “Besides, how could someone as beautiful as you ever love someone like me?” Lena turned, her body turning blue. Amelie stood, shocked, unsure of what to do. She watched as Lena turned to dust, fading with time.

“L-Lena?” Amelie croaked. 'What the hell is going on?’ Amelie thought. She wanted to cry, or better yet disappear at the moment. Of course, luck had not be on her side all day, and her phone just had to ring. She ripped it out of her pocket, glaring at the caller I.d. Her face softened when she realized it was Gerard. 'I’d better answer.’ Amelie thought. She hadn’t talked to him al, week, and her might get suspicious. “H-hey Gerard.” She said softly.

“Hey, that’s unlike you. Not yelling at me for calling you during class.” Gerard teased. Amelie huffed. Normally she’d giggle at his teasing, but at the moment, she did not want to talk to him. “Hey is something up? Are you outside? It sounds like it’s raining.” Gerard asked worriedly. Amelie didn’t answer, trying to decipher how she was feeling. “Hey babe, are you sure use you are okay?” Amelie sighed. She knew she wasn’t going to get anywhere if she didn’t respond.

“I’m fine, and yes I’m outside, and yes it’s raining.” Amelie closed her eyes. Maybe if she tried hard enough, she would become some heartless blue lady that no one recognized.

“What are you doing outside? You’ll catch a cold.” Classic Gerard. Always such a worry wort.

“Look Gerad, I love you, but I’m an adult, I can take care of myself.” And with that she ended the call. He would call back later anyway. She looked out onto the field, watching the rain pour down. The field was soaked, which would suck since she had to cheer tomorrow. 'Lena… Why do you do this to me?’ She thought.

“Lena dear, time to wake yo for school~ big night tonight!” Lena groggily sat up, rubbing her eyes. She ran her hand through her messy be head, sighing in tiredness.

“Its morning already?” Lena asked, slowly standing up and stretching.

“Yep! I made your favorite! Sausage, bacon, eggs, and some pancakes! Tea is on the kettle.”

“Thanks gram gram!” Lena pecked her grandmas cheek as she pulled on some slippers. The old woman smiled. Lena was just like her father. Lena quickly ran into the kitchen, petting her dog on the way. Just as promised, Lena’s favorite was sat out onto the breakfast counter. She inhaled the smells, sighing with pleasure. Lena grabbed the tea kettle, pouring a mug for herself and her grandma.

“Thanks darling.” Her grandma took a seat across from Lena, watching as she hungrily devoured her food. “Good?” She chuckled. Lena stopped eating and grinned.

“As good as always gram!” Lena continued to dig in, the tastes dancing on her tongue.

“So, are you nervous?” Grandma asked, taking a long sip from her tea. Lena shook her head.

“Not at all. It’s just another solo!” Lena smiled.

“Well, won’t you be dedicating one song to Amelie? That’s big dear.” Lena slowly stopped eating, placing her fork down.

“I-I don’t know. I don’t  think I’m going to anymore.” Lena looked down, eyes filling with tears. She took notice to this, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder.

“Aww dear, why not? You were so confident!”

“Well…. I feel like… I have no choice…. She’s straight and has a boyfriend… I t-think…. Um… I just don’t want to embarrass myself.”

“Well, I think you should go for it.” Lena looked up at her grandma, sadness evident in her face.

“What’s the point? I’m just going to make a fool of myself.” Grandma thought for a moment.

“Well, you don’t have to outright say it’s for her. If it was meant to be, she’ll know.” Grandma continued to sip her tea, hoping she would understand what she meant.

“What? Gram, it’s not like she has infra sight on my thoughts.”

“That’s not how infra sight works dear, but that’s besides the point. The heart will know. And that’s all that matters.” Grandma placed her hand on Lena’s cheek, wiping away the stray tears that had fallen.  "You’re a beautiful and strong girl. If she doesn’t like you back, then that’s her loss.“ Lena smiled at her grandma. 'Maybe she’s right.’

"How do you always know what to say grandma.” Lena smiled.

“A perk of old age. Now, get dressed! You’re not going to get the girl of your dreams by looking like a slop!” Lena giggled, putting her dishes in the sink.

“Ok gram.” Lena giggled, feeling her confidence and spirit rise.

'Such a kind girl. I hope everything works out in the end.’ “By gram!” Lena called, exiting through the front door.

“Wait!” Grandma called out to her, giving her a small pendant. “Can’t have you getting trapped in time, can we?” Lena smiled, putting the pendant in a string.

“Thanks.” Lena pecked her grandmas cheek.

“Now go! Ana will have my head if your late again.”

“Hehe, true. I’ll see you at the game later.” Grandma watched as Lena ran down the sidewalk, hurriedly making her way to school. 'Such a bright happy girl. A bit of an air head, but a sweet one at that. Just like her father.’ Grandma sighed. 'I hope she doesn’t end up like her father.’

School had past relatively quickly, and Lena was terrified. She liked to say she wasn’t, considering the fact she had done it a million times already, but still, singing and playing in front of her peers was nerve wracking. Well, to any sane person that is. Lena slowly trudged towards the stadium, her ukulele case strung over her shoulder. She looked ahead, scared to step out onto the field. She scanned the field, only stopping when she saw her. Amelie. God how she looked beautiful on the field. So flawless, so angelic, so… Unattainable. Lena sighed, knowing that Amelie could never love her back, no matter what she dreamed. Lena watched as Amelie performed perfectly, every twist and jump she took was imaculate, and the way that cheer uniform hugged her curves in all the right places just drove Lena crazy. She mentally smacked herself. 'No. It’s not time to focus on Amelie. No matter how angelic she is, I need to foucus on my solos. I can’t let my band down.’ Lena was shook out of her thoughts when she heard the announcer say her name.

“Give it up for Overwatch’s cheer sqaud! Next up, Lena Oxton! She will be singing and playing server all songs for us tonight!”  Lena closed her eyes, excited but nervous of hell. She slowly stepped out onto the field, the bright flouresanf lights glaring in her vision. She heard cheers, a smile appearing onto her face. Lena looked around as she entered the center of the field, pulling her ukulele out of her case. She adjusted the microphone to her height, tapping it a few times.

“How’s everyone doing tonight?” Lena asked. Cheers erupted from the crowd, especially from the band. “That’s good to hear!” Lena shouted. More cheers. “And, I just wanted to say this before I started. This solo goes out to someone in the audience. Someone very special to me… I won’t say who you are, because I know you will know who you are.” Lena made some, last minute tune ups, making sure everything was in order. She cleared her throat, looking out into the crowd, her eyes landing on Amelie. She smiled, deciding to look at her for her solo. Lena exhaled, bracing for her song.

“Wise men say

Only fools rush in

But I can’t help falling in love with you

Shall I stay?

Would it be a sin

If I can’t help falling in love with you?

Like a river flows

Surely to the sea

Darling, so it goes

Some things are meant to be

Take my hand,

Take my whole life, too

For I can’t help falling in love with you

Like a river flows

Surely to the sea

Darling, so it goes

Some things are meant to be

Take my hand,

Take my whole life, too

For I can’t help falling in love with you

For I can’t help falling in love with you” Lena continued to strum her ukulele, getting into a more upbeat tone.


Love is strange

Lot of people

Take it for a game

Once you get it

You never want to quit, no no

After you’ve had it

You’re in an awful fix!”

“Cause love is not a choice!” Lena again changed the pace and tone of her ukulele, getting ready to finish this part of her mash-up.

“Cause, Girls love girls and boys

Girls love girls and boys

Girls love girls and boys

Girls love girls and boys

And never did I think that I!

Would be caught in the way you got me

But girls love girls and boys

And love is not a choice.” Lena slowly ended her ukulele strumming, her eyes never leaving Amelie’s. She sighed and smiled as a way of showing that she was done. The audience cheered, Lena grabbed the mic and laughed. “And to think I was nervous!” Cheers erupted again, asking for encores before the game started. Lena’s grin widened, excited to continue her solo. “Don’t worry, I still have more were that came from!”




Amelie watched as Lena sang, shell shocked by the performance. The way Lena hit the notes without fail, the almost effortless way she played her ukulele, the way she was lost in the music. The way her eyes never left Amelie. She couldn’t breathe, and everything around her was in slow motion. 'Lena looks so beautiful… so…’ Amelie stopped. She said the song went out to someone special…. Could that person be… Me? Amelie stood from her seat, knowing how she felt. 'The heart will know.’ You were right Ms.Amari.’ Amelie thought as she squeezed past through the crowd of students. 'I do love Lena. And you know what? Who cares what anyone else thinks. I love her. I love Lena.’ Amelie’s slow walk had turned into a jog, her jog turing into a run. 'I’m going to tell her how I feel.’ Amelie rounded the corner, hoping that Lena had finished. Wishful thinking she knew, but she could wait for her. She saw someone’s standing by the exit, but it wasn’t the person she was hoping to see. It was Gerard.

“Oh their you are Amelie! I was looking for you!” Gerard smiled at her, holding his arms out to her. Amelie walked up to Gerard, accepting his embrace.

“Gerard I…. I have something to tell you.” Amelie whispered in his ear.

“What is it love?” He asked.

“I…. I’m in love with a girl.” Gerard eyes widened in shock, then slowly morphed into understanding.

“I know.”

“W-what?” Amelie asked. How could he have possibly known?

“Amelie, we’ve been friends since well, forever. I could tell. I was just waiting for you to realize.” Amelie was shocked.


“I love you Amelie, never forget that. If you need me, I, at your beck and call. I’ll be your friend u till the end. But for now, go after her girl! You deserve to be happy.” Amelie smiled at her boyfriend, well now ex-boyfriend.

“Thank you for everything Gerard.” Amelie pecked his cheek and ran off. 'I have to find Lena. Before it’s  to late.’ Amelie made her way to were the band kids were hanging out, not finding Lena anywhere.

“Well, what brings Amelie here?” Amelie turned around to see Lucio, sunrises by his presence.

“I-I’m looking for Lena. Do you know where she is?” Amelie asked. Lucio pointed towards a large tree.

“She likes to hang out their after she plays.” Amelie thanked Lucio and quickly headed over to the tree, seeing the bruntette was u see the tree humming a peaceful tune. Amelie shyly walked up to Lena, sitting on the opposite side of the tree. She listened to her hum, getting lost in the melody. It reminded her of the songs her mother once sang to her to lul her to sleep.

“So love, what brings you here?” Amelie quickly opened her eyes, greeted by a smiling Brit. Amelie blushed, and fiddled with her skirt.

“I-I…  je t'aime, Lena.” Amelie pulled Lena into an embrace. She could feel Lena smile into her neck.

“je t'aime assu, Amelie.”

Translations: je t'aime: I love you je t'aime assu: I love you as well

Hoooooly fuck finally done

This is really unedited so sorry for any mistakes

So sorry this took so long I hope this was what you wanted! Requests are open!

Pluto, Out ❤️❤️❤️

Edit: I forgot the bonus lol


“Here’s your payment McCree.” Sombra handed McCree a stack of money. “Go buy Hanzo some more chocolates.” “Also, Gabe, Emily, here’s yours.”

“I still can’t beleive your plan worked.” The three said in unison.

“Well, don’t they always?”


J2 Panel - Jared Playing Guitar

AHBL8 Concert - 6th May 2017

J2 Panel - Jared Playing Guitar

Louden Swain feat. Jensen Ackles - Simple Man
Louden Swain feat. Jensen Ackles - Whipping Post
Louden Swain – Fare Thee Well
Louden Swain – Mamma’s Jam
Louden Swain feat. Richard Speight Jr. – Wagon Wheel
Louden Swain - She Waits
Louden Swain feat. Emily Swallow – Dearly Departed
Louden Swain feat. Emily Swallow – Creep
The Station Breaks feat. Emily Swallow, Amy Gumenick, and Richard Speight Jr. – Slightest Thing
Louden Swain – Eskimo
Louden Swain – Juliet
Louden Swain – Present Time


So because I was able to zoom in as much as I was there are some minor focus errors because when the guys are moving around the camera sometimes loses a tiny bit of focus, I apologize.
Here is the track list:
1) 1:05- 4:30 : Present Time
2) 4:50- 7:58 : Roll Me Over
3) 8:15- 12:36 : Eskimo
4) 14:00- 17:59 : Juliet (feat. Chris Schmelke)
5) 19:25- 22:50 : Crooked Wheel(feat. Stephanie Dizon)
6) 23:02- 25:39 : Bandaged Hand
7) 25:43- 30:32 : Creep by Radiohead (feat. Emily Swallow)
8)30:48- 35:33 : This is How(feat. Adam Malin)
9) 35:43- 41:50 : Let It Be Me by Ray LaMontagne (feat. Gil McKinney, Adam Malin)
10) 42:35- 47:01 : Over Before It Began (feat. Richard Speight Jr.)
* small skip @ 46:40; I apologize
11) 47:20- 54:37 : Whipping Post by the Allman Brothers (feat. Mark Sheppard, Richard Speight Jr.)
12) 54:56- 58:45 :Fare Thee Well (Just Rob Benedict)
13) 59:52- 1:04:26 : Leg Up (feat. Richard Speight Jr., Mark Sheppard, Adam Malin)
14) 1:04:37- 1:09:27 : Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker (feat. Jason Manns, Gil McKinney, Richard Speight Jr., Mark Sheppard, Adam Malin)
15) 1:11:04- 1:15:35 : Slightest Thing; The Station Breaks Song (feat. Jason Manns, Mark Sheppard, Emily Swallow, Richard Speight Jr.)
16)1:16:25- 1:21:00 : She Waits (feat. Mark Sheppard)
17) 1:22:22- 1:27:37 : Mamma’s Jam (feat. Mark Sheppard)
18) 1:28:20- 1:34:43 : Amazing
19) 1:35:20-  1:41:58 : Medicated (feat. Alaina Huffman, Samantha Smith, Richard Speight Jr., Jason Manns, Gil McKinney, Emily Swallow, Adam Malin)


An Emily x reader where they’re married and really really close and loved up and then someone on a case starts flirting with the reader and creeping them out and Emily gets protective??” - Anonymous

**gif not mine**

From the threshold, you watched her shuffling through the manila folder of crime scene photographs and police reports. Your intention had been to find a private moment with her during this strenuous case that didn’t involve one of you snoring in the hotel room, but when you noticed her determination to find any sliver of missed evidence or anything that could help her team, your team compile a profile, you decided that wasn’t the right moment. 

“You can come in, you know,” she chuckled, turning a page over. Raising your brows, you stepped into the police chief’s lone office, nearing her from behind. She leaned backward and looked up at you, and you hovered over her, hair creating a drape around your faces. “I could smell your perfume,” she whispered with a smirk. 

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PLL 7x11 Review

1. Not enough Haleb

2. Mona and Caleb supporting Hanna’s Dreams is amazing to see

3. I get Spencer is upset but can she calm down?

4. Didnt expect Toby to show up that quickly and DID THEY SAY IT WAS A DEER THAT HIT THE CAR OR DID I MAKE THAT UP?

5. Not enough Haleb

6. The Emily Alison Paige love triangle is such a waste of time. Honestly no one thinks Emily will end up with Paige.

7. Ezra still creeps me the fuck out

8. Hanna and Aria talking about weddings, cause both of them are getting married this season…

9. STILL not enough Haleb

10. Hanna giving zero shits this episode IS WHAT I LIVE FOR

11. Lowkey AD is a Spoby shipper

12. Did i mention Ezra is creepy? Because he is…

13. Holden is such a cutie



This episodes AD guesses- Ezra or Wren

Halloween in the Barrio

Usnavi:  When Halloween comes around, the Bodega stocks up on candies and anything sweet, so Usnavi his living off a sugar rush for half the month.It’s decorated with cut out pumpkins and ghost that have probably been there since his parents ran the store. His decorations are the never change, but he makes sure to dress up differently every year. This year, not wanting to lose his hat, Usnavi centered his costume around that. (Yes, that is one rhyme he came up with to explain it). He’s a Newspaper boy, with a costume and make up all matching the look of a black and white photograph. After borrowing some make up from a terrifying Carla (we’ll get to that point later), his costumes complete. If you were to ask him who he was he say he’s Jack Kelly and begin humming Seize the Day.

Vanessa: With this year being so busy, Halloween snuck up on Vanessa like that! When she had time, she’d actually be very dedicated to finding the perfect costume, her personal favorite was Morticia Addams. But with only a week before the big day, she took a black bra and hat and borrowed Carla’s bedazzler. It’s not her best work and is kinda easy, but, still, when she saw herself in the mirror she couldn’t help but smile. After all, she was Selena!

Nina: As a kid, one of the few character’s Nina connected with almost identically was Hermoine Granger. Who else knew how it felt to be the smartest one with all those stresses and responsibilities? And when she read she also shared the crazy hair trait she flipped out! So one doesn’t have to be Hermoine to figure out why she’s dressed as her, from the curls to the time turner.

(picture of Hermione is from @str0ng3rbrit​, check her out, she’s apart of medblr!)

Benny: Growing up Benny had the best show stopper outfits for Halloween. He was MCHammer. He was Andre 3000. And who can forget the year he was Madea?! But as an adult it’s easy to lost track of the days, even the holidays, especially when you’re working on those days. Last year he was lucky enough to remember to bring a bow tie. And with a bad British accent, he stated James Bond. But after driving people around all day he felt less like 007 and more like a cross between Jeffrey from the Fresh Prince and Morgan Freeman from Driving Miss Daisy. This year he didn’t even remember it was Halloween, until after he was dressed in his uniform. Luckily, with Nina’s wit and her borrowed flag pin he became his next best (and easiest) costume. And that is how Benny got the nickname, El Presidente.

Sonny:  Halloween is Sonny’s favorite holidays. He  has a lot of Halloween Spirit. No matter how old he is he still goes trick-or-treating. Even if he can’t afford the expensive makeup or costumes, he still finds a way to go all out. He’s known for his homemade costumes. He’s also known for going too far, and getting too preachy. How is that possible? Trust me it’s possible. This year he wears glasses and a red and white stripped shirt and hat. So it’s understandable why from behind everyone assume’s he’s “Where’s Waldo”, right? Wrong.  If he were to turn around you’d see Sonny cut out big black felt letters and hot glued them on to the shirt, spelling out: “Bernie’s Votes”.  Making himself: “Where’s Bernie’s Votes” Yep. Somehow he was able to dress as a political question for Halloween. Little to say, it irks Usnavi to no end.

Pete: Like Sonny Halloween is also Pete’s favorite holiday. Not for the candy, it’s just easier to tag and paint on Halloween. And every year he has a job to do to pay off a debt. With so many people on the streets and so many people hooded, it just makes things simpler for the crazy life of an artist.
Now even though Pete is artistic, he’d rather put effort into his work rather than his appearance, so he’s rather not have to dress up. However the only way he can blend into a crowd, if need be, is in a some kind of costume. He’s famous for his hoodies and tee shirts with tuxedos and bones printed on it.  He always wears some kind of mask to protect him from the fumes. That’s all. No make up. If he’s going to be painting he’d rather paint a wall than he’s face. And he needs something he can easily ditch if need be.

Carla:  For Carla, Halloween is the only holiday that can give Christmas a run for it’s money. And it’s because how involved she is with the process of her costume. Here, she can put her make up and sewing skills to the test. With a search history full of Michelle Phan tutorials and a wastebasket full of receipts for the fabric store she has a costume. Each costume each year is, contrary to what most people expect, somewhat creepy. Some how, she finds a way to scare Usnavi along the way. Last year she was a broken vintage doll, which still gives him the creeps; this year it’s Emily for the Corpse Bride.

Daniela: Even if Dani never intendeds it, it seems that every Halloween her costume is always a “Sexy” something. She never means it to be. She usually goes to the store two weeks before Halloween and picks out the cheapest generic costume there. Every time, the hemlines just seem to be a little short and the bust a little snug. Of course no one is offended or anything, that just happens to be her style. This year she’ll be passing out candy as a witch.

Kevin: Whenever Halloween comes around, Kevin always acts annoyed and grumpy. “I have to buy Candy?” “Cami, Why do we even have to dress up?”  However, He really does enjoy it. His favorite thing is thinking of his and Camila’s  matching outfits, though, of course, he gives her the credit for that. His personal favorite is Father Time and Mother Nature  Two months prior to October he’s already thinking of ideas.
This year they both are Famous Artists. He is slicked his hair back, put on a suit, and adhered a fake wiry mustache to his upper lip. He hold a melted clock in his hand as his pocket watch. He’s Salvador Dalí.

Camila: To join complement Kevin’s artist’s theme, Camila pencils in the between her eyebrows and braids flowers into her hair. A shawl covers her shoulders, and with red lips and dangling earrings, she is the beloved Frida Kahlo.  
When Kevin and her open the door for the trick-or-treaters, he always rearranges his mustache in some crazy way to get a reaction. However, Cami seems to be the one who gets the most reactions. The majority of the grown ups love her outfit, but a lot of the kids look up the one giving them candy in fear…
All Cami can think is that have nothing to be afraid of yet…

When Abuela was still here, her favorite thing to do on Halloween was wait until 10 o’ clock. Then she’d appear, dressed in a black dress from wrist to ankle, a veil cloaking her. She’d then mimic moaning and crying  and walk down the street, scaring any troublemaker out of there street and back to their mother.
Now Cami has decided to honor Abuela and continue the legend of the barrio. Reigniting the nightmares of the stories mothers would whisper to children at night, she then would become La LLorona!

Piragüero: In order to stir up some business in the colder months, the piragüero decided to allow a customer of each purchase to be allowed to write in a suggestion for what he dress up as. Beforehand he always wore a Chewbacca suit each year, until some kid (Pete) started the rumor that he wasn’t the beloved Chewie, but the dreaded Chupacabra. That was one year he’d didn’t think he see a kid all day. With that massive loss of Business he had to step up his game, which brought around the vote. Everyone in the Barrio talks about it all October. With the amount of profit he got, the piragüero was able to make a small gift bag of candy to his most valued customers, the ones who voted multiple times. Every Halloween he goes around the barrio, delivering his thank you bags while dressed in the most voted for outfit. Along the way he gives everyone he comes across the little strawberry candy. This year, he’s El Chapulín Colorado.

Thank you so much for reading and Happy Halloween

So I was rewatching The Princess and the Pear and Brennan is about to (not) fix Booth’s back and this happened

and I stopped because there was something creepy behind Booth when he’s turning

and guys

It’s what Emily gave to David that always creeped him out isn’t it. It was in Booth’s place first and then in B&B’s houses. Do you hear me crying? (don’t know if someone had noticed it already but I’m definitely dying here)

anonymous asked:

Can you write a prompt where badass, sassy Emily uses the "I know you want to kiss me" line to Alison?

It was fair to say Alison wasn’t having a good night. She had been looking forward to prom since she was an infant, dressing up in a gown, her hair perfectly done and her makeup flawless. She had imagined it all the time growing up, when things got bad in her house she fell asleep imagining the way she would strut into the ballroom all eyes on her.

The night was not going as planned.

Alison took Lorenzo, her new boyfriend. He wouldn’t even dance with her, said he was no good. He stood solemnly in the corner with Ezra watching her dance with Aria, giving her supportive smiles every now and then. That was until, just a half hour in, he had to go leave because “police duty called”. Meanwhile, Emily took the new girl, Sara. She always gave Alison the creeps, there was something about her that just felt off. Maybe it was the way Emily looked at her. She hated the way Emily looked at her. She liked seeing Emily happy, wanted nothing more than it. She knew Emily couldn’t be happy with her, that’s why she gave up on their relationship, pushed Emily away ever since she got back from jail, but she couldn’t pretend that she wished every second of every day that she was the one with Emily, the one making Emily happy.

Alison watched the way Emily’s arms wrapped around Sara’s neck, the way they moved in sync and looked into each others eyes. She felt sick to her stomach. Emily’s eyes broke away from Sara’s, meeting Alison’s longing gaze, she offered the blonde a small smile, one that almost seemed sad. Alison just wanted to leave. “You okay?” Aria asked, breaking Alison out of her staring contest with Emily. “I just need to go to the bathroom,” Alison said carefully, breaking away to head towards the lady’s room. She wanted to cry, she felt the hot salty tears building up and her continuous effort to blink them back only seemed to make them come closer to running down her cheeks. She pressed her back against the bathroom wall, feeling the cold ceramic against the open back of her dress. The door creaked open, heels clicking against the floor. Alison glanced to the side, taking in the sight of the brunette that had been on her mind all night. Her hair was pushed back, revealing her caramel skin and brown eyes. She let out a small sigh of relief as her eyes fell on the blonde, “I was looking for you.” Emily’s words sent a shiver through the blonde’s body, she hated her for giving her hope that there was still a possibility they could work out despite everything against them. “Why? Before you seemed only to have eyes for Sara.” Alison had to hold herself back from calling Sara a bitch or a whore, she wasn’t that person anymore, she hadn’t been in awhile. She had to hold herself back from running to Emily, wrapping her arms around the brunette’s neck and pressing their lips together. She wanted to go back so badly, back to the night they spent together, or at least talk about it. They hadn’t been talking much at all lately, seemed to avoid each other as much as possible. Emily took a step forward, gaze steady on Alison. “I’ve been looking at you, Ali. Why can’t you see that you’re the one I want to be here with, the one I want to be with?” “Because your not. You’re not with me, Em. You’re with her.” Alison took a step towards Emily, feeling the heat of her body radiating towards her. Emily’s eyes were big and needy and Alison thought she could stare into them forever. She felt tears running down her cheeks but made no move to wipe them away. It was so unfair. Emily couldn’t act like this, act like she wanted this, them, when she was here with someone else. “I wanted to be here with you. But you haven’t even looked at me lately, you avoid me at all costs. I know it’s my fault, I’m the one who put you in jail, I’m the one who hurt you. But I couldn’t…I was scared…scared that you’d turn me down. I couldn’t deal with that. I’d rather not know and hope there’s still a chance for us then know there’s not.” “There’s always a chance for us,” Alison said, taking another step forward so that her body was pressed against the brunette’s. She felt the warm air coming from Emily’s mouth, she stared up into Emily’s brown eyes, she felt like she was finally at the prom she imagined all these years. The one she wanted. “I know you wanna kiss me,” Emily said, a sly smile appearing on her lips. And Alison did. She reached up, lacing her arms around Emily’s neck, Emily’s hands reaching to caress Alison’s face where her jaw bone met her cheek. She pressed her lips to the brunette’s, feeling love coursing through her veins.


dishonored 2; 801 words | feat. no happy endings, emily kaldwin, delilah’s heart

this is @almedha‘s fault. 

The chapel is a ruin when Emily gets to it; the air is choked with the noxious fumes of paint pigments and the wet rot of kelp. The darkness is thick, barely lit only by a few sporadic candles.

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Stuck On Repeat

It never ends for those left behind; forced to relive every event leading up to the darkness. They’re forever trapped in the in-between and they will never stop trying to reach out to us.

01. Skulls - Bastille, 02.My Last Breath - Evanescence, 03. Lose Your Soul - Dead Man’s Bones, 04. Blinding - Florence + The Machine, 05. And the World Was Gone - Snow Ghosts, 06. A Girl A Boy and A Graveyard - Jeremy Messersmith, 07. Quiet In My Town - Civil Twilight, 08. Hallelujah - Imogen Heap, 09. Asleep - Emily Browning, 10. Creep - Jayme Dee, 11. Exile Vilify - The National, 12. Grapevine Fires - Death Cab for Cutie, 13. The Wanting Comes In Waves/Repaid - The Decemberists, 14. O Children - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds