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After Hours (part II)

Alison shuts her eyes, taking a deep breath so she can gather her thoughts on how the fuck she was going to explain this.

“Hey, is everything okay?” Emily says, her voice still raspy from sleep, and Alison just wants to punch herself in the face for how weak in the knees she just got from that sound.

She turns around to face Emily who is now leaning on her elbows, a worried frown on her face, eyes running all over her face as if she was looking for the answer Alison is praying she doesn’t find.

“Well?,” Emily tries again, sitting up and Alison clears her throat.

“I, um—well, it’s nothing. I’m okay, Em,” she musters a smile that surely looks like a cringe by the way Emily’s frown depends. “I’m going back to bed, yes?,” she fakes a yawn, “Yes!” she shrills, turning around and grabbing the doorknob, and—

“Wait, what?” Emily says, and Alison realizes it’s way too late to leave because a tan hand is wrapping around her wrist, tugging on it softly until she’s being directed toward’s the brunettes bed.

Emily makes her sit down and Alison’s just trying to look everywhere, except where Emily is but that seems to be impossible because Emily’s standing right in front her in a shirt and underwear, so close that she can just smell the shea butter body wash the brunette uses and, oh god, if she would just lean a bit she’d had her face right between Emily's—

“Ali, what’s going on? Are you hot? God, you’re so flushed right now, are you getting sick? Is it the baby?” Emily rants, her hands alternating between her cheeks, and her forehead. “Is that why you were here?”

Alison shakes her head, “No, I was— God, Emily it’s nothing. Can I please get back to my room?,” she nearly begs because, god, why can’t Emily just let it go.

Or put some clothes on. Or look less fucking edible.

She watches Emily kneel on the floor, until they’re both almost eye-to-eye.

“Why are you lying?,” Emily asks and Alison’s trying to look at everywhere but the girl in front of her. “Were you, like, craving food?,” she asks with a small smile, and Alison sighs.

I wish it were food, Alison thinks to herself with a shake of her head. But then looks up to realize she didn’t say it in in her mind at all — because Emily’s deer caught in headlights look are about the exact reaction Alison was trying to avoid since the beginning.


“Uhm,” she hears Emily murmur, and that’s all she needs to stand up from the brunette’s bed like if it were on fire because what was she even thinking in the first place, thinking she would just strut in here and demand it and Emily would’ve just jumped into her arms— who was she kidding.

She’s huge, and hormonal, and swollen; nobody could ever say yes to this. At least, not Emily. Not when Alison’s sure there’s no possibility of something ever—

“Hey, hey…” Emily says soothingly, once again standing up to where’s is, half way out the door. “Don’t go,” she says softly as she shuts the door. And they both stay like that, just standing there all quiet, until, “So, how can I help?,” she asks casually.

Alison’s head shots up so quick, and Emily’s face is completely blank.

She sure can name at least a hundred ways of how she can help but for now she’ll settle for, “Can you please just start with putting some clothes on please?,” she whines and Emily laughs.

She laughs.

“Isn’t that like the opposite of what you wanted?,” the brunette says with a smirk, and Alison gulps, “Of what you were craving,”

Alison feels lightheaded at the way she said that word, because she’d always had experience with sweet and caring Emily.

She’s never seen this Emily.

This Emily’s so casual about them doing… stuff just because Alison’s libido is, like, off the roof.

But it’s more like Emily expected it. There’s no surprise, or indecision like in their previous interactions. It’s like she knew this was going to happen, and Alison finds that very kind of intriguing…

She doesn’t really trust her voice right now, but just to make sure, “So that means…”

“That means,” Emily starts, as she grabs her gently by the waist and turns her around until Alison’s walking backwards to the bed again, “that this is my baby, and you’re having it,” she says lowly, licking her lips and that’s the only thing Alison can see on that right now, “and if that means that I have to help you out sometimes, I won’t protest.”

And for some reason that takes her out of her trance, and she frowns at Emily, “Wait, so—” but whatever hormone-driven reply she was going to say dies in her throat the second Emily mouth crashes into hers.

And Emily’s on a mission, if this kiss wasn’t enough proof. The brunette is urgent, not even hesitating before shoving her tongue inside Alison’s mouth and, yes, that’s exactly what I wanted, Alison thinks as she throws her arms around the brunette’s shoulders, moaning at the feeling of being so pressed up against the other woman.

And Emily’s still surprisingly gentle (despite how hard she’s sucking on Alison’s bottom lip right now, and how her hands are grasping at her barely there hips, almost possessively).

She wouldn’t have expected any less. Emily’s always so soft.

Alison can’t help but swoon when Emily eases her down onto the mattress, which is probably the first moment with their mouths unattached.

Emily grins, “Are you, uhm, enjoying yourself?,” she says, and Alison can see the actual inquiry in her eyes. So she pecks the brunette’s lips quickly.

“Very,” Alison says smiling, and when Emily’s mouth goes to press with hers once again, she admits, “But it’d be even more enjoyable if you’d take your shirt off,” she mutters shyly against Emily’s lips.

Emily hums with a knowing smirk and gets off from Alison, taking her shirt off, and throwing it on the floor. And just sitting there with a stupid smile, letting Alison look all she wanted.

Oh, and she totally did.

Alison roams her eyes at every bit of skin she can get. She’s pretty sure she’s wearing the dumbest look on her face because of Emily’s laughing, but she doesn’t care.

She doesn’t care at all.

So, in a blink, Alison sits up and takes her own shirt off (ignoring all the alarms going off in her head telling her how huge she is) momentarily enjoying the look of awe Emily gives her, and then grabs the back of the other woman’s head, crashing their mouths together again.

Emily’s hands go immediately to her breasts and Alison moans in her mouth but then Emily’s breaking the kiss and leans forward until her mouth is pressing the wettest open-mouth kisses all over her neck and shoulders, and on her chest and breasts, and Alison can’t help but throw her head back and moan loudly because, yes.

Emily pushes her back a bit and Alison gets the hint and lays back down on the mattress until the brunette is laying half on top of her (because the belly’s starting to get in the way), kissing her neck and her lips. “You feel so good,” Emily says grinning lazily, her eyes dark, “can I…” she ask, motioning Alison’s underwear and the blonde almost breaks her neck from nodding so hard.

Emily chuckles at her reply and starts taking her underwear off, and Alison’s so ready. She’s practically vibrating with anticipation, and nervousness.

Emily can probably sense this because she tears her eyes from her the blonde’s exposed body to smile softly at her, “You’re beautiful, you know?,” she says, and Alison feels herself flush, “Impossibly, and annoyingly beautiful. Even more now,”

Alison doesn’t believe because she knows how huge she’s getting but still, “Thank you,” she replies shyly and Emily pecks her stomach before running her hands up the inside of her thighs and Alison feels like she’s on fire.

“Should I continue? Are you still sure?,” Emily asks again, as if she can’t see or smell how wet Alison is.

Alison just rolls her eyes, grabs Emily’s hand and directs it exactly where she needs it.

And fuck, Emily groans at the same time she does.

“Oh…,” Emily whispers thickly as she runs her fingers through Alison and—

“Fuck yes,” Alison moans, her eyes rolling to the back of her head when Emily swiftly enters her with a single finger while sucking on her breasts and her neck and her chest and god, Alison can feel her everywhere.

Until she can’t, and she opens her heavy eyelids to look at Emily who’s eyes are wild.

“You should be on top,” Emily says, already scrambling to flip them, “your belly,” she explains, and okay that makes sense, Alison thinks.

Emily sits down on the bed, watching her as she places herself on top of the brunette, and they’re still shuffling a bit on order to get more comfortable in this position but then—fuck, Emily’s bare thigh accidentally presses against her core and Alison’s self-control goes out the window.

She starts rolling her hips frantically because— fuck, she’s so close, and she’s moaning so loud but she’s pretty sure she just heard Emily cursing and Alison’s basically humping her thigh and she knows it must be a mess because she’s so wet but the brunette doesn’t seem to mind because she starts licking and biting at every bit of skin she has access to and it just feels all too good and Alison grabs the back of her head and kisses her and it’s so needy and dirty.

“Fuck, you feel so good,” Emily moans agains her mouth, grabbing Alison’s hips, guiding her harder and faster against her thigh. “You’re so wet,” she pants.

And Alison’s sure she’s not gonna hold any longer because she can barely catch her breath, and Emily’s sucking on her neck, and pinching her nipples, and they’re both so sweaty and frantic and Emily’s thigh is hitting her in a spot that makes her thighs tremble and fuck—

Everything goes black.

At least that’s how it feels like for Alison after having the supernova of orgasms. Until Emily starts laughing.

“Did you just,” Emily starts, and Alison groans in response, hiding her face in the brunette’s shoulder as the other woman runs her hands on the blonde’s back.

“Can you not, please?,” Alison mumbles embarrassedly.

Emily just kisses her forehead and says, “I’m so good,” with a smirk and Alison would’ve rolled her eyes if she had the slightest bit of energy.

The next morning, Alison’s making breakfast and Emily kissing her shoulder and joking about baby hormones and cravings and about the nail scratches Alison left on her shoulders and they’re both blushing and grinning, and this feels far too light for what this actually means or what they’re going through but when Emily grabs her hand during pancakes with her gentle smile and kind eyes, she can’t think of anything else but what’s right in front of her.


So sorry, I’m like really bad at writing smut. Also, I know this one’s longer but I hope you pervs enjoyed it! Let me know if u guys think of any prompts and shit.

7x16 Sneak Peek Extended

**takes place after the scene from the sneak peek of 7x16 in the nursery**

“Em?” Alison called from across the nursery to the brunette standing in the doorway.

Emily softly hummed in response, taking a couple steps closer to the blonde. “Hmmm”

Alison grew nervous, not quite sure how to voice the request that had been floating around in her head for the past few days. Things had been a whirlwind lately, Emily had practically moved in following Alison’s decision to have the baby. They spent hours upon hours discussing the details of how they planned to handle the ins and outs of the nine month process, not to mention the years of raising the child after birth. They felt like they have only scratched the surface of all the new realities this pregnancy would bring.

Now here they stood in the nursery Emily secretly spent the past few days working on, and suddenly everything felt real to the blonde. This pregnancy was happening, she was going to have a baby, Emily’s baby. She was going to be a mother. The setting couldn’t help but make the girl realize how crazy unusual their predicament was.

After a short moment, Alison gently put down the lamp she was holding, and turned to face Emily, “Would you like to go on a date, with me?” There it was, no more beating around the bush, no sense in waiting till the time was right, cause honestly with a baby on the way when would it ever be?

Emily recoiled softly, honestly a little shocked by the blonde’s forwardness, “What?” Her brow furrowed slightly, as she awaited Alison’s reply.

“Don’t get me wrong, playing house is fun,” Alison took a few steps closer to the brunette, leaving only a foot or two of distance between them, “but I can’t help but feel like we’ve been doing things out of order.” She motioned around the room alluding to the fact that they are having a baby together, as well as living together, all before they’ve even been on a real outing as an official couple. The fact caused Alison to laugh lightly, smiling in Emily’s direction. This is not at all how she imagined this moment.

“It’s not like we had a choice in the matter.” Emily pointed out, noting if it weren’t for AD they wouldn’t be in the mess. However, they both believed they would end up together eventually, just the information behind Alison’s pregnancy acted as a catalyst to bringing them to this moment sooner. That is a topic they’ve already spent a whole day discussing.
Alison stepped forward again, reaching to tuck a strand of hair behind Emily’s ear before letting her hand trail down the girl’s arm. She smiled softly, “Regardless, I would really like to take you out.”

Emily blushed, hearing the girl she’s loved forever say those words caused her heart to race. Emily lifted her head, where she was shyly staring at the floor, to look into Alison’s eyes, this was also not at all like she had imagined, “Tonight?” Needless to say, this was something she didn’t want to wait for any longer.

Alison grinned in agreement, “I’d say I’ll pick you up at 8, but I guess you’ll already be here..” again alluding to the fact that Emily had pretty much moved in already. So unconventional.

Emily offered a solution, “You can meet me at Hannah’s, I’m sure she’ll get moody if I don’t let her help me get ready.” Alison nods her head, “You know she’s been waiting for this almost as long as I have.”

Alison laughs cause she knows it’s true, their friend hasn’t exactly been subtle about her opinions on the couple, she’s grateful Hanna is encouraging and supportive, unlike she was in high school. But everyone’s changed a lot since then, and for the better.

“As long as she understands I don’t intend on dropping you off afterwards.” Alison winked, mirroring the signature smirk from her high school days. She’s changed a lot over the years, thankfully so, but she will never lose her flirtatious attitude when it comes to the brunette.

What Alison wasn’t expecting though was Emily’s ability to go toe to toe, “Is that so?” Emily challenged as she closed the distance between them, bending to whisper into the blonde’s ear, “Well, you should know I love breakfast in bed.” Her lips lightly grazed Alison’s ear with the last word, before she quickly backed away and walked out of the room, leaving a dumbfounded Alison standing in shock in the middle of the nursery.

So they’ve all changed, Emily’s no longer the shy girl she used to know, and Alison thinks this newfound sultry Emily just might be the death of her.

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Hey so I saw you are doing some low count word drabbles can you do one were the baby is kicking and emily talks to the bump and Ali tells Em that she wants to name the baby wayne? Please?

Fun fact: I started writing this drabble while walking home from the park at 8 P.M. It was a good time… until I nearly fell off the sidewalk.

Wanted to put my own little spin on this, so I hope you enjoy it:

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Tommy's Girl [4/?]

Tommy x OC Alfie’s sister.

Warnings: language, potentially upsetting topics

Part Four. Part 5. Part 3. Part 2. Part 1.

It was midnight on Wednesday when car pulled up to a house bigger than any Emily had seen in London.

“Is this yours?” Emily asked, awed by the size of the mansion.

“I suppose it’s yours now, too.” Tommy sighed, getting out of the car.

“It’s bigger than anythin’ I’ve ever seen in my life.” She gaped, craning her neck to look at the upper windows. Tommy cocked an eyebrow.

“Where did you live with your brother?” He questioned, not looking at her.

“We had a house next to the bakery. It was only small though.” Emily replied, grabbing a hold of her suitcases.

“Here y'are, let me have one of those cases, I can’t let you carry ‘em both yourself.” Tommy thought manners would make the whole situation a lot easier. “We’ll go through to my office, that’s where I’ve had the family gather.”

They walked through the house together, neither daring to speak a word. Tommy stopped outside the office and looked at Emily. “I’ll go in first. Can you try and look a little bit happy, please?”

Thomas quietly entered the room and signalled for Emily to wait behind him while he announced her arrival. He stepped aside to reveal her. “This is Alfie Solomons’ sister, Emily. She’s to be my wife.”

Emily kept her face expressionless, not caring about what Tommy thought, but not wanting to anger the Shelby clan. “Evenin’.” She greeted bluntly, staring Tommy’s brothers down as they looked over her.

“Emily, these are my brothers: Arthur, John and his wife, Esme, and Finn,” Tommy gestured to each of them respectively, “Ada, my sister, and my aunt Polly,” He pointed to each woman, “that there is my cousin Michael, and over here we have Lizzy, our secretary.”

“The poor girl looks terrified.” An older woman in a dark blue dress spoke up from where she was sitting.

“Pol-,” Tommy began.

“No, ma'am, I’m not terrified actually. I’m just disgusted by your nephew’s barbaric behaviour. Now, can someone please escort me to my room?” Emily’s Cockney accent flooded her words.

Arthur volunteered and took one of her suitcases off his brother. He led her to a staircase and turned to look at her.

“I’m sorry about our Tommy’s behaviour.”

“But you’re Shelby’s. I thought you defended each other to the grave?” Emily asked in disbelief.

“Yes, well, there are sometimes exceptions. Like when my brother thinks with his cock and not his brain.”

“Well, from the stories I’ve heard, you’ve fallen victim to that once or twice yourself, Arthur Shelby. Come on, everyone’s fallen prey to their sexual desires at least once in their life. Anyway, can you take me to my room now, please?”


Emily sat on the king-size bed in her new bedroom, her gaze darting the between four framed photographs that lay on the sheets, as her fingers trailed over them.

Tommy entered the room looking tired and sullen. “Did you have to do that?” He questioned exasperated, referring to when she basically told on him to Aunt Polly.

“It’s was the truth,” Emily squeaked, tears coming to her eyes as she looked at an old photograph of a woman in her early 30s. “Can I put these on the dresser over there?” She asked, her voice breaking.

“Yes,” Tommy sighed, “as long as you tell me what’s wrong, and why this is such a bad situation.” Emily hummed quietly in agreement.

“Look, it’s not that I don’t find you attractive, okay, it’s just - Alfie promised me that I’d never have to sell myself again. He promised me, he said ‘you’ll never ‘ave to do it again, Em, never’ and he lied.” She hadn’t noticed the tears that had begun to cascade down her cheeks until Tommy softly wiped them away.

“You’ve sold yourself before?” He asked quietly, concern in his eyes.

“It’s was during the war. Alfie had gone off to fight.” She scoffed at herself, “I sound pathetic, don’t I? Needin’ my brother to protect me? Anyway, money was tight and Ma told me I was woman enough to provide for us.”

“Jesus. How old were you?”

“14. Sorry, Shelby, Alfie sold you damaged goods.” She whispered. He noticed suddenly that the light in her eyes had disappeared as soon as they left London.

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Mornings Like These (DK) // Oneshot

Seokmin, or “DK Sings” as he’s called on YouTube, just started vlogging on his second channel a few months ago. You, his girlfriend, are unfortunately a bit camera shy.

Genre: Youtuber au, Fluff

Word Count: 3302

// Beep //
“Goooooooooood morning everyone! DK here!” Seokmin said as he waved at the vlogging camera he was holding in his other hand, “Thank you for tuning in to my second channel! Today I’m going to break into my girlfriend’s hotel room, take her to breakfast, and then surprise her with a date to Disneyland under the pretense that I have to meet some of the panelists a day before the convention starts. She’s going to be so surprised!”

The smiley male picked up a couple travel bags from the ground, tossed them onto his bed, and began to search through them, hand rummaging through its contents until he found what he was looking for: an unopened pack of toothpaste.

“Ah! Here it is! You know I always carry an extra tube of toothpaste, ever since that incident with Soonyoung and the others,” he said to the camera, a shutter running down his spine as he remembered the event, “If you haven’t seen that vlog I’ll link the video in the description box, or you can click the annotation right here to see it!”

After pointing to a random direction of the screen that he was going to put the link over, he walked into the bathroom and set the camera down on the counter, leaning down towards it as he continued the conversation.

“Okay, so I’m going change and get ready, since I’m still in my pajamas. It’s… 6:25 AM right now. Y/N usually wakes up at 7, so I have less than an hour. Ah! Wish me luck! I’ll get back to you in a sec!” Seokmin exclaimed in excitement as he winked at the camera before turning it off.

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bechloe???? imagine your OTP wit their first young kid (like 1 years old) and the kid gets sick for the first time and your OTP doesn't know what to do so they call their parents and whatever happens next is up to you

[Beca 7:29 pm]: Omw home. How’s Em?

[Chloe 7:35 pm] same. temp wont go down :(

[Beca 7:36 pm] Shit. What are we going to do?

[Beca 7:45 pm] Chlo???

Beca sighed as her text once again went unanswered, the brunette lazily tossing her iPhone into the cup holder before curling her hands around the steering wheel; she couldn’t wait to get home, she needed to make sure her kid was okay.

Earlier that morning, Beca had gotten up to start her usual morning with her wife and daughter only to find Chloe pacing through the nursery with a whimpering Emily cradled in her arms, the one-year-old clutching at her ear.

After that, it was a blur of taking care of the infant while half dressing herself for yet another day full of interviews to promote her upcoming tour; Beca had wanted to stay home, but Chloe had practically pushed her out the door.

For the entire day, Beca had kept her phone glued to her hand as she frequently received texts from her wife updating her on Emily’s sickness while her knee bounced anxiously in hopes that it would some how speed up each interview she was forced into.

Beca sighed in relief as she finally pulled up her driveway, her hand reaching up to jab at the garage door opener on her car visor before she easily pulled in beside Chloe’s Ford Explorer before scrambling from the car.

The brunette hurried into the house, the alarm beeping to alert her entrance as she followed the sound of Chloe’s soft voice and heartbreaking cries, Beca wincing as she sped her walk up to the living room.

The DJ paused as she took in the sight of Chloe bouncing Emily in her arms as she walked through the room, her red locks piled haphazardly on top of her head and a burp cloth thrown over her shoulder, her blue eyes swimming with building tears.

“Thank God you’re home,” Chloe breathed out once she caught sight of her wife, the woman shaking her head. “I-I called the doctor and I set up an appointment for tomorrow, but she won’t stop crying. Sh-she’s in so much pain.”

“It’s okay,” Beca soothed as she crossed the room to stand beside her wife, her fingers gliding through the soft brown locks on her daughter’s head while frowning softly. “Little dude, what’s going on?”

“Ea.” Emily whimpered as she clutched her tiny fist around her ear.

“I know, kiddo,” Beca sighed as she smoothed a hand over the back of her daughter’s head before looking to her wife, a worried expression on her face. “Maybe we should like call one of our moms.”

Chloe’s eyes widened before she nodded, “That’s a good idea.”

“Okay, you go call your mom and I’ll take Em,” Beca smiled as she held her arms out for her daughter, Chloe humming as she pressed a kiss to Emily’s warm head before handing her over to her wife.

Emily whined at the jostling Beca did to move her to a comfortable position, the little girl arching her back in protest and Beca easily settled a hand on her midback to steady her before beginning to walk through the room.

“Hey, hey,” Beca cooed as she bounced the one-year-old, the baby whimpering as she nuzzled comfortably into her mother’s neck. “It’s okay, little dude. Mama’s here. We’ll getcha feeling better in no time.”

“Mama.” Emily whimpered, rubbing her nose against Beca’s neck.

“I’m right here,” Beca assured her in a soft whisper as she dragged her nose over the top of Emily’s head, the baby clinching her fists around her mother’s button up shirt. “Shh, baby. I’m right here.”

Emily’s whimpers slowly began to melt away as she continued to twist Beca’s shirt, the brunette smiling adoringly as she swayed with her daughter before moving towards the kitchen where she could hear Chloe’s soft voice.

“I got her to calm down,” Beca murmured with a smug little grin, Chloe shooting her a look of amusement before continuing her conversation with her mother. “What’s she saying? Anything we can do till tomorrow?”

“My mom said we should try putting a warm washcloth over her ear,” Chloe said as she turned her mouth away from the phone. “And if she’s still really fussy then she said there’s a few oils we can run to the store for.”

“Okay.” Beca nodded, the worry clear on her face.

“Apparently, I had tons of earaches whenever I was Em’s age,” Chloe added before muttering something to her mother and ending the phone conversation. “My mom said they’re pretty normal.”

“That sucks. I don’t like her being in pain.” Beca frowned as she continued to sway side to side, Emily humming lightly against her neck as she snuggled closer. “We should probably get a washcloth warmed up for her.”

“Okay,” Chloe nodded as she smoothed a hand down Emily’s back, her head tilting to the side to look at the one-year-old who cooed at the sight of her mother. “Don’t worry, baby, mommy is gonna make you feel better, okay?”

“Mommy is the best at making us feel better, huh?” Beca grinned.

Chloe smiled softly at her wife before leaning forward to press a kiss to her lips, “How’d the interviews go?”

“Fine.” Beca shrugged. “I just wanted to get home.”

“Why?” Chloe frowned as she moved to gather a washcloth from a drawer.

“Why do you think?” Beca scoffed as she walked towards the kitchen table, sitting down slowly and shifting Emily in her arms. “I hate the idea of you being home with Em alone when she’s this sick. I wanted to be here too.”

“We were okay, she didn’t really start getting fussy till about an hour ago.” Chloe shrugged as she warmed the sink water, her finger dancing underneath the tap. “She just held her ear all day and slept in my lap.”

“I still wish I would’ve been here.” Beca muttered.

“Well, next earache you can stay with her instead,” Chloe teased as she finally ran the cloth under the tap, the redhead draining it before moving towards her wife and daughter. “Do you want to hold her or should I?”

“I’ve got her.” Beca assured her with a small nod.

Chloe nodded slowly as she pulled a chair towards the pair and reached to gently pull Emily’s hand from her ear, the baby whining in protest before releasing a small breath at warm cloth that replaced her grasp.

“Becs, you can’t be upset with yourself for not being here,” Chloe sighed as she kept her gaze locked on her daughter. “You’ve got a tour coming up, and this won’t be the last time I’m home alone with her when she’s sick. It’s okay.”

“I just don’t want you to think that I duck out every time something hard comes up with her. I don’t want to be like my dad.” Beca mumbled. “Every time I was sick, my mom was the only one who took care of me.”

“Beca, you’re amazing with her,” Chloe assured her. “You’ve been here for all her huge milestones and that’s what matters. You’re an awesome mom, I promise. She loves you so much. Look at her.”

Beca glanced down at the baby cuddled in her arms, the one-year-old’s fluttering her lashes against Beca’s neck before she yawned and rubbed a fist against her nose, Beca smiling lovingly at the little girl.

“She really is perfect.” Beca sighed.

“Well, she was your egg so I don’t think we should be surprised she’s perfect.” Chloe chirped, Beca rolling her eyes playfully before Emily babbled softly. “See, even Emily agrees with me. We think you’re perfect.”

“Not quite as perfect as this moment right now.” Beca shrugged as she looked between her wife and daughter. “I know I can’t change that I wasn’t here all day, but I’m glad I’m here now. There’s no where else I’d rather be.”

“Of course not.” Chloe teased with a wink. “We love you, Becs.”

“I love you guys too.” Beca whispered before she dropped a kiss to Emily’s head before leaning forward to meet Chloe’s lips with her own, lingering for a long moment before drawing away to nudge their noses together.

Weekly Yoga - Henry Cavill One Shot

A/N. Apparently, the sight of Henry at the gym is too much for you all to bear. I wrote this for a lovely lady who enjoyed the gif set down below. Enjoy, my love!

The sky was dark, as Emily entered the gym. She was clutching a coffee in the palms of her hands, and a yoga mat beneath her arm. It was 5am in the middle of the week. She’d made a promise to her friend that she would be there this morning. As a secretary, Emily had little need to be fit. She filed paperwork, answered the phone and occasionally was asked to fetch coffee. Her best friend Bree, was a different woman. The kind of woman who climbed mountains, practiced meditation and spoke several different languages in her free time. It was their friendship that dragged her from her bed this morning, and their friendship that was on the line as Emily peered into the empty room. Was she in the right place? Was it the right day of the week? At this time of day, Emily could not be certain. As she took a seat on a piece of equipment, she dialed her best friends number.

“Where in the hell, are you?” she yawned, reclining in her seat. There was a laugh on Bree’s end that was followed by a breathy sigh.

“In bed, actually” came the response. “Are you always this polite? Or am I getting special treatment on this gorgeous Wednesday morning?”

Emily took a giant sip of coffee before burying her face in her hands. “It’s Wednesday?” she groaned. “You can’t be serious. How did I miss an entire day?”

Bree began to laugh, in musical manner. Even at this time of day, she was more charming and lovely than Emily could ever dream. They had been best friends for many years, now. “I wish I knew, Em. I wish I knew. Is there anyone else around? You could probably sneak back to bed without anyone knowing”

Emily appreciated the gesture. It went against everything Bree believed in, to be asleep after the sun came up. “You’ll know I went home” she chuckled. As Emily took another sip of coffee, she moved her eyes across the room. She was definitely the only one here. In an effort to impress her friend, and an effort to avoid the cold, Emily decided that she would stay.

“Does this count as my weekly workout?” she yawned, running her fingers through her hair. Again, Bree laughed before she offered a response.

“I’m going to text you the name of an app” she chuckled. “It may help with some basic positions. If you get I’m the first three lessons I promise to let you be for the week.” Emily was no fool. She immediately accepted the offer, and moved her belongings to an empty patch of floor.

“Let’s get this over with” she reluctantly yawned. After a few minutes, Emily found herself enjoying the app. The positions were quite simple, and she had been left in charge of her own coffee breaks. It was exercise the way it should always be. Minimal sweat, minimal effort and so slow paced she had time to refil her coffee cup. As Emily made her way through the stretches, she found herself staring up at the ceiling. An arm was pulled across her chest, and she was listening to her favourite album. Mariah Carey was an odd choice to accompany exercise. But Emily couldn’t help it. There was something about a 90’s power ballad that kept her motivated and inspired. As she heard the opening bars to Fantasy, Emily began to hum along. She didn’t have a bad voice. And there was no one around. She quietly sang the opening few lines as she moved to stretch the other arm. It was a good a time as any to pay homage to Mariah. As she quietly moved through the verse, Emily felt a smile across her lips. There was something nice about this yoga thing. “"Baby I’m so into you” she sang, as she moved to be seated. “Darlin’ if you only knew, all the things that float through my mind.” At this point, Emily was on her feet, moving towards the water cooler. As she swayed her hips, she continued singing. “It’s just a sweet sweet fantasy baby, when I close my eyes.. You come and take me on and on and on…”

Her song was interrupted by the hint of laughter. As Emily removed her ear buds, she scanned the room in search of a voice. It apparently belonged to a very handsome man. He was laying on top of a bench, lifting his body weight with some metal rings. “How is he doing that?” she whispered. She had only been stretching, and was already more puffed than she had even been in her life. This man lifting 200lbs and had enough oxygen left to laugh. As he finished his set, he flashed Emily a smile. “Please, don’t stop on my account.”

Emily laughed, and placed her hair behind her ears. “Are you sure? It’s a little early to be verbally assaulted like that.” The man offered a charming smile.

“I’m Henry” he replied. He wiped his hand on a towel before extending it to Emily. “You’ve got an interesting take on stretching” he grinned, watching as her cheeks flushed red.

“There is a reason I don’t teach the class” she chuckled. “My name is Emily” she continued. Henry rose to his feet, as he flashed another smile. “Have you been here for very long?” Henry ran his tongue across his lips, as he reached for his bottle of water. The movement was distracting, and enough to overwhelm Emily. His shoulders were broad and well defined and his torso resembled that of a marble statue.

“I walked in somewhere between Heartbreaker and Hero” came the reply.

Emily felt her cheeks flush red, as she heard him speak. “Ah yes. The classics” she grinned. Ordinarily, she’d have made a run for it by now. The idea of public humiliation ranked high on her list of fears. But there was something about the way he smiled that put her at ease. “Do you have any requests? I’m about to do some floor work, if there’s a song you’d like to hear.” Henry began to shake his head, as a smile spread across his lips.

“I’ll be with you in a second, actually. Just surprise me” he chuckled. Although Emily was finished for the morning, she couldn’t bring herself to leave. He obviously worked very hard in the gym. And she would never forgive herself if she missed the show. As she placed her mat upon the floor, Emily reached for a medicine ball. She’d seen Bree do weighted sit ups before. “How hard could that be?” Emily whispered. As she spent the next few minutes faking a routine, Emily discovered that exercise was quite difficult. Her stomach ached, her arms were sore and there seemed to be sweat rolling down her body. As Emily moved her eyes to Henry, the dull aches became completely worth it. He was shirtless now, doing chin ups with his back on display. Emily felt her breathing slow, as she drank in each individual muscle. Henry was covered in beads of sweat and was moving in a way that made her groan. His body was immense. Powerful, and something she was aching to touch. As she heard him finish the final rep, Emily immediately sprang into action. Laying on her stomach, she lifted her body in to a plank. Her weight was resting on her elbows as she held her body straight. She was sure that Henry could see her ass, and was holding on for as long as she could bare. After a few seconds, Emily’s breath caught in her chest. There was a hand on her ass, lightly guiding her posture.

“You’re doing well” Henry grinned. “Just move your hips slightly closer to the ground.” As Emily fought the urge to smile, she followed his advice.

“Is this better?” she replied. Once again Henry chuckled.

“It’s slightly better than before. Would it be easier if you watched me do it?”

Emily swallowed a lump in her throat, as she placed her body back on the ground. She nodded her head, as she caught his gaze. A few seconds later he was on his elbows. The sight was something Emily committed to memory.

“You can also do these on your side” Henry smiled, as he moved onto his left arm. Emily could now see his entire torso, tanned and covered in tiny droplets of sweat. Effortlessly, he changed positions. He was now offering a view of his back. It was becoming too much for Emily to stand, and would need to cool things down before she jumped into his lap.

“You’re very good at this” she smiled, as he laid back down. “Are you a personal trainer?” It was Henry’s turn to laugh as he looked at his companion.

“You flatter me” he grinned. “But I’m not a trainer. I need to be in shape for work, and I suppose I’ve picked up some tips over the last few years. For instance” he continued. “I can help you perfect that plank if you offer me a bit of trust.” Emily’s heart began to race, as she scanned his face. He was so ridiculously handsome.

“What do I need to do?” she smiled. Henry placed his hand on her mat and dragged Emily close to his side. He considered his words very carefully, before looking into Emily’s eyes.

“I need you to lie down on top of me” he smiled. If it was possible for Emily to leave her body, she’d have done so at that exact moment.

“Won’t I crush you?” she stuttered. Henry gently shook his head as he moved her body to cover his own. She was staring into his baby blues, as he offered the next piece of instruction.

“All you need to do is tense your body. Hold it as straight as you can” he whispered. “I’m going to put my hands on your hips” he continued. “And then I’ll push you into the air.” Struggling for air, Emily nodded her head.

“Are you sure I’m not too heavy?” she replied.

Before he offered a word of response, Henry lifted her tiny frame. “I’m sure” he grinned. “I could actually probably do push ups with you in this position.” Emily fought the urge the smile, as she concentrated on her position. She didn’t want to gain an injury or appear ungraceful in front of this God. Tightening his grip, Henry began to move. He lowered her body within an inch of his own and then extended his arms as far as they would go. “Would you like to keep count?” he smiled. 

The next few minutes passed like a dream. Henry continued to raise and lower her body, with little effort and minimal sweat. Though Emily wanted to stay in his arms, she was starting to feel an ache in her stomach. This was the most she had been active all year. Gorgeous or not, she would eventually have to be put back down. As she finally rounded the count to fifty, Emily glanced at Henry’s face.

“I think need a break” she chuckled. It was a second later she was lying against his stomach. As she felt his hands wander down her sides, Emily did her best to brave. He was gorgeous and he was interested. This was not something she was going to let escape. Placing her lips against his ear, Emily did her best to sound sultry. “Is there anything else you’d like to show me?”

She could almost hear him smile as he placed his lips against her jaw. “My god, you have no idea…”

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Bella house party. A lot of commentary from the bellas about drunk chloe and beca being all relationshippy (but aren't together.. Yet). Beca/chloe says fuck you (all in good fun) and chloe/beca just says yeah, if you want to. And then, yeah.. (So basically shane/carmen from the l word just bechloe).

“I still don’t fully believe that you two haven’t sealed the deal,” Stacie said behind her red solo cup, eying Beca and Chloe from across the room. The house had gotten significantly louder as the night wore on, but the words were still capable of being heard, at least, the blush rising on Beca’s cheeks indicated as much. 

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Christine countess wigs, round two (round one here): 

1. Susan Sereda, Toronto, 2. Emilie Lynn, World Tour, 3. Anna O'Byrne, West End, 4. Grace Morgan, restaged US tour, 5. Rebecca Caine, West End, 6. Valerie Link, Hamburg, 7. Kaley Ann Voorhees, Broadway, 8. Claire Doyle, West End, 9. Rachel Barrell, West End

London calls

Emily was busy humming to herself as she wandered around the white plain room, there was clothes strewn all around; mainly her gothic boots and black tops were on the also white bed “I am so excited” she mused looking at Asylum, his golden eyes staring back at her. Her heart jumped a beat when he looked at her like this, his long white hair hanging to one side as the other half was tucked behind his ear “We can walk at night time in the snow or rain, see the big ben, go on a double decker bus.” she squealed jumping in his arms.

Challenge 45: Get Your Gif On: Science

Wowza, animating is harder than it looks! This was a whole bunch of fun and I’d love to do it again and maybe make something that isn’t having a seizure, haha. This is a Neil DeGrasse Tyson quote because he is awesome. It’s not exactly what I had in mind when I started but I still enjoyed the process.

Thank you guys a million times over for welcoming me to Square Carousel. I’m looking forward to doing some awesome things with you guys. 

Emily Hum

Colton: Olicity is a ship name for Oliver and Felicity and i’m terrified to be in scenes with Emily.

Emily: What is shipping?

Colton: Shipping is like a… Like a sexual relationship online (?) I guess.


Colton: So now basically i’m afraid to be in scenes… Even the same interview with Emily cause the fans will basically have me writen off the show cause i’m trying to ruin Olicity.

Interviewer: The fans are gonna start shipping you

Colton: They ship us in real life, not our characters we’re…

Emily: Emton.

Colton: …Emton

Interviewer: Omg!

Colton: Yeah.

Emily: hum-hum.

Colton: It’s become something. So… Yeah.

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A   S P E C I A L   G U E S T

Emily hummed to herself as she sat in the library, reading a book. Emily was absolutely thrilled to hear that the young lord had a library at all. Then again, this was a luxurious mansion. Emily, though, was not used to such extravagance. It was a lot nicer than the streets, that’s for sure. Still, she did miss a few of the people who helped her… Emily sighed sadly, lowering the book, gazing off to the side.

“If only Mother was here…”

Homework {Private School AU, closed with Travelertrevor}

Emily hummed silently to herself as she gave the room one last quick glance around, just to make sure that no one was anywhere near by. She ran her tongue over her lips, her long brown hair up in a pony tail and her brown eyes safely hidden in a pair of goggles as she added a blue chemical to her mixture. “Alright and…” She began to whisper as she watched bubbles begin to form. A smile formed on her face as she started writing things down in her notebook… When the glass shattered. “Son of a…” She began to say when she heard the lab door open. She quickly spun on her heel to see who it was and gulped… Busted. “I… I wasn’t doing anything!" 

Pitchmas Parties and Mistletoes

Title: Pitchmas Parties and Mistletoes

Rating: K+

Summary: Emily was 17 when she began asking questions about her parents relationship. All basic things like where did they meet, how did they meet, when they knew it was love… Tomorrow, December 24th, is Beca and Chloe’s 20th anniversary. So it seems all but fitting for Emily to finally ask how they started dating.

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This one-shot is written specifically for the Tumblr user @intohervagenda Merry Pitchmas! (I’m your secret Santa).


Emily was 17 when she began asking questions about Beca and Chloe’s relationship. When did they meet, how did they know, when did they know, how did they confront it… Truthfully, Chloe had expected her to start asking questions way before her 17th birthday, seeing as herself and Beca had been together for 19 years and have known each other for at least 23.

And Emily knew their anniversary was December 24th, but she’d never asked why. Until today.

“Mum?” Emily hummed, looking up from her phone as she heard the light pitter-patter of Chloe’s fuzzy socks in the kitchen. The redhead turned at the sound of her daughter’s voice, eyebrows raised. She held a mug in her hand. It was an old mug Beca had gotten for her last Christmas, with MEET ME WHERE THE MUSIC MEETS THE OCEAN written on it in big bold letters.

“What’s up, Em?” Chloe questioned, shuffling towards her daughter, who was sitting on the carpet in their small-but-cozy living room. The 17 year old glanced around the room, eyes snagging on the Christmas tree Beca had set up in the corner. Or, at least, tried to set up. Truth is, the tree was very real and too big and Beca was small and easily grossed out by sap. In the end, Chloe had to dig out a screaming Beca from under a six foot tall tree and ended up calling Emily to help her stand the beast in the corner.

“Em?” Chloe prodded, when Emily remained silent. The brunette was snapped out of her remembrance, shaking her head a little before focusing on her mum.

“Yeah uh,” Emily mumbled, clearing her throat. “How did… um, okay, so, you know how it’s yours and mom’s anniversary.. like, tomorrow?”

Chloe nodded slowly, eyebrow raised. “Should I call Bec?” she asked gently, sliding in to sit beside her daughter.

Emily shrugged. “Yeah, sure, if you want. I mean it doesn’t really matter but…”

“Bec!” Chloe called, looking in the direction of the staircase. Beca was upstairs, Chloe knew that much. She was probably working on a mix of some sort. “Come down for a minute!”

A moment later, a tired sounding; “Just a minute Chlo!” sounded around the house, followed quickly by the sound of footsteps coming down the staircase. Beca, in all her 5'2 glory, rounded the corner and stepped into the living room. “Sup?”

Chloe glanced at her wife, and despite her slightly worried demeanor, her lips pulled back into a smile at the sight of her. Beca had an old worn-out gray tank top carelessly thrown on accompanied by a pair of Christmassy pajama pants that most definitely belonged to Chloe. Her hair was done up in a bun - at least it was supposed to be. It had mostly come loose and now hung limp around her face.

The redhead beckoned her forward with her hand, patting the spot next to her. Beca looked at her, confusion clearly etched on her face, but she came forward anyway, settling in beside Chloe.

“Is something wrong? Should I be worried?”

Emily’s head turned at break neck pace, looking directly at both her moms. “No. Nonono nothings wrong at all, oh my god I’m sorry did I worry you guys? I’m so sorry, no, I just-”

“Emily,” Beca cut her off, raising a hand. She tried to reach over Chloe to put it on her daughters thigh, but she couldn’t quite reach, so she settled for finding Chloe’s hand and tangling it up with hers instead.

“Sorry,” Emily mumbled, looking at her hands. “I was just… Um,” she bit her lip lightly before looking up at her moms. “How did you two… yknow… get together?”

The three women for silent for a moment, before both Beca and Chloe simultaneously cracked up, before suddenly bursting out in laughter.

“God, Em,” Beca managed, clutching her gut. “I thought you were going to say you were pregnant.”

Emily’s face went red in an instant, and her violently shook her head. “Oh my god, mom, no.” she all but yelled, glancing between her mothers in alarm.

It was Chloe who calmed down first. She took a moment to compose herself, before attempting to get Beca to settle down. It took a while, but she did it.

“How did we get together…” Chloe repeated idly, a sense of nostalgia washing over her. She bit her lip, and lolled her head around to look at Beca. “Aunt Stacie played a big role in that, didn’t she?”

Beca nodded fondly. “Oh yeah. I could’ve strangled her at the time.” she brunette muttered. A grin slowly made its way onto her face. “It was December 24th…”

“December 24th,” Chloe repeated, preparing herself to tell the tale.


Christmas Eve was kind of a big deal at the Bella house. Especially this year, not that Beca knew. Not Beca nor Chloe had any idea was was going to happen.

It was Stacie’s idea. She was the puppeteer behind this whole show that was going to play out. Project Bloe, she called it. It was all very simple when broken down. Stacie had gone out the night before and bought a couple mistletoe’s. Fat Amy would engage both Beca and Chloe in the same conversation, and Stacie would sneak up behind the two with the mistletoe. If all went well, Bloe would be…well, Bloe.

The party started at 8pm. Cynthia Rose was in charge of the punch, Jessica and Ashley were on “get Beca to actually come party” duty, Stacie was trying to find a place to hide the mistletoe, Fat Amy was just… around, and god knows where Lilly was. Chloe was, as always, beside the stereo, composing a party playlist. But the second the time showed 8, Fat Amy stood from her spot on the couch and threw her arms in the air.

“PARTY TIME, PITCHES!” she practically screamed, clapping her hands together. “Where’s DJ B?”

“Here!” A too-cheery voice announced, as Ashley and Jessica came around the corner, pulling behind them quite the grumpy looking DJ.

Just at that moment, Anna Sun by Walk the Moon started leaking through the stereo. And did Beca’s eyes ever light up at the sound of it.

“Oh, so now you’re happy to be here.” Fat Amy drawled, rolling her eyes. “Thanks B.”

Beca rolled her eyes, and struggled out of Ashley and Jessica’s grip with a promise not to run. And in a second, Chloe was in front of her, tugging her by the hand and into the middle of the living room with that same heart-stopping grin that left Beca breathless. The ginger climbed up onto the small coffee table in the middle of the room, and, locking eyes with Beca, she began singing along to the song.

Screen falling off the door,

Door hanging off the hinges,

My feet are still sore,

My back’s on the fringes.

“Chloe!” Cynthia Rose called from her position in the kitchen. “Damn girl, you’re gonna break that thing.”

Chloe blew a raspberry in her direction, but all the same jumped off the table and landed beside Beca. The second their eyes met, Beca knew she was in trouble.

“Dance with me, Becs,” Chloe practically whispered, taking the brunettes hand and forcefully spinning her around until Beca complied.

We were up against the wall,

On the west mezzanine,

We rattled this town,

We rattled this scene,

Around an hour later, and Beca found herself genuinely having a good time.

Chloe hadn’t left her side for the whole of the party, and she now found herself stuck in an animated conversation with the ginger and Fat Amy about what fruit turned into a liquid would be considered a juice.

“Limes wouldn’t be considered a juice,” Chloe was saying, crinkling her nose in disgust. “There’s no way. It’s much too sour and just… gross.”

“But is that what actually defines a juice?” Beca rebutted, quirking an eyebrow. “I mean, a lime would go through the same process as an orange to be made into a liquid, and it’s considered orange juice, so why not lime juice?”

“But- Amy what’re you grinning at?” Chloe frowned, finding herself interrupted by her friends creepy expression.

“Might wanna throw a glance to the heavens, red.” Fat Amy hummed, before casually shuffling away from the two girls. Chloe did as she was told, eyebrows furrowed as she glanced above her. Very quickly, a grin spread over her face as well, and she looked back down at Beca.

“Becs,” she murmured, reaching out with her hand and gently tilting Beca’s head up, hand on the brunette’s chin.

What Beca was greeted with when she looked up was a mistletoe, hanging loosely from a wooden pole. Beca’s eyes followed the wooden beam, only to see a way too happy Stacie holding the end of it a couple of feet away. Beca felt herself go red in the face, but there was no going back now. When she looked back down, she was surprised to see Chloe only a few inches away.

“You know the rules,” the ginger whispered. She was close enough now that Beca could feel her breath against her lips, and see every individual pore in her skin.

“I do, but Chlo…” Beca whispered back, surprisingly comfortable with the lack of distance. “Chloe I don’t wanna-”

“You won’t.” Chloe confirmed, millimeters away. “You won’t…” she repeated, and then all distance was gone. Beca was mildly aware of about half a dozen whoops and hollers coming from somewhere around them, but she was more concerned that Chloe, her Chloe, her Chloe that she had been growing more and more affectionate for through the years, was actually kissing her right now.

The kiss lasted longer then it probably should’ve, but at the end of it both Beca and Chloe were grinning like madmen. Long story short, they started dating after that.

And it was all Stacie’s fault.


“So Aunt Stacie played matchmaker for my parents..” Emily nodded, taking in the new information.

Chloe laughed and glanced at her wife. “I guess she did. And she most definitely wouldn’t shut up about it for at least a month. And even then the only reason she did is because Beca threatened to bash in the windows of her car.”

Beca groaned, remembering the month of nonstop chattering. “Your aunt is a real-”

“Nice person, right Bec?” Chloe cut her off with a pointed look, eyebrow raising.

Beca sighed and shook her head. “At least she gave me you,”

“Okay ew,” Emily interrupted, beginning to shift in her spot. She stood and stretched, before giving her moms a wave and leaving the room, tossing a merry Christmas over her shoulder.

Chloe turned in her spot to face her tiny DJ wife. ““At least she gave me you?” You’re a total softie miss “I’m-such-a-badass-watch-out-for-my-wrath.”

Beca shrugged, pursing her lips. “You love me.”

Chloe rolled her eyes, but all the same, leaned forward to give her wife a short kiss. “I do,” she murmured against her lips.

“Get a room!”

Both Beca and Chloe chuckled at the sound of their daughters voice, foreheads leaning against on another.

“Merry Christmas Becs.”

“Merry Christmas, Chloe.”


Merry Christmas y'all.

And a super duper special Merry Christ Pitchmas to intohervagenda!