emily hum

Not to add to the conspiracy theories, but.....

Emily Andrews has more information about this “relationship” than anyone else.

Markle wasn’t originally going to go to the wedding…then flew in on a private jet at the last moment.

Markle is clearly instigating as many PDAs as she can.

It just so happens that they are caught by a *photographer sent by Emily Andrews.

Ho hum.

(*Deleted or not, I don’t believe RP would have said that without a very good reason).

A   S P E C I A L   G U E S T

Emily hummed to herself as she sat in the library, reading a book. Emily was absolutely thrilled to hear that the young lord had a library at all. Then again, this was a luxurious mansion. Emily, though, was not used to such extravagance. It was a lot nicer than the streets, that’s for sure. Still, she did miss a few of the people who helped her… Emily sighed sadly, lowering the book, gazing off to the side.

“If only Mother was here…”

Challenge 45: Get Your Gif On: Science

Wowza, animating is harder than it looks! This was a whole bunch of fun and I’d love to do it again and maybe make something that isn’t having a seizure, haha. This is a Neil DeGrasse Tyson quote because he is awesome. It’s not exactly what I had in mind when I started but I still enjoyed the process.

Thank you guys a million times over for welcoming me to Square Carousel. I’m looking forward to doing some awesome things with you guys. 

Emily Hum

Challenge 50: Lowbrow Threadless: Dia de los Muertos

This was really pretty out of my comfort zone because I’ve never made an image with cultural meaning beyond my own heritage. I really just find the flow of lines and aesthetic beautiful. The quote translates to “The ones alive need everything, the dead need nothing.”