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emily-theperson94  asked:

What are some good scomiche fan fiction I read

Girl, you’ve come to the right place- yours truly is a pro *cracks knuckles*

*= smut

Oneshot Series

The One Hitter Quitter Book by ClemsWyfe

PTX One Shots by violetbee

I’ll Cover You ~ {Scomiche Oneshots} by slaythefcute*

Scraps (Scomiche) by _opheliac*

scxmiche by cxmille*

Scomiche One Shots.. R by AleashaClark

Scatterbrained- (Scomiche) One-shots & Mini Stories by feminenemy22

Th*rsty (Scomiche) by evekatalbas*

Wonderful, Beautiful Plots 

Seeing Through (Scomiche) by _opheliac*

Captives: A Marble and BlackStar Adventure by KareBearStare

Room With A View: A Marble and BlackStar Adventure by KareBearStare*

The Ties That Bind: A Marble and BlackStar Adventure by KareBearStare*

Oncoming Storms: A Marble and BlackStar Adventure by KareBearStare*

Temptation  by YoutubeOTPsaremylife* (queen!)

I’m Not The Only One (Scomiche) by evekatalbas*

Lacrimosa (Scomiche) by feminenemy22*

You Ruined Me (Scomiche) by feminenemy22*

Silver & Gold (Scomiche) by feminenemy22

Blue by cxmille*

The Tsunami by wyattsdads

This House Is Not a Home (Scomiche) (Troyler) by violetbee (sequel is up now too!)*

Sahara - {Scomiche AU} by slaythefcute*

These are legitimately maybe half of them but my fingers are tired af


Scomiche: One Shots ® by tfoweeklyobsessions (shoutout @ u daisy timeforourweeklyobsessions)

Cherry Bomb by slaythefcute (OKAY OKAY I KNOW ITS MONNOR BUT ITS HOT)

One, Two, Three (Scomiche, Scolex, Milex, and Scomilex) by DeanneAdams

I’ll admit I’m a Scomilex baby at heart, I mean 3 is better than two.

Feel free to explore love 

-nadia xx