emily henney


You’ve been warned.

Just some more of my thoughts. I’m a Paget girl, through and through :D

So okay, kill emily more, why don’t you. Also, the scalpel to the eyeball might have been the most intense part of that episode….visually, anyway.

I am actual, literal, hotchniss trash. And I cannot love Emily more for putting Hotch and Jack first. 

“He loves being a full time dad.” <3 I will admit I scoffed a little, but hey, let’s make him happy.

I am more than relieved they finally killed scratch. Actually looking forward to this season now. 

They wrote Monica beautifully. But nearly everyone walking away and one person dead? Okay. Sure.

Emily is nonstop smart having Reid stay back with her. And also just plain heartbreaking.

Happy to see some JJ and Will. Beyond stoked for more Rossi sass. We don’t get sassy prentiss emily more so I’m happy Rossi is stepping up, haha.

I want:
More Tara
Some treatment scenes or something with Reid
Some let loose Emily….I miss her.
Just some good writing, okay?
Another wheels up music video


Live-Action Big Hero Six Fancast

The idea came to me after I was watching The Flash with theoneandonlyonepiece, and now all I can see is Emily Bett Rickards as Honey Lemon (she suggested it) and this came about! I added their “aesthetics” too, since I see people do that a lot.


+ Bonus Daniel Henney and Ryan Potter as Hiro and Tadashi Hamada (because I literally couldn’t think of anyone else for the parts):

/////////////////// JOIN THE PARTY JUNE 21ST /////////////////////


Kalama+Tea is pleased to introduce our first character poster featuring: Liam (Xavier De Salaberry) and Becca (Emily Henney)!!
Photo Credit: Fojan Nixie Shabrang (@MzMustard) 

And with that we’re happy to announce that All’s Fair Play will premiere on June 21st (exactly 1 year since we said goodbye to Jane!) 

- Kalama+Tea Productions