emily harkness

Day 06 – Favourite scene.
Iantoness has to figure into this day.
I mean some of the scenes between him and Jack in s1 alone are worth considering. hmm, its gonna be somewhere between TKKS and End of Days.
although I can’t not mention 02x12 Alice and Emily from early years Torchwood.

No, I don’t think even Alice can wrestle this day away from Iantoness I’m gonna be cliche i think End of Days.
the gif doesn’t do it justice, just Jacks walk up and kind of ‘by the way, not dead,” grabbing Ianto and snogging his face off, :D 

Jily: First kiss, for anon

They were fighting. It was over something stupid, the patrol schedules or something equally inconsequential, but neither one was letting up. In fact, Lily had been annoyed at James ever since she had heard from Dorcas Meadows that there was a rumour going about that James was dating Emily Harkness in the year below. Not that she should care, it wasn’t like they were together or anything but… They’d been talking recently. No, it was more than talking. They’d become unbelievably close - Lily wasn’t sure she had ever felt so close to anyone before… And then he had started dating someone else.

The redhead glared at the boy in front of her, suddenly sick of their petty argument “Fine, whatever, just go on back to your girlfriend.” She said in a sickly sweet voice, her gaze stony and unrelenting.

James’ expression however changed from angry to confused “What?” He asked, drawing his eyebrows together “What are you going on about Evans?”

“Oh come on, no need to pretend. Half the school knows about you and Emily,” Lily said, hating how she sounded jealous.

But she wasn’t. She couldn’t be. She didn’t even care about him, right? James halted again, his face utterly confused “You mean Emily Harkness?” He asked before letting out a scoff, running his hands over his face before straightening his glasses “I’m tutoring her. She needed help with Transfiguration so McGonagall volunteered me.”

That was when Lily felt a wave of embarrassment wash over her, her cheeks growing hot “Oh… Right. Well I just thought that-”

“You were jealous.” He cut in with a smirk, stepping closer to her

“I was not.” Lily tried to protest but her conviction died out when he was standing directly in front of her, their bodies barely a hairsbreadth away.

“Were too,” He mumbled and then suddenly his lips were on hers and Lily forgot what day it was.

She didn’t care that he was James Potter, she didn’t care that they still hadn’t finished the patrol schedule, she didn’t care that anyone could walk by and she didn’t care about the war - all she cared about was kissing him.