emily haine


Metric/The Clash At Demonhead - Black Sheep

Yes The Clash at Demonhead are a fictional band from the comic and film Scott Pilgrim vs The World but sometimes fictional bands put out the best songs (The Blues Brothers anyone?).

You can listen to the original version from Metric’s album Fantasies with Emily Haine’s voice and a slightly different composition or enjoy this version with Brie Larson’s voice leading the song. Either way both are a good time!

little metric things i love (in no particular order)

-the beeping at the end of Collect Call -the phone sounds at the end of The Face Pt. 1 -The “bam chicka bam chicka boom boom boom” at the beginning of Monster Hospital -all the French in Poster of a Girl -the “sing with me” in Rock Me Now -the Combat Baby and Succexy music videos with the stop motion animation -the opening of Artificial Nocturne -the fade from Artificial Nocturne to Youth Without Youth to Speed the Collapse -the fade from Blind Valentine to The Governess -the “wall to wall to wall to wall to street to street to street” at the end of Rock Me Now -the incredible mood shift in Empty add onto this

anonymous asked:

for root x shaw songs have you heard "our hell" by emily haines and the soft skeleton? i think abt them every time i hear that song esp the bit that goes "there's a pattern in the system/there's a bullet in the gun/that's why i tried to save you/but it can't be done"

those are so beautiful?? i feel like i should lay down and close my eyes listening to them and i’m gonna