emily grave


 «Remember that day… I ran into you and Sammy in the park? Suddenly, I felt like everything was gonna be okay. You’ve always made me feel s a f e, Jack. I know things got complicated since then with Aiden and Amanda. But I never stopped feeling that way when I was around you. I guess I’m just scared. This whole mess isn’t over yet, and I don’t know how it’s gonna e n d

«Neither do I. But I know that I won’t let it end without   t h i s .»


They didn’t know how to write Laurel properly because there wasn’t a Batman character they could rip off.

anonymous asked:

imagine the trouble the BAU could potentially get into with emily in charge

“emily stop spending the FBI budget on tequila”

“emily you can’t turn the BAU into a stray cat sanctuary”

“emily why is your team carrying 8 guns each”

“emily did you haze the new agent by telling everyone to play dead when he walks in or they’re fired”

“emily why did you install a wine cooler in your office”

“emily you can’t ask the press ‘how does this ass taste?’ in response to them getting something wrong”

“emily did you steal the jet to see a concert”

“emily why is your grave hanging above your desk”



Emily ducked behind a wall as a spell hit the building beside her. Her rusty brown hair that once was in a neat ponytail was now on her shoulders in a mess and her light brown eyes were closed tightly shut. Her arms shot up to cover her face from the debris that flew from the blasted wall. She hoped her distress signal had reached the department. Thomas, her auror partner, was dead and she wouldn’t be able to handle whoever was attacking them alone.