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so I watched that elf show and boy oh boy I love all the characters with all my heart


Okay so I don’t know how long ago it was, it’s gonna no doubt take me forever to find it and repost it, but I cALLED IT!!!

A while ago I said that maybe the guy in the picture Bex tore up wasn’t Bowie because we never got to see him, I pointed this out because it was around the time everyone was still not entirely sold on Andi’s father being white because Andi looks mixed but Bex is mixed so Andi would look more white than Asian being that she would be mixed with a mom who’s mixed yada yada yada long story short people weren’t happy just yet that Bowie was white. I decided to point out that the guy in the picture may not have been Bowie after all and we may actually get an Asian man as Bex’s love interest since she may still be interested in him since she tore up the picture (meaning it meant something to her). But I never thought we were going to come back to that and now that we have - I AM ALL KNOWI- nah but seriously I called it. I want that on record. I am picking up all the foreshadowing Andi Mack is laying down, fam!😉😎 I WANT THIS ON RECORD….AND I WANT TO FIND THAT POST!! 😢

The Guy In The Photo (Theories On Who He Could Be)

A couple of possibilities:

  1. He is Bex’s husband/fiance.
  2. He is actually Andi’s father.


Now #1, imo, is more likely because she had been gone for awhile and let’s be honest it’s not like she couldn’t have just gotten married or at least engaged while away from the family.

However, #2 could happen. But so far we have no reason to believe Bowie isn’t Andi’s dad. If that were to be the case, though, then can you imagine the heartache??? Bowie being told he’s actually not the dad, Andi being told the man she’s been bonding with and getting close to isn’t her dad, Ham and CeCe having to cope with how the amazing guy they both welcomed into the family isn’t the dad. That would suck and a lot of explaining and apologies would be resting on Bex’s shoulders, for sure. But I’m hoping this isn’t the case because that would be way unfair of Bex and way too complicated for a kid’s show imho. Ofc a secret fiance or secret hubby would be complicated as well….it just seems way less complicated in the end. To me anyways. For some reason.

The timeline from Ian’s Laptop trails Alison #PLL

  • 2006-2007 Toby’s mom, Marion Cavanaugh began to show symptoms of some sort of illness or depression.
  • October 30, 2008 Aria and Alison catches Byron Montgomery (Aria’s dad) kissing Meredith Sorenson in a back alley.
  • Sometime between 2008-2009 Alison comforts Hanna when her father leaves them for another woman.
  • Sometime between 2008-2009 Alison tricks Aria into thinking that her father, Byron lied about breaking it off with Meredith and the two destroy his office. Byron assumes this was the act of Meredith herself, Aria finally tells him the truth in 3.02.
  • 2009 Jenna begins to have relations with Toby.
  • Early in the summer of 2009 Ali spots Ian kissing Spencer
  • July 2009 Alison swears she sees Toby staring at her outside of Emily’s window.
  • July 2009 Ali convinces the girls that the person watching them was Toby and that they should teach him a lesson. She lights the stink bomb setting the the shed on fire and blinding Jenna.
  • Somewhere between July and August 2009, one of the NAT members managed to get photos of Spencer and Hanna’s laptop.
  • Jenna wrote something very important while at the Blind Center Philadelphia. So important that Garrett felt the need to give to the NAT club. Sometime in August 2009.
  • August 2009 Ali was spotted by Mona Vanderwaal at a boutique in Brookhaven.

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Maya and Alison Connection

Have you guys noticed that whenever someone dies in PLL you always see the body?

Kinda gross, I know. But just saying, you see all of the bodies except for…..



‘Alison’ (but we know she’s not in there)

I think that these two 'deaths’ are very important. Maya knew something about Alison. Maybe she knew Ali was alive or knows more about the A team or Ali’s killer than we think. But why show all of the bodies and not Ali and Maya’s? 


Post what you think! Why not?


OKAY SO I’m rewatching seasons 3-5 over the weekend and I obv started with S3E1 and I was like oh well they say that this episode parallels with S1E1 so I’d better watch that first and then start season 3 right

So I did that and I made notes for each episode and was comparing/contrasting what might parallel and I had an epiphany

THEY PARALLEL, which means you can use the pilot to plug in things in S3E1, AND VICE VERSA


ALSO, now that we’re so far into this story we’ve learned other things about the night Ali was attacked, and we should be plugging all of it in when watching 101 and 301

here’s a couple things I noticed, but I would love for anyone who has the time to watch these two episodes together and cross reference BOTH WAYS and post about it in the pll theories tag because you guys are so much smarter than me and I wanna collaborate

101x301 Parallels

Sleepover, drinking + drugged
Ali drugged the girls/A drugged Emily
Spencer mixed drugs + alcohol/Emily unknowingly did
Both have unclear potentially true or false memories of hurting “Alison”

*Remember that Ali told Hanna the girls know more about that night than they think, which has never been explained

NOTE: FUCKING MARLENE KING OH MY GOD, the girls are talking in 301 and Aria hears something but Hanna says “ITS JUST THE WIND” and immediately after they get an A text that says “Show me your boobs” and they joke about A being Mona’s brother, and he turns out to be Alison’s, like are you kidding me

*Originally we’re led to believe that Ezra and Mona care about Aria and Hanna while in reality they always had ulterior motives (Ezra’s book, Mona being A) / We’re led to believe Toby is a model friend and boyfriend while in reality is on the A team, so we have some of the liars being tricked in both episodes. I also think this applies to Wren: introduced as lovable in season 1, reimagined as having ulterior motives in season 3, specifically S3E1 when he explains to Hanna he’s working at Radley “Quid Pro Quo”

*If Mona was originally A and was basically hiding in plain sight and in the pilot when the girls got their first A messages and often popped up during the season, PLL logic rules argue that the same can be said of Charles.

*S3E1 the girls are being set up for taking “Ali’s” body, destroy and bury evidence (Spencer’s field hockey stick was buried originally/here, Aria and Hanna bury shovel), rehearse a fake alibi (Wilden said in season one that their original story seemed rehearsed.) Can this parallel to fill in some blanks about the liars on that night?

*Originally, Bethany escaped Radley that night and was killed in Ali’s backyard / Maya escaped from someone and was killed in Emily’s backyard

(trying to tell Emily something important; MAYA KNEW, possibly knew Ali was alive because she had some of Ali’s things + stayed at Kahn cabin; this could work because originally Mona knew Ali was alive, which would also be a parallel!)

Can this parallel to Bethany knowing Charles was alive?

*Spencer hallucinates seeing Alison in her old bedroom/Aria hallucinates seeing A in the school bathroom, have fun with that connection 😂

*Jessica Dilaurentis knows who “killed” Alison/Garrett knows who took “her” body