Pretty Little Liars 6x06 ‘No Stone Unturned’ sneak peek #2

Leslie Stone

Leslie might as well have walked into her first scene in 6x05 with a sign reading “RED HERRING”. Theses writers have to be on crack to think we would think she’s A or Charles or whatever.

I do however think that there is some relevance to her irrelevant character.

Remember how the first thing she picked up in Mona’s room was that book that Mike flipped out at her about in 5x18?

We at the end of the at episode saw someone dressed as A enter into Mona’s room going right for that book to take that recording. 

The recording was obviously not there because Hanna and Caleb had it. But I had always thought it was very bizarre how Mona had, had it hidden there.

During this time the writers were trying to convince us to think that Ali was A, so we believed that the recoding of Bethany was talking about Alison. 

Now fast forward to the most frustrating episode of season 6, 6x05. Mona was stealing Leslie file.

At the end of the episode Leslie is yelling at Mona who obviously didn’t give two shits because she wanted to probable be caught. But Leslie was saying to Mona that she always screws everything up. Maybe one of Mona’s screw ups was the recoding that the girls got their hands on.

It said in her file that she was roommates with Bethany, and she knew Charles. Could it be that Bethany was talking about Leslie in her therapy session? Bethany made it clear that this girl was manipulative, and Hanna said to the group the Leslie has Mona fooled by Leslie (even though I think Mona is pretty with it and can’t be fooled too easily). 

It could be that Leslie is just another A minion. She was obviously in on this plan with Mona for a very long time since she lied about how they met when she yelled at her at the Brew. I also think she lied about that book she picked up in Mona’s room. She said that Mona told her about that book and how her grandfather read it to her and it would scare the hell out of her. Maybe Mona just told her about the book bc the recoding was in it. Maybe Mona got help from Leslie to carry out her failure of a plan by gathering some of the evidence of Leslie’s existence at Radley and giving it to her in return for her help. 

I believe that she was possibly this girl

And also the mystery person in this scene (pointed out by another blog, so credit goes to whatever blog made a theory about this scene!!).

I obviously don’t think she’s A bc that would be ridiculous, she is probably this seasons Andrew! But I can’t think of a reason as to why she would want to hide her file, and why she would scream at Mona about ALWAYS screwing things up unless she was an A minion or part of another A team. 

I don’t know if this makes any sense or if just sounds like me rambling but i’d like to hear your thoughts on Leslie and what you think about her and why she would want to hide her file.

Emily’s Flashbacks about 3x1

So after probably 10 re-watches, I finally figured out what really throws off that nights events. So I’ll lay it out, best I can.

Paige claims Emily showed up drunk at her house around 11pm. They made out for a bit, then Paige went inside to get Emily water, and when she came back Emily was gone. 

Jenna claimed to have found Emily in the road, which we now know isn’t true. She says it was around 12-12:30

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Let us remember Jenna’s vintage mustang for a minute with the CHD plates. (Charles Hastings Dilaurentis?)

Next ,Noel reveals in “The Kahn Game” that he and Jenna found Emily in a diner - not on the road, like Jenna said.  So how did Emily get to that diner?

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But Emily remembers being in Jenna’s car. So where did Jenna drive Emily?

When Hanna finds Em’s jacket from that night in a church donation,She asks Ted how it got there - he replies, he doesn’t know.. But then Hanna tells Em she knows the pickup location of where the church got the jacket. 

The location is Riverside and State. Emily goes there, and we see a clothing donation box across from the diner ‘Sputnik’s”

The diner is very vintage, oldies style, we see in her flashbacks.

The camera focuses on a man in a fedora.

In a deleted scene (s5), Jessica tells Alison how her brother (Charles) was obsessed with vintage after seeing the movie “Niagara”. I include this because I now believe “vintage” is a huge clue

Emily flashes to  memory of the stamp on a wrist

We are supposed to think that is Noel or Holden, as we have seen them with those stamps. 

But look at Emily holding hands with this person.

It seems intimate.

Look at that reflection. It could be Noel, but look at the shirt, then the face again. It looks like Toby.  Who else, that is male can we imagine Emily holding hands like that with? 

And what does this message mean?

Who did Emily leave?

I don’t know what to make of this, so let’s start a dialogue

My ask box is always open!

Jenna is soooooo involved in everything. See my Jenna thoughts here:

Let’s chat!!

My Daily PLL Feels
  • Me *taking a shower*:Lolol Sara Harvey
  • Me *reading To Kill a Mockingbird and listening to The Fray*:OMG. Ezria. FEELS.
  • Me *playing Scrabble*:Awww Spoby. :)
  • Me *goes camping*:Haleb...D'awwww
  • Me *sees pretty pictures of Paris*:*cries* The last piece of Emison!
  • Me *sees person with a red raincoat*:Cece is dat you?
  • Me *gets a text message*:A is dat you???
  • Me *sees person in black hoodie*:A IS DAT YOU?!?!?!!!
The signs as PLL fans

Aries: **wishes there was a new episode tonight**

Taurus: **wishes there was a new episode tonight**

Gemini: **wishes there was a new episode tonight**

Cancer: **wishes there was a new episode tonight**

Leo: **wishes there was a new episode tonight**is really pretty**

Virgo: **wishes there was a new episode tonight**

Libra: **wishes there was a new episode tonight**

Scorpio: **wishes there was a new episode tonight**

Sagittarius:  **wishes there was a new episode tonight**

Capricorn: **wishes there was a new episode tonight**

Aquarius: **wishes there was a new episode tonight**

Pisces: **wishes there was a new episode tonight**

The Signs as Pretty Little Liars Characters
  • Aries:Paige McCullers
  • Taurus:Emily Fields
  • Gemini:Mona Vanderwaal
  • Cancer:Jenna Cavanaugh
  • Leo:Alison DiLaurentis
  • Virgo:Ezra Fitzgerald
  • Libra:Aria Montgomery
  • Scorpio:Caleb Rivers
  • Sagittarius:Noel Kahn
  • Capricorn:Spencer Hastings
  • Aquarius:Toby Cavanaugh
  • Pisces:Hanna Marin