emily f jones



Nyotalia America→Our friend who slept underneath pur bed. 

I really said that “xxxx(my boyfriend’s name), hand, hand” lol i was half asleep too. 



Amelia: You know, one day, I want to visit France! I hear it’s absolutely marvelous! 

Alfred: Err, quite a dream you got there, Em’. That’s quite a ways from home.

Amelia: Of course! Think big and go greater, right? It’ll be the bee’s knees, I assure you, especially if you company me. Oh Alfred, tell me you’ll come with me, darling!

Alfred: Aha… If I’m with you, how could I possibly deny?

Amelia: !!!
Splendid! Oh love, I’m so excited!💕

more character designs!!! he3yyyy!  So I was wondering how they would look in my little canonverse, and seeing as I’ve gotten asks about them, and how i portray them, i decided to get some general stuff out of the way, like their color palattes.. It;s really rough, as you can tell, and I’m probably not done with them yet, but this is what i have for now. Emily F. Jones and Olivia Kirkland.