emily dickinson poetry marathon

A Profound Poem for A Precious Poet

⁠⁠Dear Emily
I came to your festivity
To read poems for thee
Did you see me?

All words can’t describe a feeling of me
To say that I am so lucky
To visit your city, finally
Especially your home where you turned out incredible creativity

Knowing you for me
As like aspiring to be worth in society
Your words enlighten century
America looks very happy to have you Emily

Me, immensely inspired by thee

I wrote this poem after my participation in Emily Dickinson Poetry Marathon on Saturday, September 17, 2017 in Emily Dickinson Museum. This event is a part of Amherst Poetry Festival which conducts annually to celebrate the western Massachusetts’ historic and contemporary poetic heritages. Indeed, I am so lucky to be here at the exact time, to participate as a reader who read four of thousands of her poems along with some American fans of her. I was so expressive in the Poetry reading session because I have known her, Emily Dickinson, since I was in my undergraduate degree, English Literature. My major assigns a poetry subject and it introduces me to her great compilation of works. Her poems are so close with the nuance of nature and life. It is one of the reasons why I love her works especially in terms of the sincerity and powerful verses in each of the narration.

My presence here, in YSEALI Fellowship participation, is a kind of manifestation of interpreting her poem that I like most:

Success is counted sweetest
By those who ne’er succeed

Honestly to say, this experience is counted sweetest and even greatest for me for I have been in failures for several times. Eye-witnessing Emily’s land and her house where she came up with a great inspiration for her wonderful poems in real is my fortunateness as a literature scholar who had enrolled her works previously. Now I know for good why Amherst calls me here, to see you, Dear Emily.

Again, Thanks YSEALI for taking me to this city.

Ifa Mariya, Indonesia

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