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I told my weeb friends to watch voltron...
  • Emily: Klance is so amazing
  • Emily: What?
  • Delaney: Obviously Hance is better!
  • Maddie: WHAT?!?
  • Emily: No NO! Hance is trash!
  • Delaney: NO its amazing!
  • Maddie: Eh...I don't know guys. I think the best ship in the show is Shallura. Just saying.
  • Delaney and Emily: WHAT?!?!?
  • Emily: Klance is better than both Hance and Shallaura!
  • Delaney: Take that back! Hance's stands supreme!
  • Emily: Fine! We'll get an expert opinion.
  • Maddie: ok then!
  • Delaney: Sounds good! *Turns to me* ELLIE! Wich ship is better?
  • Me: Oh...umm...Well..
  • Everyone else: *on the edge of their seats*
  • Me: I really like Sheith!
  • Everyone: *appalled*
  • Emily: I'm disowning you
  • Maddie: Consider our friendship over
  • Delaney: Leave.

OC Positivity Month★ Week 4  @fyeahteenwolfocs

‘The Girls Who Run With Wolves’ 


“Your ass is stubborn but I love you”

“Babygirl come here” your boyfriend John yells up to you from downstairs while you were getting ready for the day.
“What do you want?” you ask not fully awake yet.
“What is this? ” he asks showing you a picture you posted on instagram last night when you went out with the girls.
“It’s from last night. I went out with Delaney & Emily”
“Delete it!” he says raising his voice.
“Uhm excuse me, I don’t know who you’re talking to like that but…pipe down sweetheart before you get your feelings hurt. I’m not deleting it.” you say turning from him & walking back upstairs to get dressed.
He follows you upstairs to find that you’ve locked the door so he sits in front of it.
“Listen baby, I know you had fun and I’m happy you had fun but can you please delete it?”
“Nice try buttercup but it’s not working. I like the picture. It’s staying.”
You guys talk through the door because you wouldn’t let him in.
“What’s even wrong with it? We all look good..”
“Your dress is short, your boobs are hanging out and there’s another guy in the picture. That’s what’s wrong with it.”
“Calm down, it’s Sammy. We all know nothing would happen. Your followers know that there’s nothing between me and Sammy so why are you acting like you don’t trust me right now?”
“It’s not you, it’s him. I’ve known Sammy since high school. He was a player back then, he’s a player now.”
“Not to be rude but Sammy could barely play basketball, he’s not playing no girls.”
“Baby please take it down…”
“Okay, fine…”

You finally come out the room to find him scrolling through the comments on the picture.
“Have you read these? All types of guys are telling you how attractive you are. I don’t wanna see that shit.”
“Really? You’re complaining about other guys calling what’s yours hot? Take it as a compliment, you got this hot piece of ass to yourself” you say walking away & looking back at him.
He gets up and pulls you by the waist against him.
“Ma please delete it” he says turning you around as he puts his forehead on yours. You give him a fast kiss and smile.
He let’s go and walks down the steps behind you.
You guys go down and eat and all he could talk about is the picture. After you ate, you started walking upstairs.
“Where are you going?”
“Upstairs John. I’m tired of hearing about the stupid picture. I’m not taking it down. I watch you post shirtless pictures all the damn time & see comments of people calling you daddy and saying inappropriate shit. It bothers me but I deal with it. The 1 time I post a picture that’s a little sexy I hear about it. I’m done with it. It’s not getting deleted. Get over it.” and with that said you slam the door.
He didn’t reply, he didn’t say anything. For once, it was quiet. You didn’t feel bad about what you said because you knew it was true. No reason to feel bad, right?

You lay down and watch TV for a couple hours to cool down and relax. You always had a bad temper but being alone always helped it. All of a sudden, it wasn’t quiet anymore. You mute the TV and sit against the door to be nosey.
You hear him walking around with his phone on speaker during a call.

•Phone Call•
Nate: Hey man, what’s up?
John: It’s lil ma again…
Nate: Something wrong? You want me to come over?
John: Na, she’s just being stubborn. I know you saw the picture.
Nate: Yeah, it’s a great picture. What about it?
John: I want her to delete it and she won’t. She’s being stubborn about it. It’s revealing and I don’t like the comments on it.
Nate: Listen bro, let her keep it up. You post shit she don’t like and I’m sure she don’t like the comments on yours either. Go get her some dinner, some ice cream and buy a couple movies, apologize and everything should be straight. Alright bro?
John: Your right. Thanks man.
Nate: No biggie. Go make thinks right with her before I beat your ass.
John: Alright alright. Bye.

He hangs up the phone and you hear car keys and the front door open and close.
You were tired so you decided to take a little nap.
45 minutes later you hear a knock on the door.
“Princess, I got you dinner.”
You get up and open the door for him.
He walks in with a pizza, a bag of candy and a couple movies.
You both sit on the bed & open the box of pizza up.
“Baby, I was thinking and I’m sorry about over reacting about the picture. I should be proud that you’re all mine and I need to stop being insecure. Do you accept my apology?”
“I do. Thank you for apologizing. Sorry I blew up earlier.”
“Don’t even worry about it beautiful. Let’s dig in.”

A slice of pizza, a bunch of junk food and 2 movies later your eyes begin to fall heavy and you lay down on the bed.
John puts everything back and walks upstairs to go to bed to find you spread out on the bed laying on your belly.
He lays on top of you and kisses your neck.
“Your ass is stubborn but I love you”
“Say it back baby”
“Maybe tomorrow. I’m sleepy.” you say rolling to your side letting him fall to the bed. He cuddles you and covers you up along with himself and you guys get comfortable.
“Tomorrow it is” he says turning off the light and slowly falling asleep.

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OBSpec Casting: Original Characters

Hello, Clone Club!

Here is a list of some suggested and team selected options for original characters on OBspec. We will be adding to this list as new characters appear in the scripts, and we hope that you keep suggesting amazing actors and actresses so everyone can visualize what the new characters might look like.


Ruth Negga (suggested  by Anonymous)


Chi McBride (suggested by theleashkid)


Amandla Stenberg (suggested by happyjacq)


Xander Berkeley (suggested by kirasmonkeybumface)


Noah Wyle (suggested by kirasmonkeybumface)


(Drawn by the lovely dweebitdorkit)

Main inspiration: Cosima Herter (suggested by happyjacq and theleashkid about five minutes after we decided #OBspec was going to be a thing)


Jeeja Yanin (suggested by thewetcloud)


Tatiana Maslany (suggested by God)

(took us so long to find the PERFECT actress, but we found her)