emily by from first to last

if i did astrology as my 13 year old emo self ~ 

aries ~ alkaline trio: burn 
taurus ~ cute is what we aim for: the curse of curves
gemini ~ coheed and cambria: the writing writer 
cancer ~ papa roach: scars 
leo ~ panic at the disco: time to dance 
virgo ~ simple plan: perfect 
libra ~ silverstein: my heroine 
scorpio ~ afi: miss murder 
sagittarius ~ alexisonfire: this could be anywhere in the world 
capricorn ~ city and color: the grand optimist 
aquarius ~ from first to last: emily 
pisces ~ death cab for cutie: i will follow you into the dark 

Temeraire Characters as Texts From Last Night
  • Laurence: This is a mass text. Does anyone know where I am?
  • Tharkay: I need you there. I need someone to glance at when other people inevitably annoy me.
  • Hammond: sober me hid the cigs from drunk me. sober me is a tricky bitch.
  • St Germain: girls only wine night turned into sloppy drunk lesbian orgy again
  • Granby: gonna spend my cab money on more shots and just take the ambulance home again.
  • Demane: my ten year old brother handed me a pack of condoms and said "here, i dont wanna be an uncle yet"
  • Emily: yeah my parents were ten feet away and we somehow managed to do it in five different positions without them noticing
  • Iskierka: you were saying "i am the vodka queen!" and then in a different voice replying to yourself "all hail the vodka queen! you are beautiful!"
  • Jane Roland: he was rambling on about life and dignity and happiness. but all i kept thinking was PENIS. YOU HAVE A PENIS. I CAN SHOW YOU WHERE TO PUT THAT PENIS.
  • Granby: also, i may or may not be wearing a cape right now. hint: i am.
  • Little: Not only did i hold your hair back as you puked, i French braided it. I am such a good friend.
  • Harcourt: i learned a valuable lesson last night. sometimes nice girls finish first. twice.
  • Temeraire: You said that we had to leave the party together and proceeded to repeat the "ducks fly together" speech from The Mighty Ducks word for word. Soon the whole party was quiet and started chanting quack...quack...quack

christmas 1999 /// emily au

so this is the first in a series of christmas themed ficlets set in the unspeakable fear of things au. (although you don’t necessarily have to have read ufot to understand this story.) kind of spoilers for per manum. 

“I want to have a baby,” she says suddenly.

Mulder looks up at her in shock, and immediately looks down to check on Emily, see if she’s still asleep. Newly five and having grown exponentially in the past year, she looks considerably less small than the last time they were on a plane - on the way back from New York - with her limbs tossed carelessly across the airplane seat and red-gold hair strewn over her face in sleep. He pushes some hair behind her ear mindlessly, and Scully is reminded of why she wants him to be the father of her children.

He turns back to face her and takes her hand, rubbing her knuckles with his index fingers. “You want to have a baby,” he repeats, more in acknowledgment then anything else. She can’t read his reaction.

She nods, suddenly embarrassed. “I mean, it’s not… you know I love Emily more than anything. And I’m more than happy for this, our chance to raise her; I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world… but I hate that we missed those first few years of her growing up.”

He laughs quietly. “Em told me she was asking Santa for a sister this year.”

“A sister, huh.” Scully smiles to herself. “Why didn’t she mention it to me?”

“She thought you’d say no, like you did to the guinea pig.”

“A baby is a little different from a guinea pig, Mulder.”

“I know that. I’m just saying that you saying no to the guinea pig made no sense from my perspective. You want another dog, and what I don’t understand is how one little furry thing is different from another.”

“A dog is very different from a rat that I would probably end up taking care of…” she starts, the beginning of a speech she is tired of giving.

He chuckles, holds up his hands in a surrendering motion. “Hey, I’m not arguing with you, Scully.” He takes her hand again earnestly. “My point was that Emily wants this.”

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Ok but at what point did Emily start calling him Father? In Dishonored she calls him Corvo throughout and only refers to him as her dad in the pictures of Mommy and Daddy she drew. Like when in the last fifteen years did Emily first call him Father? Was she like “hey can I call you father from now on?”

Or did she just try to casually slip it in one day, but Corvo obviously noticed and froze for like ten seconds before recovering and he tried not to make a big deal out of it but his daughter just referred to him as her father for the first time and oh no, he’s grinning like and idiot, what does he do now?

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You can tell a lot about a person by the kinds of music they listen to. Put your music on shuffle, list the first 10 songs that come up, then tag 10 people. 

  1. When He Sees Me from Waitress
  2. Cherry Wine by Hozier
  3. Hosanna to the Son of David (and…. yes, that’s renaissance choral music)
  4. Hera Alone by Alan Rodi
  5. Tonight the Heartache’s On Me by The Dixie Chicks
  6. Hellfire from Hunchback of Notre Dame
  7. First Date - Last Night from Dogfight
  8. Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars
  9. Part One by Band of Horses
  10. Something Bad by Julia Nunes

judge me as you will- I have a strange taste in music, but you can’t deny that musicals, the wolf 359 soundtrack, and acoustic songs are very me

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Paily s01-s07A
Based from Emily’s point of view as she sees Paige again in 7.08 for the first half, then the infamous 7.10 triggered other memories.

Music : Sleeping at Last - Hearing

911nmg  asked:

I completly understand why the fandom wants Emison to be endgame after the year of queerbaiting we've had. But as someone who was bullied for her whole academic life (17 years/ 21) I hate the "she is not a bully anymore so they can fall in love" because bullies don't change and you can never totally heal from it. I wish they had developed a lasting partner for Emily, just like they did for the other girls, so we could rot for that instead of Emison.

Yeah I mean I agree to an extent. I was bullied throughout my life too, not just verbally but physically as well, so I completely understand your hesitance towards Emison & Alison. I was too, at first. It wasn’t until 7a that I was kind of like yeah you know what I could see this and I could enjoy this. 

The thing about television is you have to suspend your hold on reality a bit. Stories in TV are often not at all realistic. They share some realistic qualities but for the most part, it’s completely unrealistic. That’s just how it goes and that’s kind of the point about TV. 

I do think there are occasions where bullies do change – I just don’t think it follows the path of how it looks on TV. There was a guy who bullied me and my friend and any ‘bigger’ girl relentlessly for 3 years until we transitioned into high school and my friend saw him a couple of years ago and he was kind, treated her with respect. Did he change? Maybe. Who’s to say? The way he talked to her certainly was different which isn’t always indicative of a deeper change, but it’s still something

I think Alison’s circumstances are extraordinary. She grew up to be a bully because that’s all she ever learned from her family and it’s taken her a lot of time to undo some of those habits and I think part of why I like Emison now is that you can see Alison work her butt off to try and be better even if her natural instinct is to manipulate and lie. Her natural instinct is to do that because that’s what she grew up with, and it doesn’t make it okay, it doesn’t excuse all of the crappy things she said and did, but I don’t think it necessarily makes her a bad person either, especially because we’ve started to see her try and change from that behaviour

i’m playing dishonored and

just imagine: 

corvo anxiously scrubbing at his clothes and his skin with sea water so as not to come to the hound pits smelling like blood. “you never did that before we went to the golden cat,” sam had said the first time corvo had dunked his sleeves into the water. “just…be careful about the hagfish, alright?” he said when he realized why. 

“what is that?” emily asks, wrinkling her nose at the sour, sulfurous stench that corvo couldn’t quite wash out. grimacing nervously, he pulls out a smooth, milky pearl from his coat, careful not to show her how burned his palms are. 

treavor pendleton gazing at the last rays of sunlight tinting the waves and froth shades of red and creamy orange. skin itching and eyes aching, he flips a old metal necklace open to reveal the faded portrait of a young girl with smooth cheeks and hair like gold. grumbling a minute later, he rubs at his eye and flips it shut. 

“i know you’re busy, but i don’t know what to do, corvo,” callista says, exasperated. “about an hour ago, she was scaling the fucking walls! just how do i protect her highness from herself? ” 

corvo carefully wrapping apricot tartlets and books in clean handcloths to take to the pits because in a world of jellied eels and rat plague, a child needs sweets and escape to live. he slings the strap of a sheath, small and light, around his arm because during these days, everyone needs a blade to survive. 

Ten characters ten fandoms!

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Your top 10 favourite characters from 10 different Fandoms. Tag 10 people when you’re done!

These are in no particular order, just whatever comes to mind first. Also some of these answers would probably change depending on the day

1. Sam Vimes - Discworld

2. Miles Vorkosigan - Vorkosigan Saga

3. Shiro - Voltron : Legendary Defender

4. Emily Kaldwin - Dishonored

5. Nick Valentine - Fallout 4

6. Sokka - Avatar the Last Airbender

7. Obi Wan Kenobi - Star Wars

8. Shallan Davar - Stormlight Archive

9. Sirius Black - Harry Potter

10. Peter Nureyev  (how do you spell his last name?)- The Penumbra Podcast

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Favorite place: the beach. Specifically, Morehead City, NC.

Favorite color: lavender

Pets: a fish named Whisper, a fish named Fairy, and a snail named Echo.

Last song I listened to: who you are from the Moana soundtrack

Favorite TV show: Grey’s Anatomy

First fandom: Naruto!!

Hobbies: reading, writing, making moodboards, roleplaying, fish keeping, coloring, gaming, eating, traveling

Favorite book: (obvs excluding Harry Potter since that’s the obvious choice) I’d say Three Times Lucky by Sheila Turnage, the PJO series, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Wild Girls by Pat Murphy, the Emily Windsnap series, a bunch of others

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Chains Of Promises follows on the heels of last year’s Au Volant, a stunning song that was my first introduction to young Norwegian duo Elsa & Emilie despite the fact that they’re preparing to release a sophomore album, their first on a major. I’m drawn ever further into their world of enchantment by this vibrant fusion of folk with pop, a frosty elegant jangler with shades of First Aid Kit and Aurora, all at once. Chains Of Promises is available now from iTunes.

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second to last main household, the campbell family!

for the only other standard, monogamous household aside from the scott family, these guys have WAY too many kids. i thought ash would never hit his ‘have 10 babies’ want, but i was way wrong. heck, he popped another pregnancy while i was taking these photos! (also, i just realised theres no heterosexual household in the entire first gen. oops.)

yknow, this town sure has a lot of teens. at least the next college batch will be busy.

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Tempest, Fog, and Shipwreck

Tempest - Your favorite Pokemon?


Fog - Describe where you think you’ll be fine 5 years?

Shipwreck - Do you have an OC? If so, describe them.

OOOH! I have a lot of OCs. But I’ll do my first ever OC ^^

Her dragon name is Peril. But her human name is Emily Silver.

She’s a 315 yr old dragon who is disguised as a human to hide from a dragon named Deathbringer who killed her mother. He’s also the reason why she’s the last one of her kind.

Her dragon kind is called the ‘Eternals’.

Emily was born with a strange problem. Eternals can control any element, but Emily has difficulty controlling them. So she uses a crystal gem (that Emily turned into a necklace) that her mother used to own to help her cuz her mother had the strange problem as well. Emily calls this strange problem, “the Glitch”.

(If you guys wanna hear more on her, lemme know 😉)

Primeval Fanfic “May She Rest In Peace”

Emily wasn’t afraid.
She was a good fighter, an excellent fighter.
She’d fought Ethan before, and she’d beat Ethan before.
So why now, was she so scared?
Perhaps its because for once, winning this fight didn’t mean getting to be the first one to fall asleep at night, or the last one to wake up.
Winning this fight didn’t mean getting to be the first one to drink from the water bottle, or the one who got to use the dinosaur hide as new boots.
Winning this fight, meant keeping her life.
She’d never fought for her life, never against Ethan anyway.
Never against this thick-skulled, cold-hearted Russian anarchist, with his smooth, mesmerising accent and his unbrushed mess of black hair.
She was quick, was young Emily Merchant.
She was quicker than him, smarter, lighter, more agile.
But he was stronger, was brave Ethan Dobrowski, and in the end, strength trumped all.
He was cunning too though, and sneaky, always with a trick up his sleeve.
She watched him curve to the right around a gravestone, and knew he was trying to throw her off guard.
She saw his left fist coming at her, and ducked under it.
What she didn’t see coming however, was the large chunk of granite angel wing he hefted in his right hand.
Until it ploughed into the base of her skull of course.

Matthew Anderson, was worried.
He didn’t worry often, but now, as he listened to Lester guiding him towards the only source of information he had on Emily’s whereabouts, he was worried.
Scratch that last statement; he was downright terrified.
Sure, he’d only known the Victorian woman a few days or so, but she already meant a lot to him.
He was sure she was perfectly capable against holding her own in a fight, particularly with that stiletto of hers.
There was no reason for him to be worried.
No reason at all.
So why, was his chest so uncomfortably tight?
Why was his heart pounding like a drumbeat in his chest?
Why did he want nothing more than to grab Ethan Dobrowski and snap his flimsy little neck with a deft flick of his wrist?
He wasn’t sure, but there was no way in hell it was because he was experiencing any form of romantic attraction towards Emily.
Nope, that notion was simply ridiculous.

When Emily Merchant awoke, the first thing she registered was the sheer amount of pain flooding through her body.
That rock to the skull hadn’t done her a whole lot of good, nor had the tumble she’d taken as a result.
She went to sit up, and found she couldn’t.
Her hands were bound tight behind her back, with some sort of fraying rope.
She went to swing her legs to the side and stand up, but found she couldn’t do that either.
Not because her legs too were bound, because they weren’t, but because there was simply nowhere for them to go.
Stone on all four sides, and a heavy marble roof above her head, arms bound, and her mouth stoppered with a greasy wad of fabric, she realised one of her biggest fears had come to life.
Ethan Dobrowski had buried Emily Merchant alive.
There was nothing more for her to do.
She screamed.

Matt was taken by surprise as Ethan appeared from around the corner, wielding a shovel in his heavy hands, already midway through swinging it at him.
Matt could only watch in shock as the blade of the shovel bit into the skin of his torso and knocked him to the wet grass, breathless.
Ethan stood over him and lifted the blade high above his head.
He used all of his weight to drive it down directly over Matt’s chest, but the young Irishman rolled out of the way at the last second, and the blade hit the wet mud with a clang, and became stuck.
Ethan raised it again, bringing it down on Matt for a second time, but once more the older man threw his weight to the left, bringing his arms up to protect his head as the edge of the spade nicked his hairline.
Matt used the shaft of the spade to push Ethan backwards, and the Russian stumbled.
Matt leaped to his feet, and swung a punch at Ethan, a punch that came into contact with the younger mans jaw and sent them both sprawling.
They both clambered to their feet and Matt bent over to catch his breath, holding his arm out as though he was trying to ward Ethan off.
“Look… Look, just tell me where she is,”
His voice was weak, defeated, but he tried not to let it show.
Ethan was circling him, and he was circling Ethan, like wrestlers in a ring, and when Ethan caught Matt’s eye, Matt realised something was horribly, horribly wrong.
Ethan looked proud.
His top lip curled over in something like a smirk, his dark soulless eyes bright and gleaming with a mix of malice and sadistic enjoyment.
He looked like he knew something Matt didn’t, and the Irishman didn’t like it one bit.
When he spoke, the words, which should have been harsh, sounded smooth and mocking in his mangled Russian accent.
“You’re too late. May she rest in peace.”
Matt felt his stomach drop nauseatingly, and he fell to his knees, feeling as though the very fabric of the world was crashing down around him.

Emily had long since stopped screaming.
She’d long since stopped doing anything in fact.
Her blood pounded in her head, she felt sick.
It was probably the fear.
She’d lost her black box.
Goodness knows where, Ethan had probably taken it from her after he’d knocked her out, thrown it in a ditch somewhere.
Now they had no way of knowing where she was.
No-one was going to come looking for her.
Screaming didn’t help, it just wasted the little oxygen she had.
This coffin was airtight, she’d bet her life on it.
As a matter of fact, she was probably going to have to.
She’d do anything to see Matt right now, to hug him, to laugh at his bad jokes, to kiss him.
He was as out of place in this world as she was, but he was different.
He wasn’t from the past, he was from the future.
She knew it.
Matt would find her, she reasoned.
He’d come looking for her eventually.
She just hoped he wouldn’t be too late.

Matt tugged on the iron doorway of the crypt, his fingers struggling for purchase on the wet metal. 
His breath caught in his throat as he battled to open it, heaving with all of his might.
Eventually, it slid open, and he burst inside.
He reached the first tomb, and the gate opened easily.
Stumbling forwards, he planted both hands on the lid of the coffin and shoved with all his weight.
The lid shifted and he hauled at it again.
To his dismay, the inside of the coffin was bare, aside from a gold cross that glinted up at him, reflecting and warping his features, mocking him, calling out his failure.
No, she wouldn’t be dead.
He wouldn’t let her be dead.
He hung his head, trying to catch his breath, feeling sick with fear.
It was pure chance, actually, that the room became silent the second Emily screamed once more.

She could hear him.
She’d heard the grating of the doors, and at first she’d feared it was Ethan coming back for her.
But then he’d called her name.
There was no mistaking that thick Irish drawl, as tight and drawn with fear and nerves as it was.
There was no mistaking the face that she knew came with it, the amber eyes and the dark brown widows peak that framed his round and slender face.
It was Matt.
Emily took a deep breath, feeling the warm air filter in through the greasy cloth tied tight around her jaw.
She knew she probably only had one chance at this, he had to hear her.
She waited until all was quiet around her, and then once more, Emily Merchant screamed.

Matt pushed off from the coffin as though it was a spring-board, throwing himself into the damp corridor with an alarming amount of speed and power.
He overshot his mark in fact, and threw out his arm to push off the corner, before he crashed headfirst into the wall.
He lunged for the second tomb, his previously leaden limbs filled now with hope and power.
The response he got that time, was little more than a choked whimper, as Emily fought against her bonds, and gag, fighting to make herself known.
Matt slammed his body weight into the stone coffin, and felt the heavy stone lid shift and grate against the top of the coffin.
He rammed it with his shoulder again, panting for breath and with a sheen of sweat standing out on his forehead.
It moved slightly, and he jammed his fingers into the gap he’d made, forcing his whole arm inside and then he gave the coffin lid a last shove and it came off completely.

Emily could have cried with relief the second she saw that first shaft of light.
It was near-blinding at first, and then as it grew and grew, she got used to it, until finally it was bearable to open her eyes.
Matt’s hand linked with hers, and she could feel him shaking as much as she was shaking, if not more.
His face appeared in the gap, and his amber eyes were wide and filled with tears as he tightened his grip on her hand.
As the cold and damp stone that blocked her in became replaced by Matt’s warm embrace, Emily started to cry.
She never thought she’d see him again, never thought that she’d be free.
But now here she was, Matt holding her as if he could never bare to let her go again.

Gingerly, Matt lifted her clear of the stone coffin, her icy fingers clutching desperately at the back of his leather jacket, as she whimpered and sobbed.
He sat her down, leaning against the coffin quickly, and knelt in front of her, trying to calm his racing heart.
With shaking fingers, the Irishman eased the gag out of her mouth, whispering soft words of comfort to her, telling her that she was safe now, he was here, and that everything would be okay.
He distracted her with his jumbled words as he made quick work of the knots binding her wrists.
He let out an instinctive wince as the rope fell away and the deep welts the rope had carved into her pale flesh became apparent for the first time.
She looked up at him, eyes wide with wonderment and joy.
“Y-You came looking for me,” Emily’s voice was raw and strained from screaming, and it was also tinged with sheer disbelief.
It made Matt’s stomach turn, to hear the shock in her voice, the confusion lacing her tone.
It was clear that none of the men in her life, not even her own husband, had cared enough to put her before themselves.
That notion made him feel sick.
He’d not been raised as a gentleman, Matt hadn’t.
He’d been raised to kill, he’d been raised not to trust anybody.
He’d been raised to sacrifice whoever needed sacrificing to save yourself, even if it was a member of your own family.
He’d been taught to be selfish.
How else would he have survived?
But even he knew, that Emily deserved more than that.
If Matt, the most un-human man to walk the earth, had been kinder to her than any other boy she’d ever met, then there was something seriously wrong.
“Yeah. Yeah, of course I did.”
He pulled her close against him, her head buried in the side of his neck, their foreheads touching, breathing in tandem, his eyes closed and hers wide open, a smile gracing both of their faces.

Matt remembered Ethan’s confident Russian drawl, the proud way the younger boy had announced his victory, and couldn’t fight back the laugh that forced its way from his dry lips.
You’re too late. May she rest in peace.”

Not this time Dobrowski.

Movie Review: Love on Ice; the supposed Yuri on Ice doppelgänger

Hey there folks, so now that the latest discourse has shifted over to the Crunchyroll Anime Award results. Here’s my review for the supposed YOI doppelgänger: “Love on Ice” I recorded from last weekend. 

First of all, Love on Ice is nothing like Yuri on Ice in any way shape, form, or in premise. So relax your pretty faces. 

The movie starts out pretty much as I would expect from a Hallmark Channel movie. Bright little town, a few cheesy lines here and there but it’s surprisingly toned down. This movie was more about the characters than the actual sport. Skating was just the backdrop and the focus real was on Emily James’ inner turmoil and guilt than her skill as a skater.

Emily was a former pro who abandoned her career and chances at the Olympics when her mom passes away during training. From then on, she stayed in her hometown and been teaching ice skating at her home rink to get by. She meets her soon-to-be coach, Spenser, when he comes to town to coach a former student of hers, Nikki, for the upcoming local competition. He also just so happens to be a huge fan of Emily during her skating career. (What are the odds?!)

They first meet at her part-time job at the cafe and they meet up again when she’s teaching her class. He’s trying to keep Nikki’s suffocating-helicopter Mom from dictating everything during practice so he asks Emily to be the buffer to ease the tension for Nikki. Meanwhile, Spenser convinces Emily to consider coming back to the ice as a competitor while coaching Nikki as well. This doesn’t sit right with helicopter mom and she hires a new coach for her daughter. To be honest, this wouldn’t have been as big of an issue if they had the balls to tell helicopter mom that he was also taking on Emily but whatever.

The other coach Helicopter mom hires is another former coach of Emily. At first, I thought they were former rivals by the extent of her jealousy and resentment towards Emily but they never clarify the history between Emily and this former coach. They just painted her as the glory-hungry coach and that’s all she is. This chick goes as far as to implant drama that Spenser is using Emily’s comeback to propel his credibility as a coach. 

That strife was resolved rather quickly in less than a 15-20 minutes. Even helicopter mom was like: “damn, you’re a stone-cold bitch, even for my taste.” -goes back to Spenser as a coach without telling Bitchy coach that she’s fired- lol

So the BIG competition finally arrives….in the last 10 minutes. They do a montage of all the skaters on the ice, spinning around and maybe a jump or two. The most ridiculous part of that segment was the: Emily James and Nikki are tied for first place. There’s no such thing as a TIE in figure skating as far as I know (it seems pretty impossible when you’re accounting for technical and performance scores. Plus, what are the odds of having the same total score as another skater?) but I laughed pretty hard. 

At the end of the Free Skate, it was kinda messed up. Nikki wins gold, Emily wins silver, and a random chick wins bronze. Nikki then pulls up Emily to the top podium to join her but not the other medalist? Not very sportsmanship, Nikki. /wags finger of shame. And yeah, Emily and Spenser hook up in the end and I assume that she’s taking her comeback seriously because they are at the rink at the crack of dawn to practice?

Overall, it was cheesy but enjoyable, I actually enjoyed it. lol There were a couple of cute, sassy characters that were fun to watch interact. Even a little character redemption for helicopter mom. The only thing this movie shared in common with Yuri on Ice was the title wording and the sport. That’s it.

It’s not even in the same league as Yuri on Ice, nor was it the films intention to be considered in that way. It’s TV movie with a decent plot and fun characters.

 Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKSM_OXg41I

Music tag meme

Rules: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your mp3 player, itunes, Spotify, etc. on shuffle, list the first 10 songs and tag 10 people.

ok so @rupsake tagged me, thanks!

These are all from my drawing playlist btw

Xiu Xiu - Audrey´s dance

Chisu - En enää pelkää

Xiu Xiu - Lonesome valley

Recoil - Missing piece (Night disolves)

IAMX - Skin vision

Emilie Autumn - Girls! Girls! Girls!

Chisu - Ennustus

Lindemann - Skills in pills

Indica - Ikävänkantaja

Recoil - Luscious apparatus (2010 digital remaster)

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Relationship status: single! 

Lipstick or chapstick: lipstick

Last song I listened to: “Quando bate aquela saudade” by Rubel (it’s a Brazilian song guys!!!! it’s brilliant) (the last international song i listened to though was River by Bishop Briggs)

Top 3 shows: Skins (not a fan of generation 3 though), Stranger Things (!!!!!) and Game of Thrones (i read all the books cause i couldn’t help myself) (oitnb could be on top 3 but i didn’t like the last two seasons tbh) 

Top 3 characters: Sirius Black (i love hp, i started the first book when i was 7), Tyrion Lannister (i’m sorry arya i still love you) and Chris (from skins cause he is the best honestly) 

Top 3 ships: (this one was so hard guys) Naomi/Emily (from skins!!!! i love these girls a lot you don’t even know), Gendry/Arya (from got!!!! they are such cuties) and Patrick/Kat (from 10 things i hate about you cause i love them) 

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Day One: Favorite Book You Read Last Year

It was gorgeous and claustrophobic. I loved it and I always wanted to escape.

Emily St. John Mandel, Station Eleven

Doing the challenge I saw here first! Let me know what your favorites are!

I listened to this book as an audiobook, and I absolutely loved it! It was quite a bit different from the dystopians I had been reading. Perhaps this is because it was adult and not YA, but whatever the reason, I found it a bit refreshing and uplifting! Definitely worth a listen or a read! 

What’s your favorite book you read last year?


Notice that when twigs is blowing out the candles on her birthday cake, Rob has his index finger wrapped around her arm –

I think it’s cute the way he always wants to be touching her somehow. They celebrated last night in London, with a cake and a trip to The Box, a world-famous London hot spot frequented by everyone from Jennifer Lawrence and Nick Hoult to Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, John Krazinski, Emma Watson and Prince Harry. An expensive, exclusive spot, and twigs used to sing jazz there a few years ago. Their friend, photographer Matthew Stone is with them in the cab.

I made the pic of Rob in the cab a bit bigger to show he’s got both ears pierced. This is the first time we’ve seen an earring in his left ear. Go Rob! Jan. 16, 2016