emily browning challenge

#Day 4, Your favorite Emily Browning movie quote:

Violet Baudelaire: “Do you remember when Mum and Dad went to Europe, and we thought they’d abandoned us because they didn’t even write? And then we found out they’d written a long letter and it had just gotten lost in the mail. Do you remember how guilty we felt for thinking bad thoughts about them? This is just like that.”

20-day Emily Browning Challenge*
  1. First Emily Browning movie you saw
  2. Favourite Emily Browning movie/role
  3. Favourite Emily Browning’s co-star
  4. Favourite Emily Browning’s line in a movie
  5. Favourite Emily Browning’s haircut/hairstyle
  6. 3 Favourite pictures of Emily Browning
  7. Favourite event outfit
  8. Favourite movie outfit
  9. Favourite photoshoot
  10. Favourite Emily Browning romantic relationship/someone you’d want her to date
  11. Favourite Emily Browning friendship/womance
  12. A role you want Emily Browning to portray
  13. Celebs you’d want Emily Browning to work with
  14. Favourite Emily Browning quote
  15. List 5 things that make Emily Browning awesome
  16. Your opinion about Emily’s nose piercing and belly ring
  17. Your opinion about Emily’s new tattoo
  18. Your opinion about Emily’s fashion sense
  19. The role Emily Browning would play in the movie of your life
  20. A letter to Emily Browning

*written by la-romanesca, feel free to edit/add anything