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“My favorite scenes on Arrow were with Emily. I loved working with her. She’s just a sunshine of a person. I loved her rapport with Isabel or lack of rapport with Isabel. It was very fun for me to play with.“ - Summer Glau

I was thinking about Felicity and Thea and...

I remembered this article. When this particular spoiler was out I wondered what would be the reason behind the lack of interaction between Thea and Felicity, but we were still on episode 17 and we were dealing with a lot of things. The ghost of a character’s death was still around and for a moment I really thought Roy was dying, so I didn’t put much thought on that. But now that we are on week 2 of the hiatus and I’m starting to recover from this amazing finale, I find myself thinking about those two again and I realized that they didn’t give us the reason for why Thea and Felicity never had real contact before. Maybe I missed it or maybe it was just Felicity’s “It was complicated” at the end of 3x21. Either way, I still feel like they didn’t told us the reason so I decided to create one and I came up with this:

I don’t really know in what point of the story the writers decided that Oliver’s romantic endgame had to change, but I do believe that once this decision was made, the writers knew that they would have to create a very good (and convincing) storyline to justify it. I know that Stephen and Emily’s chemistry is out of this world, that Felicity is a character that is easily likable (maybe not by fanboys and Laurivers) and I certainly know that “because it’s canon” has no jurisdiction under Arrow, but the truth is that the writers were writing a show where Oliver and Laurel would end up together and until some point of the plot most of the audience was expecting that too. But just because canon doesn’t get to decide Arrow’s fate, it doesn’t mean the writers can do whatever they want with someone’s else characters and mythology, they needed a good reason for why Arrow wouldn’t end with the Green Arrow & Black Canary together, one of the most loved couples in the universe of super heroes. In fact, I believe that’s the reason why the writers chose the suffering path to be Olicity’s foundation. It makes perfect sense, at least in my head, to create a romantic paring that build themselves through pain and difficult times. It gives credibility. It’s like… they’ve been through so much… they NEED to be together. And that’s why I think Thea and Felicity needed to be apart. If those two really knew each other, Thea would EASILY sense the atmosphere between Oliver and Felicity and she would have nagged her brother about it, but unlike Dig, Thea would have been waaaaaaayyyy more persistent at getting Oliver’s head out of his ass and she probably would have been successful at it. We just have to remember her “you need to let somebody in” speech. After that, the very next scene shows Oliver casually bringing ice cream to Laurel’s place. So yeah, if Felicity and Thea knew each other earlier on the story, there would be no suffering path to build Olicity. I don’t know if that would have been better, but I do know that I really enjoyed the path Olicity took, so at least for me, it was worth to wait for Thea and Felicity’s relationship to begin.