emily bett rickards

My favorite Olicity scene will always be the one where they officially met. Like first of all, the color scheme is incredible, with her light pink shirt and the blue wall behind him. It allows us to clearly see every facial expression and movement. Then we see her beautiful innocence and it’s amazing to see him notice it as well. Coming back from his 5 years in hell, he was surrounded by family smothering him and friends with preconceived notions of who is. She just sees a guy with a lame story and she isn’t ready to jump and give him whatever he asks for, and he finds it refreshing. She has an air of naivety surrounded her, even though she can see right through his bullshit, and he’s genuinely amused. We see his mind clear of anything related to “arrow business” and he just focuses on this pure and sweet girl in front of him. She gives a little head tilt and he gives an innocent smile back. That’s it. I was hooked. It was red.


The evolution of the Captain’s attitude towards Felicity’s other love interests.