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What make you think that SA is screwing with EBR?

The way he looks at her.

The way his face lights up when he‘s with her. 

The way he always smiles for her. 

The special things he does for her and no one else from the cast. 

Their heart eyes for each other. 

If they’re not screwing then he’s definitely in love with her and she with him. 

Felicity Smoak in Season 6

“There are other ways to do good in the world and to fulfill her own personal mission, and going forward, especially in coming seasons, that is something she very much wants to do, and we really want to explore for her. We talk in the writers room a lot about giving Felicity something that is not on the team and has nothing to do with Oliver and is very much her own thing, and that’s something I think we really look forward to in season six.” - Wendy Mericle

“We have a storyline for Felicity in Season 6 that we wanted to do in Season 5 and that fans have been clamoring for.” - Marc Guggenheim

Will Emily be returning as a main next season? Yes. - Marc Guggenheim

“I can confirm.” - Marc Guggenheim

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“Love is about letting yourself be saved… It’s not just about saving other people - even if you are superheroes”


I removed the music from the Olicity sex scene and post coital scene. Enjoy!