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» Aries female, Pisces female, Scorpio female and Cancer female friendship

Spencer Hastings (Aries), Hanna Marin (Pisces), Emily Fields (Scorpio) and Aria Montgomery (Cancer) (Pretty Little Liars)



emily prentiss

would lay life down for friends, but doesn’t care much for what happens to her. woman of action, passion, courage. she enjoys her alone time just as much as she enjoys couple time, but she’s more fiercely loving towards her friends. she’s stubborn and short-tempered at times, but more often than not she has things under control. she’s physical, she’s not scared to be a leader, and she 100% kicks ass.

the signs as criminal minds characters

signs as bojack horseman characters

aries - bojack
taurus - charlotte
gemini - sarah lynn
cancer - emily
leo - sextina aquafina
virgo - princess carolyn
libra - rutabaga rabbitowitz
scorpio - officer meow meow fuzzyface
sagittarius - mr. peanutbutter
capricorn - juda
aquarius - diane
pisces - todd

Female Actresses Zodiac Sign

Aries: Emma Watson

Taurus: Debby Ryan

Gemini: Lucy Hale

Cancer: Lindsey Lohan

Leo: Evanna Lynch

Virgo: Lea Michele

Libra: Carrie Fisher

Scorpio: Emma Stone

Sagittarius: Scarlett Johansson

Capricorn: Zooey Deschanel

Aquarius: Emma Roberts

Pisces: Emily Osment

‘the liars’

(i’m aware on pretty little liar’s wiki there’s ‘the liars’ birthday’s listed but i’m bypasting their actual signs and using their actions and personalities to determine which zodiac sign “perfectly” fits them in my opinion. some may disagree, some may not. this post is just for fun, chill.)

aria montgomery // libra

mona vanderwaal // capricorn

hanna marin // leo

spencer hastings // aries

alison dilaurentis // scorpio 

emily fields // pisces

The Rising Signs as Pretty Little Liars Characters

Aria Montgomery - Aries,Scorpio, Aquarius                                                   pale, plump lips, short; style: edgy, bohemian, soft with a rebellious streak

Emily Fields - Taurus, Leo, Pisces                                                                 full lips, hooded eyes, athletic body; style: casual, sporty, feminine

Hanna Marin - Cancer, Virgo, Libra                                                                   blonde hair, full lips, curvy body; style: glamorous, feminine, girly with a trendy edge

Spencer Hastings - Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorn                                         thin lips, high cheekbones, slim; style: preppy, classic, vintage

“Lookin’ for a mind at work”
The Schuyler sisters of Hamilton Chicago!

The Signs as Halloween Characters

Aries: Emily, The Corpse Bride

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Taurus: James P. “Sully” Sullivan 

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Gemini: “A” (Pretty Little Liars)

Cancer: Casper the Friendly Ghost

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Leo: Salem (Sabrina the Teenage Witch)

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Virgo: Carrie White 

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Libra: Max Dennison (Hocus Pocus)

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Scorpio: Morticia Addams 

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Sagittarius: Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas) 

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Capricorn: Marnie Cromwell (Halloweentown) 

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Aquarius: Beetlejuice 

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Pisces: Edward Scissorhands 

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The Signs As Skins Characters


i’ve only seen the first two generations because i’ve heard third sucks.

Also its been awhile since i’ve watched so ill do my very best.  

Aries: Toney Stonem. 

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Taurus: Freddie

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Gemini: Michelle

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Cancer: Cook

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Leo: Maxxie

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Virgo: Sid

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Libra: pandora

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Scorpio: Effy

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Sagittarius: Chris

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Capricorn: Jal

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Aquarius: Emily

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Pisces: Cassie

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Signs as Pretty Little Liars Characters

Aries; Toby (courageous, passionate, confrontational)

Taurus; Ezra (independant, persistant, possessive)

Gemini; Mona (intellectual, witty, superficial)

Cancer; Emily (loving, protective, clingy)

Leo; Alison (loyal, straightforward, dominating)

Virgo; Melissa (practical, analytical, overcritical)

Libra; Hanna (charming, balanced, indecisive)

Scorpio; Jenna (focused, intuitive, manipulative)

Sagittarius; Caleb (philosophical, adventurous, inconsistant)

Capricorn; Spencer (ambitious, disciplined, detached)

Aquarius; Maya (humanitarian, inventive, extremist)

Pisces; Aria (compassionate, sensitive, escapist)

The signs as movie characters played by Helena Bonham Carter

Aries:  Elizabeth Taylor • Burton & Taylor (independent, generous, enthusiastic, short tempered, impulsive, impatient)

Taurus: Red Harrington • The Lone Ranger (persistent, loyal, patient, possessive, materialistic, self-indulgent)

Gemini:  Julia Hoffman • Dark Shadows (energetic, clever, adaptable, impulsive, restless, devious)

Cancer:  Emily • Corpse Bride (dependable, caring, responsive, clingy, self-pitying, oversensitive)

Leo:  Queen Elizabeth • The King’s Speech (confident, ambitious, generous, domineering, stubborn, vain)

Virgo: Jenny/The Witch • Big Fish (analytical, observant, helpful, fussy, inflexible, cold)

Libra: The Fairy Godmother • Cinderella (diplomatic, graceful, peaceful, superficial, indecisive, unreliable)

Scorpio: Bellatrix Lestrange • Harry Potter (loyal, passionate, resourceful, jealous, obsessive, manipulative)

Sagittarius: Marla Singer • Fight Club (adventurous, spontaneous, straight forward, tactless, careless, irresponsible)

Capricorn: Ingrid Formanek • Live from Baghdad (responsible, patient, resourceful, dictatorial, inhibited, conceited)

Aquarius: Dr. Clair • The Young and Prodigious Spivet (witty, humanitarian, inventive, sarcastic, lonely, aloof)

Pisces: Lucy Honeychurch • A Room With A View (compassionate, accepting, devoted, indecisive, self-pitying, escapist) 

*** this is not perfect but i hope you like it anyway!

The Signs As Until Dawn Characters

Aries- Sam

Taurus- Wendigos

Gemini- Mike Munroe

Cancer- Josh Washington 

Leo- Emily

Virgo- Hannah and Beth Washington

Libra- Hannah and Beth Washington

Scorpio- Matt

Sagittarius- Jessica

Capricorn- Chris Cochise

Aquarius- Dr. Hill

Pisces- Ashley

Hope you all enjoyed :)

horoscopes for 2016

Aries: This past year hasn’t been kind to you, Aries. Don’t lash out at others, we’re here to understand things and help you through your rough times.

Taurus: I know you’re a cynic, Taurus, but love is not a bad thing. Someone can tell you’re afraid of it, and wants you to let them prove you wrong. Let them.

Gemini: Someone close to you needs you to be there for them, Gemini. Don’t let your insecurities and doubts get in the way of your kind nature.

Cancer: Stop hiding how you feel from others, Cancer, we care about you and your opinions. You’ll learn, and you’ll become stronger and wiser from this.

Leo: You aren’t worthless just because someone has something you don’t. Stop comparing yourself to others, Leo, and focus on improving yourself instead.

Virgo: You don’t like to take risks, but you need to, Virgo, if you want to get anything from life. Don’t be afraid to let others know how you feel.

Libra: You’re a wonderful person, Libra, you don’t need to put on a mask to be liked. Someone special sees that and appreciates you the way you are.

Scorpio: The past is the past for a reason, Scorpio, please accept it. Let go and focus on right now, make the best decisions for you, you’ll thank me for it.

Sagittarius: Running seems to be a common theme for you, Sagittarius. Sometimes you have to stop running and face the music to grow.

Capricorn: It’s time you take a break from things, Capricorn. You work so hard all the time, but you need to remember that your health affects your progress.

Aquarius: Humanity is grateful for your existence, Aquarius. Take some time to reflect on things, and show your gratitude towards your loved ones.

Pisces: Someone special wants you around, Pisces, but fears they’ll be hurt. Love them in your special way, give them your heart, and they’ll reciprocate it.