Nice try but I’m not buying.

Ok, let’s get something clear. There is absolutely NO REASON for Spencer to have had plans to meet up with Wren right after she went to meet up with Mary. There simply was no time. She also acted totally unnatural to herself. THIS IS SPENCERS TWIN! And this episode kinda made it even more believable. It just doesn’t fit in. And the way she asked Ezra to keep it a secret? To me, this is her twin and she is either A.D. or just on the A team.

Now to the final shots of the episode. A.D. uses this face filter of Aria but I realised that everything else was actually not an image. The earrings and the hair in the first face time where moving as if filmed directly. There are these apps where you can just use an image and the face will move as you move yours, but that’s not the case here. So then I looked at the hair and realised that Spencer, or Spencer’s twin, have the exact same hair colour as the one in the face time. Of course, Spencers hair is longer but as seen in the picture, it could just be tucked away in the hoody. The bangs also were shoved behind the ears. At least that’s what I believe.

My theory. What are your thoughts?