Now let’s make it 1million! It’s soooooo close now! We can do it!

Sorry, I would have drawn something more detailed but revising for my drivers theory test and work have taken over my life, but I sacrificed some time to do this. xD

Congrats from all of your Phillions! We love you! <333


“Thank you. For everything.”

This is quite a personal piece of art for me to draw. And it’s also the first time I’ve ever drawn myself in any way, so yeah.

This is basically a thank you to the ‘amazing’ Phil Lester. Without him, I have no idea what I would do. I have never been on the border of suicide, felt anxiety or have ever thought of self-harm, but there was a time a few months ago where I just didn’t feel happy, not just with myself, but just generally, I felt empty. Sure, I have friends who I love dearly, and a caring family, but sometimes they just weren’t there when I needed them. But, in a strange sort of way, Phil was there. Not physically, obviously, but he was there for me to watch when I was feeling down or upset about anything. He would be there to distract me and make me happy for those few minutes at a time. It was his videos and his kind hearted soul that made me forget about anything negative and bring a smile to my face. He made me feel happy once more and I feel much better about myself because he showed me that it was okay to be myself. 

So thank you, Phil. For everything <3