emilja frances


Emilja Frances’ “Ship of Fools,” an amazing autobio comic zine series that has been going strong for four years. Just got #8, gotta keep my collection complete!!

Emilja’s work is wonderful. #8 is beautiful, beautiful beautiful… the ink washes are so amazing and precise, and so observed. You can tell Emilja really absorbs and remembers the places they are in, as well as the friendships, energies, and events. They remember and hold onto details, and depict them perfectly to the reader. (Example: The tattoos on everyone are PERFECT. I can’t even remember my own tattoo, let alone my friends’!) These comics have commitment and love behind every one of them.

Emilja was one of the most supportive friends I had while I was working on Jeremiah. They came by my studio and showed such enthusiasm for my work, I was shocked. I’ve carried around that feeling in my heart ever since. And I feel similarly about their artwork.

Check out their Tumblr: http://emiljafrances.tumblr.com

Buy a copy of “Ship of Fools” #8 for yourself: https://www.etsy.com/shop/emiljafrances

(I took the top photo myself, the bottom was taken from Emilja’s Tumblr. It’s possibly my favorite page from #8.)