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Daniel nodded his head and put down his note book and paged the front desk.

“Emiliya would you’ve so kind as to come in here I think I’ve found a way help negotiations of government expand.”

2016 sketch #422: WIP of Emiliya Thasitalia for Achazia

It’s always nice when you get asked to do cool shit like a badass Vampire Elf

Looking forward to finishing this one. Definitely feel the gains kicking in as I finally start getting back to doing more high polished pieces and applying my skills fully. Feels nice, like using my full power finally haha

#anime #manga #drawing #sketch #inks #badass #grit #bulletproof #sexy #curvy #cute #deadly #digital #speedpaint #animegirl #vampire #elf #emiliyathasitalia #achazia

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