New Job

Two-Bit fluff for @staygoldponebone

Warnings: nada 😊; except that i’m definitely sure Two-Bit is out-of-character…

author’s note: this is supposed to kinda take place in the 70’s; some things match up, some probably don’t. it’ll be ok!


Erica finally got back to her hotel room. It had been a long day at work, and she was ready to order a room service dinner and chill out before she had to be back on the plane the next morning.

She shut the door and dropped her bag and purse on the side table near the door; then set her small suitcase beside the table on the floor. She had a room that was a small suite, and it was nice; with really big windows to look out at Chicago.

She walked into the small kitchen area where the eating table was…

What the he… Keith. He is too sweet.

She walked over to the table and took the little card off the flowers and read it, smiling.

I love you Sweetie. Thinking about you all the time.

”God he is so sweet” she said out loud shutting her eyes and shaking her head. She opened her eyes, “I’ve gotta call him.”

She went over and got her suitcase and changed into only her robe and took her long hair out of the work-required bun. She pulled the blinds open so she could see the city and the lights before she got comfy in the bed.

I think I’ll order my food before I call him…

She didn’t even look at the menu. She ordered a burger and fries; she had been craving it for two days.

She hung up the phone with her finger and then dialed the house number. It was late, 10:30 PM, but she had a feeling he’d be awake still.

The phone rang several times.


Shit. He was asleep.

“Hey Babe” she said squinting her eyes and making a worried smile, “I’m sorry I woke you up! I thought you’d be awake still…”

“Hi Ssssweetie… it’s… ok. I only… went-to-sleep-for-a-minute” the last part ran together.

He sounds exhausted…

“Babe what time did you get home from work?”

Two-Bit rubbed his eyes and tried to wake up a little more, “uh… it was, 7 or 8 I think.” He sat up a little bit in bed, but not so much that he couldn’t still lean his head back on the pillow with his eyes closed.

“Oh my God Keith. That’s… 13 hours?! I thought you guys weren’t gonna work that much anymore.” Erica frowned at that, pretty upset he was still working that much.

“Well…” Two-Bit rubbed his eyes with his index finger and thumb, “we actually have a big commercial build coming up now. Ken’s been doing a ton of drafting for it, and I needta be there too…” He tried to change the subject, “how was your flight today Sweetie?”

Erica rolled her eyes at him, but smiled and laughed lightly, allowing him to change the subject. “It was actually pretty good today. Long like usual, but good.” She paused, “I’ll be in DC tomorrow night… are you gonna remember to come pick me up?” she smiled and giggled.

“Maybe.” Two-Bit smiled and now that he was more awake he wanted to talk, “hey when are you gonna quit workin’ that job anyway? It scares me sometimes. I don’t like you bein’ on a plane all the time…”

It scares him? I didn’t know that.

“Babe. You know I like my job…”

“I want you to be home with me every night, and…” he paused, wondering if he should really get into it now, “I wanna have little kids running around the house.”

Kids? What…? He hasn’t ever said that before…

He continued, “You know we have plenty of money from my job… I mean, technically you know I pay myself, being Ken’s money guy.” He laughed but quietly hoped the love of his life, on the other end of the phone, would agree with what he had said right before that.

Erica stayed quiet for a few seconds before she spoke, “Keith… you’ve never really said you wanted… kids.”

“I know, but I do… and I’m sayin’ it now.” He paused, “do you?” He winced for whatever reason after he asked, waiting for her answer.

Why is he talking about this at 11 at night?

“Babe? Are you alright? I feel like we should be talking about this in person later, or something.”

Two-Bit frowned and shut his eyes sighing heavily, a little aggravated that Erica wouldn’t just answer his question. “Yeah I’m fine.” he said, trying to make it sound like the conversation was definitely over, but also without sounding really mean.

There was a knock on Erica’s door, “Babe hang on. My food’s here. I gotta put the phone down…” she got up to open the door and let the guy in with her food cart.

“ok…” Two-Bit knew she had already gotten up and couldn’t hear him. “why didn’t she answer me?” he wondered out loud and then let his head fall back against his pillows.

Erica picked up the phone from the bed, “Hey Babe I’m back, but I gotta eat my food and get some sleep.” She tried to keep her voice light ignore the fact that was a slight weird air between them. “You need to too.”

“Yeah I know.” Two-Bit sighed slightly, “I love you Sweetie.”

Erica smiled, “And I love you Babe. I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

They hung up and Erica sat still for a few seconds thinking about what just happened.

She snapped out of it and got her burger and fries off the tray and got in bed to eat and turned the tv on. She was happy to get home tomorrow and have a few days off work.

She took a bite of her burger and realized, “FUCK.” she leaned her head back, rolling her eyes then shutting them. “The whole reason I called him was to thank him for the flowers…” she shook her head at herself. “I’ll have to tomorrow.” She took another bite of her burger.


They both went to work the next day and didn’t spend any time thinking about what happened on the phone the night before; they were both too busy.

Two-Bit walked to his boss Ken’s office door at 4 PM to remind Ken he was leaving to get his girlfriend.

Two-Bit leaned against the door frame, “Hey. Donald Duck.” They had become like brothers since they started working together, so there was no need ever for formalities; and they would almost always call each other any nickname they could possibly think of. “I’m goin’ to sweep my girl off her feet…” he smirked, “I’ll see you tomorrow. Maybe.”

Ken had a big personality, was pretty loud, and outgoing too; but despite that he and Two-Bit were similar — they had never seriously butted heads at work, or away from work. “Hey! Captain America…” Ken smiled and got up from his desk and walked over to Two-Bit with his hands in his pockets. “Good luck. I know you’ll do great. Don’t forget your broom…” Ken smirked this time.

“SHUT UP.” Two-Bit laughed and rolled his eyes.

“Really though. I mean it.” Ken started to walk back to his desk, then turned around and took his right hand out of his pocket to point at Two-Bit. “I wanna talk to you tomorrow…” Ken made his eyes big, “about something important.” He nodded his head down once to emphasize he was serious, “I want you to have part ownership in this company.”

Two-Bit was pretty shocked; he was the second person Ken hired but still. “Ken… really?”

“Stop actin’ so surprised.” Ken sat down again at his desk, “you’re my right hand.” He paused and then waved his hand at Two-Bit, “get outta here. You got a big night.”

Two-Bit smiled and nodded. “I’ll see ya tomorrow.”


Two-Bit hurried to the airport to pickup his Sweetie. He parked the company pickup truck and went inside to find Erica. He was a few minutes late, and hoped she didn’t have to wait for him. He looked around and then saw her walking towards him and he smiled happily.

There he is!

Erica rushed to him and hugged him. Before she could step back to look him over he kissed her, and then kissed her more deeply… and then kissed her again.

Erica pulled away from him flushed. “BABE! Can you wait?!” She laughed lightly and studied his face. He had a different look in his eyes, almost sparkling, and she couldn’t quite figure it out.

“I missed you…” he held onto her sides right above her waist. “Come on, let’s go… I’m taking you home for pizza and beer.” He smiled and picked up her suitcase.

Taking me home? That must be what that look was for. He thinks he’s getting it tonight.

They started walking toward the airport doors holding hands.

“And what if I wanted to go out and have a fancy dinner and drink too much and love on you all night?”

He looked over at her, “you’ll be lovin’ on me all night for sure.” He smiled widely and they crossed the street to the parking lot.

Ha ha ha!

Erica laughed at him. “Ok Babe. We’ll see about that.”

They drove back to Virginia where their house was and where Two-Bit worked at the construction company. On the drive he told her what Ken had said to him about being part owner in Alphin Development Corporation; and she told him about her past week as a flight attendant.

After they updated each other on things, the rest of the drive they held hands and were comfortably quiet together.

“You want pepperoni?” Two-Bit asked her after they got home and got her stuff upstairs and had changed.

“Yes! I do.” She was already sitting on the couch with a beer and the tv on.

“Good me too!”

They had their pizza and beer and Two-Bit tried to make sure Erica was still fairly clear-headed; he had something he wanted to ask her.

“Hold on Sweetie.” Two-Bit got up quickly before she could say anything to him or stop him.


What the Hell? Ok that was weird.

Two-Bit went to his downstairs office and got it out, looked at it again, and nodded his head.

He went to the door frame and yelled up the stairs, “ERICA!” trying to make it sound like something was wrong, “I NEED YOU… IN… THE OFFICE!”

She heard him.


“BABE?!” She jumped up and got dizzy from the beer and getting up too fast…

Oh… God.

She stood still for a split second and then shook her head and rushed down the stairs. “KEITH?! Baby what’s wron…” she froze as she came into the door frame and saw him.

He was on his knee with an engagement ring in a box in his hand.

She smacked her hand over her mouth and she could feel the tears, and she shut her eyes.


She opened her eyes when he said her name and she was full-on crying by then.

Oh… my god.

“I’ve been in love with you for a long time. I don’t want to live my life without you. Would you marry me?”

Erica stood still for a second, but she knew the answer.

“YES KEITH! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” She reached him in about one step and yanked him up hugging him and crying into his shoulder.

Two-Bit chuckled, “Hey. Can I put this on you?” He smiled when she leaned back and looked at him.

“Oh…” she wiped her eyes, “yes, I’m sorry Babe.”

He took the ring out of the box and held it up even with her eyes for a second, smiled at her, and then put it on her finger.

Erica looked at her hand and wanted to cry again, but instead she kissed Two-Bit and held him tight for several minutes.

He leaned back from her to look at her face, “I want your next job to be a mom… I think you should apply now.” Two-Bit smiled devilishly at her.

Erica just erupted in laughter leaning her head back. Two-Bit saw an opportunity there and kissed from her jaw all the way down her neck while she kept laughing.


author’s note: i legitimately straight stole several things in this story from stuff Emilio has done in real life 😆; like, evidently word-for-word what he said one of the times he proposed. ✌🏻

“My baby”

I say, looking at someone older than my own parents

“we’re all worth it, man. we’re all worth millions of planets and stars and galaxies and universes.” — River Phoenix


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Since Tumblr will only allow ten pics or something I will put these in sections. This section is of the actor’s reflections on doing the movie(Ralph’s was short but sweet like Johnny himself while C Thomas Howell’s was two pages long)

Sorry some of these are really hard and tiny to read, the text was really small lmao