Okay, but now imagine Alison and Emily fighting about Paige and everything they’ve left unsaid through the years (because in the promo Ali looks like she’s been crying).
Then, they end up sitting on the couch both apologizing and Ali leans in and kisses Emily, but she kisses her slightly and then pulls away almost shyly, thinking that Emily doesn’t want it.
But Emily soon kisses Alison pushing her down on the couch and then we see them cuddling the morning after.


Pretty Little Liars 7x10 ‘The DArkest Knight’ Official Canadian promo

TV Twosomes That Really Need to Kiss and Make Up
Oliver and Felicity, Arrow

Oliver and Felicity, Arrow

We’re prettttty sure we know how this movie ends, so hopefully once the Flashpoint interference fades away, this dynamic duo can rekindle their flame and matter-of-factly be mates while primarily focused on the fighting of crime.

15 TV Beloved Characters Who Were Never Meant To Be The Star
They may not have been their series' intended leads, but when it was all said and done, these small screen titans were hogging up the spotlight.

2. Felicity Smoak – Arrow

Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) was only supposed to appear in one episode during the first season of Arrow, but Rickards and Stephen Amell, who plays the lead, Oliver Queen, displayed such great chemistry that the character was expanded. To the delight of many fans, she became a series regular in season 2.