emilie plateau

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: okay but like, in Clifford The Big Red Dog, is Emily Elizabeth's first name Emily Elizabeth or is her first name Emily and her middle name Elizabeth. And if it is the latter, why does everyone she knows address her by both her first and middle name? Even her parents call her that. That seems sort of long for just a first name, but why would her parents always address her by both her first and middle name? And if Clifford grew so big because of Emily Elizabeth's love, why didn't he keep getting infinitely bigger? Did his size just plateau, or did Emily Elizabeth's love plateau? If Emily Elizabeth got angry at Clifford and they got in a fight, would Clifford temporarily shrink? If Emily Elizabeth died, would Clifford shrink due to lack of love from his best friend? Or since his growth plates are now closed due to his age, is his size now concrete?