emilie is so beautiful

Thank you, Emilie and Robert, for Rumbelle.

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Directed by David Boreanaz™️

Natasha & Steve knowing each other

Steve: I’m sorry, Nat. I can’t sign it.
Nat: i know.

Nat: I know how much Barnes means to you, I really do. Stay home. You’ll only make this worse.

Nat: you know what’s about to happen. Do you really want to punch your way out of it?

Nat: you’re not gonna stop.
Steve: you know I can’t.


“Emily is my…. I adore her and always will.”

“Yeah, if I was on a desert island, that’d be wonderful. We’d have a whale of a time.”

He’s still so protective and in love with her.


LISTEN, we have to talk about this: i’m here for this angst because even tho we really don’t want them fighting, it’s very important and essential for Ali’s arc about her sexuality and finally being open to say to Emily how she really feels. She kind of keeps pushing Emily away even though she loves Emily so much and cares for her, because ali is afraid. And she feels like emily’s love is so beautiful and so precious, and she’s afraid to mess things up. She is so terrified to let her guard down and allow herself to accept that she has someone that really loves her and are not going to hurt her. She already lost so much in her life, and she can’t even think how painful would be for her to lose emily, and i’m emo about all this, they just need to get together ALREADY


“Of course I do, you silly, beautiful, oversensitive girl.” He laughed once, and then his voice was bleak. “Doesn’t everyone? I feel like there’s a line behind me, jockeying for position, waiting for me to make a big enough mistake… You’re too desirable for your own good.”