emilie fer

Hurricane // Ciaran/Jake Steampunk AU // Closed RP

“Boss, your favorite’s here.” Bella grinned at Ciaran before vanishing back into the front. The redhead smiled and pulled away from the dough, wiping his hands clean of flour and bits of goop. 

“Emily, finish this up fer me, will ye?” He asked the kitchen girl, who nodded. “Tha’s a good lass.” He kissed her cheek in thanks and slipped out into the bar. 

The Laughing Wolf was not the biggest tavern in the world, nor was she the newest, but she was clean. She had wide, tall, arching ceilings with stairs leading up one wall to the rooms for the guests and the girls, with a wide fireplace and a tiny little stage at one end, and a bar at the other. Ciaran’s gaze ignored the girl singing and clapping to a baudy drinking song  as he saw a broad set of shoulders. 

“Well, wha’ stories do ye have fer me now, Captain?” He asked, walking to the front of the bar and smiling at the man.