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get to know me meme: musicians [2/3] - EMILIE AUTUMN

“Studies show: Intelligent girls are more depressed because they know what the world is really like. Don’t think for a beat it makes it better when you sit her down and tell her everything gonna be all right. She knows in society she either is a devil or an angel with no in between. She speaks in the third person so she can forget that she’s me.”


This was one of the first fanvids I created in the BSG/Mary McDonnell fandom… I came across it today and I think I like it now better than I did in the past… so here. 














“If you cut yourself, you are not emulating me, because I stopped.

If you commit suicide, you are not emulating me, because I failed

If you care for yourself and LIVE, you are emulating me, because that is what I am doing now.”

A beautiful message from EA. <3 

Feel free to reblog, add your thoughts & spread the plague love. ;)

I think this was her way of saying dont blame me. Bcuz she medicates and her music is her new way of coping with her pain. And shes encouraging others to find better ways to survive besides cutting and suicide. Its beautiful bcuz she replaced painful remedies to problems like cutting and suicide with other methods like her music, medication, and friends and new family the plague rats. I hope others can find the strength through their own passion like art, music dance or anything else to heal or survive in better ways like emilie has

Ditto all the way!

I guess, from the beginning, Emilie’s message has always been: I survived. I’m a survivor. And if she can, then so the hell can I. <3 xx

For anyone I know that ever gave Emilie hate, or questioned why I’m so obsessed. Hello, here’s your reason. I had my dark times, and better than anyone else her music and beliefs was my light and my way out.

Thank you for sharing that! She was my light too. She’s been a great help to many people! 

A must read for the idiots who believe she romanticizes mental illness.

^ THIS. 

I need to find an outlet that I am passionate about, like she has, to survive this disease. Which is hard because I have no motivation. I need creativity!!!! Fuck.

I hope you find this outlet you need! For me, anything artsy works: playing piano, writing, drawing (even though I suck at those three lol). But, hey, if you ever need anything, feel free to message me. I’m a good listener, and I will do anything in my power to help. 

Yeah, I actually really like her. Yeah she says and does a lot of things I don’t agree with, but she’s still pretty cool

I know what you mean… There is a lot I don’t agree with as well, but I remember even she herself said in an interview that it’s not healthy to agree with everything one says… Still, she is someone I admire very much. :3 


Upon interest, I’ve taken more pictures of the Emilie Autumn (and related) things I’ve got for sale.

Individual photos and info below, please check it out!

1. Two “Asylum pounds” whom I think was only sent to the first ones who ordered the thunderrats-tees. One signed, one un-signed. 8 USD for both.

2. Emilie Autumn-inspired bra, decorated by myself. Can’t guarantee the quality but I think it’s alright. Size 34/75C. 18 USD.

3. Emilie Autumn “glittertits”-poster. 16USD.

4. “Fight like a girl”-flag. Flaw can be seen in the upper right corner. 10USD.

5. Electra 2020′s, the only visable flaws on heel(s). Approx size 37. 44USD.

6. “Lithium”-print, drawn by EA. 18USD (unframed) 

7. Signed Emilie Autumn-bag (not sure if I’m allowed to sell this? But Emilie seemed to approve of it when I met her. Anyways, I’ll check for interest). Has been used but has not fallen apart. 15USD.

8. “One foot in front of the other foot”-shoes. Emilie seemed to find these genious when I showed her. Drawn by me, signed by Emilie herself. approx size 36-37. 20USD.

9. Signed setlist. 6USD.

10. “Fight like a girl realease party”-tea towel. 22USD.

11. “Are you suffering?”-tee from The Key-tour. Labeled size S. 20USD.

12. “Thunderrats”-tee. Labaled girlie size S. 20USD. (About to be sold, queue.)

13. Bottle-necklace, handmade by Veronica Varlow (as far as I know?) 20USD.

14. (Pre?-)Signed Veronica Varlow poster. 8USD.

15. Shiny “INMATE”-laminate on a pink thread. 14USD.

16. Un-opened, still sealed tin of VIP tour blend-tea. (On hold until tomorrow, June 3rd.) 24USD.

- I am selling these items because I feel like they deserve a more loving home, and since I’m in a long-distance-realtionship, and a student, I really need money

- I can meet you personally to deliver the items in Gothenburg or Stockholm (Sweden.) Otherwise, the shipping fee is on you.

- You can get a discount if you buy multiple items.

- If no interest is shown for a few days, I’m open for offers.

- Don’t hesitate to PM me!

// Henrietta











marcilie appreciation post

Seeing how things have changed for her. Makes me believe things can change for me too. I guess I just have to wait the way she did and keep fighting. Thank you Emilie for staying strong and im soo happy that things have turned around for you. Love you so mushh.. I will never forget u ever.

I really hope she is as happy as she looks.

They are SO dating, No one can tell me different.

I really hope she is as happy as she looks too, and I’m lad I’m not the only one who had that doubt whether they were dating or not. I mean, come on, they TOTALLY look like they are dating, and they are so cute together. But I, myself, am not aware of any public announcements. Have any been made? I’ve been remiss for a while, haven’t been properly following her interviews or news now that the forum has closed. lol

sometimes i get this weird feeling where i kinda wanna sit down 2007 emilie and show her 2014 emilie and just be like

“you’re gonna be okay, babe”

I know what you mean. I get the same feeling. I just feel so heart-warmed to see tha she is doing well and is (apparently) happy. Recovered. <3

relationship goals

They are dating, but in a sort of “platonic” way.
Its like, they are together, they love each other, but that “line” i guess of extremely loving, close friendship to romance isn’t crossed, so they say anyway.
I dont care what they do in their personal life, that isn’t any of our business, but Emilie has come a long way, and she really is a survivor and is truly happier and that is FANTASTIC! :D

Awwww, that sounds so sweet! 

I agree with you. Ditto all the way! <3